Saturday, December 29, 2007

LACK of communication!

Today we spent most of the day with my family. My baby sisters are in state (Colorado and Oregon) and we all got together at my brothers to make gingerbread houses. This is usually a tradition we do when we have our family Christmas party but since the 2 youngest have moved away - we have to wait and separate all the activities when they get here after Christmas. So . . . we did the houses today. Since I had to be at the theatre by 1:45pm to have mics out - I had a few things to do around the house before the party and the kids weren't moving very fast with chores either. So we arrived around 11am - an hour later than we were supposed to be. When we arrived only 3 (including us) out of 6 kids and families were there! I was surprised and a bit unhappy - simply because I thought we'd be late, have the kids get right to their houses and get out in time for me to get to the theatre. BUT . . . nope. We left the kids for about 30 minutes and ran to Target to get Geoff and I shirts for the big family picture tomorrow. I had already gotten blue rugby's for the boys at Old Navy and pink sweater hoodies at Target for the girls for Christmas. But since some genius picked the girls to wear pink - I had to buy one. I don't wear pink! My hair (auburn) always looked goofy with most shades of pink. So I never bought one. Sad - 3 closets and TOO MANY clothes and NO pink shirts! I found a pink and navy stripe rugby shirt but it's not my fav. I bought it and a blue stripe sweater for Geoff. We headed back to my brothers and by then the 'lost' siblings had showed up. One said she had heard 11am, the other said the same with lunch. We all decided to go ahead and order lunch from Ned's Krazy Sub. By the time we all finished eating (12 adults and 22 kids) it was about 10 minutes from when I needed to leave. We made arrangements for my mom to bring the kids home and Geoff and I leave. I drop off Geoff at home and run to the theatre. I get the mics prepped and in the dressing rooms 10 min. before cast call. I went to the box office to ask the stage manager when he was planning to turn on his computer so I could turn on the amps, laylas and sound board. He tells me . . . there is no matinee today. I FLIP OUT!! WHAT?!?!?!? NO ONE TOLD ME!! I could've been spending time with my family from out of state! Spending time with my own kids while they were building their houses! I'm so livid! I just gather my purse and say - "Mics are out - batteries will be fine through tonight. I'll be back at 7pm." I'm supposed to be there by 6:15pm but heck with that! I head back to my brothers and get there just in time to take some pics of the kids and their houses. We visit and enjoy stories and fun til late. So . . . although my bad attitude TWICE today was the LACK of communication - I feel it turned out ok and I enjoyed time with family and I still made it to the show tonight.
Family pics and cousin gift exchange tomorrow. Hopefully I'll figure out how to post the pics from this! Nighty night!

Friday, December 28, 2007


Julie posted about her resolutions today and asked everyone if we had any yet, how we keep them and any tricks of the trade. Truth be known - I am one who waits til the last minute to set or think about the resolutions. I was curious about New Years Resolutions and where it began. This is what I found:

The tradition of the New Year's Resolutions goes all the way back to 153 B.C. Janus, a mythical king of early Rome was placed at the head of the calendar.

With two faces, Janus could look back on past events and forward to the future. Janus became the ancient symbol for resolutions and many Romans looked for forgiveness from their enemies and also exchanged gifts before the beginning of each year.

I also found the top ten resolutions interesting:
1-lose weight
2-stick to a budget
3-debt reduction
4-family quality time
5-find soul mate
6-quit smoking
7-find a better job
8-learn something new
9-volunteer/help others
10-get organized

With that being said - I picked 3 of the 'typical' goals and then 2 of my own. Thanks to my friend, Julie, now I'm in the mood. Here is what I've set:

1 - WEIGHT! I've posted about this recently and I've already started, but I need to STICK to it! I need to make sure that I don't fall off the wagon completely! That I don't completely give up. I am pretty good at getting started and sticking to it for a month or even two or three, but after awhile I get happy about the results and start to slack. If I keep up with it - I'd stay thin. But if I continue to slack - I end up like I am now! About 40 lbs. over what I'd like to be! I am starting my hard-core rigor right after the first of the year!

2 - POST! I am going to combine 1 and 2 and post about my weight loss. This will probably bore you but I hope that it will keep me motivated. If we have to "check in" we always do better, right?

3 - PICS! I have a great little camera now so no excuses not to take pics anymore. I was so good when the kids were little but I've slacked over the last couple of years. Not good! I will take more pics - can't hurt to have too many, right? And I am determined to learn how to post pics and post them. I have such cute kids and pics and can't post them! :( I may even get daring and show pics of me in my swimsuit as I progress. EWWWW!!!

4 - FAMILY! I am horrible when I leave my house for the theatre - I get so involved with the atmosphere there that I forget to come home right away. Usually a late night visit is 'required' after each night. Sometimes it's work related, sometimes not. But when I do get home, I feel the guilt and miss the family and home so much. So . . . I am going to be better about saying "sorry guys - I really need to get going!"

5 - WHISPER! Plain and simple - I yell WAY TOO MUCH! I yell at the kids to clean, I yell outside for them to come in, I yell for them to stop arguing, etc. etc. etc. It's time for me to calm down or at least stop the yelling. :) I have experimented in the past and it does make a difference when you just make a choice not to yell for a day. I whispered pretty much all day one Sunday and in turn the tone and spirit in my home was so different! I know this goal is not just one to take lightly or that will happen overnight but I'm determined to remember to "whisper" as often as possible!

There ya have it! My top 5 resolutions - not too far out of reach (like Julie did!) but challenging enough to work on! Now I'll pass the torch and ask you - have you set your resolutions yet?!?!?!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Ok - so I'm not the meanest mom on the block but I'm mean for making my kids clean "EVERY DAY - ALL DAY"! Well, at least according to them! All I want is the front rooms picked up of their "crap" so that I can vacuum and clean and their rooms cleaned. Geez! Is that too much to ask?
"Pick up your stuff!"
"Get dressed!"
"Clean your room!"
"Put your new toys away!"
It's always the same comments and they start out being comments then gradually get louder as the day goes on. By evening time, I swear the neighborhood can hear me yelling at my kids through the walls! I get so tired of yelling and screaming. I just want my kids to realize how important a clean home is to me. Every year for my birthday, Mother's Day, Anniversary and Christmas they ask "Mom, what do you want for your gift?" And I reply (just like my mother did) "A clean house and a happy family!" Is it that much to ask? I didn't think so. Get along, and pick up as you go. Not that hard. I'm not one to really talk as my parents will tell you that I had a disgusting room while growing up. I was the one who would rather live in filth than clean. I got allowance taken away. Clothes taken away that I had to pay to get back. Once, in college!, my dad came in and said "whatever is on the floor by 5pm is going away! I just assumed he meant in his closet til I paid my dutiful 25cents per item to get them back. I went to class and rehearsal and when I returned at 11pm - my room was cleared. Looked great and I didn't have to do it! HA! Well, when I went in to ask how much I owed - he looked at me seriously and said "I took them away", to which I replied "I know. How much to get them back?" He then told me how he took them to Deseret Industries! I FREAKED OUT!! "I'm 18 years old and I need my clothes back - you have no right to do this!" To which he replied, "You live in my house and I'm going to have a clean one. If you don't live by my rules, then there are consequences!" Needless to say, I bawled all night to my friends, who all brought me clothes to help me out. Some even stayed to help me clean my room and that was all it took. I had a very clean room from then on and I'm anal about my own house! To the point of driving Geoff and my kids nuts! I have to have it picked up before bed - I hate waking up to a messy house! I have to have the front rooms cleaned at all times (well, as best as possible) so that guests see a clean house! Especially now that I have students over. I love my Gold Canyon candles and the sweet smell of clean and a good scent! I can't relax until my house is clean!
Well, with that being said - I'm off to pour me a drink of soda with my Sonic ice :) and get down to the cleaning! Rooms are almost done and I can now sweep/mop and vacuum. Geoff is at work (yea!) and I have til 5pm to get it done! Then he has to keep it that way til I get home from the theatre at 10:30pm! HA!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dear Santa . . . .

Christmas this year was great . . .
Kids were too excited and therefore bedtime was extremely late (11:30ish) so Santa got here rather late. It was almost 2AM by the time Santa finished his 'setting up' of the gifts. The kids woke up as he finished at 2:15AM and said they couldn't go back to bed. Thus making the adult figures stay up later than expected to make sure no one peeked before falling back asleep.
The morning came way too early with the voices of kids singing Christmas carols - VERY loudly!! "Jingle Bells" then yells of "Mom and Dad - get up!" Then "Deck the Halls" with more "Please get up!" After they switched to hymns - "Away in a manager" - we crawled (literally!) out of bed.
Santa DEFINATELY found our home! The kids were spoiled rotten and we had a great morning of gifts, toys, thanks, candy and tons of fun!! We followed it with visiting grandparents including seeing my baby sister who is here from Portland! We had a great day and the kids are still putting things together and playing with their toys.
The top 3 gifts for each are:
Kylee - beach cruiser bike, cell phone (I know - I'm crazy!) and digital camera
Jonathan - scooter, lots of Bionicles, electronic baseball game (practice hitting thing)
Dakota - Rip-stick (he can do it too!), RC Helicopter, 50" basketball hoop with glow-in-the-dark ball
Maddisen - Barbie house (it's as tall as she is!), Barbie cash register and lots of barbies
Geoff and I don't do a lot for each other but I got him some new clothes for his new job and he got me a bluetooth for my phone.
It's very rarely a "silent night" around here and it's never "all is calm" but in the sweet moments of family time, thank you's to each other for the gifts and in talking about the reason for the season - we do have small moments of "heavenly peace" and hopefully some "Sleep in Heavenly peace" as well!
Good night!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Chirstmas Eve Fun!!

We slept in a bit today but not for long. The kids woke up by 8am with hoots and hollers! Geoff and I stayed up last night til 2am wrapping presents and the tree was packed full and overflowing this morning!
(I got a new camera and my disk drive won't work, so I can't download the hardware to upload pics! :( AAAHHHH!!! )
Geoff went to work with the neighbor but just got home. We were talking about how the kids look like each of us and took this test. Fun! Some shockers but not all. People always say how Maddi looks more like me - so that one was a surprise. Jonathan was not a surprise though - he is a carbon copy of Dad! Dakota and Kylee are good mixes of us. We love our little ones! And think we have the bestest looking kids ever!! But we aren't biased at all!! :)
Merry Christmas Eve Day!! We are off to deliver neighbor gifts!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

ExHaLe! ! !

This is season is officially ready to enjoy for me!
I have closed "A Christmas Carol" at Hale.
"Singin' in the Rain" doesn't start rehearsals until Jan.2.
No teaching til Jan. 7.
Students recital is done.
R.S. lesson is done.
Shopping is 99% done.

Today completed the last of my responsibilites for this season before the holiday. I taught the R.S. lesson today. It was my first lesson and the Christmas lesson. FRIGHTENING! I stuttered a lot but felt like it went ok. I focused on Mary and her example. I also shared some interesting facts about her and the Christmas story that I didn't know. As always, the teacher learned a lot more than the students! I always took the story for granted since we've all heard it for years. But as I searched for more info on Mary - I was intrigued and enlightened beyond what one would expect! I began to enjoy reading about the Christmas story! I didn't 'tune out' the lines that I'd heard over and over every Dec. Although I was so nervous, I hope that I got even a portion of the knowledge I gained across and that they felt the spirit as strong as I did. Mary is quite the woman and although I always thought highly of her - I now have a great understanding of her divine role in my salvation!

I'm enjoying my fireplace, family and a good movie right now. Dinner is done and we are going to wrap some gifts tonight. After the kids go to bed, I'm going to do a little bakin' so we can deliver them to family and friends tomorrow. I have to go get 3 presents for Geoff's parents and my dad (my mom is already done) tomorrow and then I'm ALL DONE! I wish you all the very best on this Christmas Eve-Eve! :)


Geoff got a new job!! YEA! YIPPEE!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! HAPPY DAYs!!! I could go on and on!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!
I mentioned before how my brother-in-law was going to contact him - well, he did!

Friday morning at 9AM, Geoff took his "dummy test" and passed. He only missed one - which he didn't even try to do. It was a word problem math thing that he said was just too confusing and the test was timed, so he was going to go back to it in the end but didn't have time. I thought it was interesting the questions the test had. IT even had an essay question! HA! It really was a dummy test!! Sadly, we learned that 5 out of 7 guys FAILED it! So Geoff was happy he did well and they were anxious to get to the interview. After he finished the test, the secretary asked him to sit tight while she graded it. She returned telling him his results and asked him to wait a moment longer for the 2 bosses to come in for his interview. Geoff was not prepared for that - thinking he would take the test and then wait to hear from them and come back another day for the interview. He was happy to get it done though. The interview went really well. It lasted less than 10 minutes and they gave him a clicker for the gate and asked him to be there Wednesday morning and invited our family to the Christmas Party on Jan. 2 at Amazing Jakes!! Crazy!! He filled out the insurance forms and found out how great the benefits really are. The job is with Roosevelt Water Conservation District. He is a Zanjero - spanish for ditch runner. It's physical labor but he's happy about that since we have both set a goal for the new year to get back into shape. He will miss his architecture-ing but he'll live for now. The hours are odd - 80 hrs one week and one week off. It will take some getting used to. The pay is better than he was making at Atwell-Hicks and there is a very low risk of layoffs since we will always need water! :) I'm very happy and hope this is an indication of the good year that is to come!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reflecting on a year

It's been one year since we moved into our little home! I can't believe how fast it's gone and how much we love it here!! It took us 4 months to finally get the keys - Danny and Alva's home just couldn't move fast enough for either of us. We lived out of boxes for months and listened to the kids complain about the drive in town to and from school/work and ask every night "are we moving tomorrow?" but we finally got in just a week before Christmas in 2006. The first thing unpacked was our Christmas tree. No ornaments but unboxed and plugged in for a while. It was a late Saturday night and we had just finished dinner at In N Out when Danny called at 8pm and said, "I think we're ready for ya. Come on over and get the keys." We arrived to find that most of the house was empty. A few friends stopped in that night to help unload our moving truck - which was 1 or 3 loads and packed since the night before! :) - she helped me run the vacuum through all the rooms before the furniture got put down. By Sunday evening we finally were out of the other house and had settled in to start unloading boxes. Geoff worked hard and I helped a lot. We love our family but no one ever seems to help up move. Sunday morning as we were unloading our last load, the ward was getting out. We had 3 men from the ward come over and ask if we needed help! Bro. Read called some YM and had it done in 15 min. It was great! Another excitement of the move was my baby grand purchase! I have always wanted one and didn't ever have the room. Now I did and I was going to be moving studio home and I wanted a baby grand to teach on! :) We got a smoking deal because I worked at Washburn (well, rented a studio space) and got it at cost with $100 for delivery!! Couldn't pass it up!
We love our little neighborhood and ward! A few highlights are:
Great neighbors! - we love the Allens across from us! Geoff and Shawn have become good friends and we appreciate their friendship! I had the best VT, Courtney Milius, across the street, whose boys are great friends with ours! From high school, Cindy Read, lives 2 doors down and we have really enjoyed getting to know them and their cute kids. Spuhlers and Davis' live near too. They are the party people!
Great ward! - my oh my!! How can I even begin? We have felt at home since day 1. Bishop Doane and I chatted online and by phone before we moved in about cub scouts (issues with our last ward). He spread the word we were moving in and away it went! Then at the first ward temple night we ran into the Banks' and Geoff's older brother was best friends with Dave growing up. They had a great time reminiscing. And then the connection was made with Allens and Banks and their other brother, Kevin, who I did a show with. Fun fun fun! And Geoff loves that the ward consists of both Mtn View and Mesa High groupies! He feels right at home and so do I!
Activities galore! - this ward/neighborhood have traditions that are crazy good!! Neighborhood Bunko nights (crazy loud and fun), Halloween carnivals (in our driveway), Halloween parties (which we have learned are dress up - we didn't know and were considered the party poopers. But you have to warn me more than 2 hours ahead!), Block Watch Extravaganza! (the kids loved this one) and the list just goes on and on!

We have thoroughly enjoyed this area and my students comment all the time about how they "just love this little area - is it HOA?" I love telling them no, we just all take pride!
We have found flaws and have learned to just ignore them. The house has need of some TLC but we'll wait til it's officially ours to do them. We have painted and changed lights and fans, etc. Loads more to do but we'll be patient. There are neighbors that started kind but have grown to be 'not what they seemed'. We just ignore them and wave with a smile. Kill with kindness, that's what I was taught.

Truly a blessing to be here and hope we will be for many, many years to come!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

One more to go!!

It's Sunday night and I'm done with yet another crazy weekend!! Tonight was my students recital and it went soooo well! I say this every time but my students are the best!! They work hard and make me so proud!! Everyone seemed to enjoy the new venue - we went to a church instead of the normal Washburn's. It was beautiful and I didn't have to do anything! :) Had a mom do the refreshments, a mom do the decorating and they bldg maintenance cleaned up for me! It all cost me less than $300 and I was more relaxed than ever! It was great!! I even got to buy myself a sparkly new shirt for it! :) Geoff and I were on our way to Wal-mart to buy the ingredients for the punch and I saw that store, Fashion Bug. I went in to check it out. Lo! and behold! It's a branch of Lane Bryant!! LOVE IT! They had great clothes and it's closer and easier to get to than the mall! They even take Lane Bryant gift cards, etc. I'm thinking this is a new store for me now. They have big lady (which I am on the border of being) sizes and jr. sizes (for when I decide to finally lose the weight). Most would have been proud of me tonight - I wore the new shirt, black dress pants (not jeans! :)), and jewelry (rare!), HOSERY and heels!! :) If I can find a skirt to go with it - I think I'll wear this ensemble next Sunday for church. Oh! And with my new hair - I looked hot! :) But it went well and now that's done. Something else to check off my list.
Last night I found out some icky news! The show I was hired for at the end of the year was taken away from me. The director that asked for me to music direct isn't doing the show anymore. They hired another director and so I got bumped. I'm REALLY sad but I guess it's for the better, right? I talked to the producer tonight and he told me that I'm not totally out of the picture but this year is only Singin' in the Rain. I decided tonight that I'm going to just take it as my boost! I'm going to go on my diet and stick to it with exercise and go hard core into the weight loss!! I'm going to show them that I can do it! And then I'm going to audition for their shows and show them! No more "sorry - you are not the right 'look' for the role"!! No more subtle ways of telling me "you're TOO FAT to play any real good roles"!!! This is it!! I'm going to be a size 10-12 or smaller by JUNE!! Wish me luck and send me encouragement!! I have to do it!
Well - I have lighter load with week. Less than half the students this week and more time to just relax during the day. I do have a show every night and 3 on Saturday but that's ok. The kids are out of school on Thursday and Friday - so I'll get to sleep in. :)
Well, Happy Shopping and I'll catch up with you soon!

Friday, December 14, 2007

T G I F . . .

for most! For me, it's just another day and a busy one at that. It's DAY 3 of the cleaning. She is going to only be here for a bit today though - she's killing my budget and we still have some Christmas to get. But on the other end . . . my house is looking INCREDIBLE! It's so deep down clean - it's almost like new. She is great and I wish I had the money to keep having her come until it's done. Hoping she'll finish up soon, 'cause I teach at 12:15 today. I have a new student today, and I'm excited about the rest of the money coming in this weekend. My teaching ends at 6PM today and then it's off to the theatre again. Tomorrow I actually get to sleep in until 8:30AM - WOO HOO! I can't think of a day that I haven't been up after 7AM in the last month! Even weekends!! Saturdays have been packed full and Sundays bring choir practice at 8AM. Although I need to start putting my lesson together. It's in a week! AAAAHHHH!!! But I also need to type my program, finish my Christmas cards, etc. No rest for the weary and the weary never rest!
I am excited though for Christmas! Yesterday Geoff and I purchased some great items to go under the tree! I can't wait for Christmas morning!! Their faces are going to light up and I'm just going to be an emotional wreck - crying from happiness! I'm such a sucker for happy kids! We have 'suffered' with little/no money so often but at Christmas . . . (to quote Jurassic Park) "we spare no expense"!! I didn't know at the time but now that I'm older it's no secret that my parents had money concerns while we were growing up. But we never knew it come Christmas morning - my dad always wanted the best for us! It was a HUGE morning with everything we wanted (within reason)!! My mom said he would sacrifice whatever to make sure that morning was everything a kid would dream about. :) Makes me cry now that I understand what he did for us. My dad is an incredible man!
Well, I must get the rest of my day moving and hope you are all having a great holiday season so far!! I miss you all - even those who live close. I am ready for a break and girls night and lunch date!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's started!

My week started out with a bang! After getting Jonathan FINALLY to sleep on Sunday night, around 2AM I laid down to catch a few winks before my alarm went off. I woke up every hour on the hour! My throat was tight and I was stuffed up - all I could think of was "if I get sick - I'm doomed!!" I couldn't take anything, afraid I wouldn't wake up in time to get everyone ready for school. I love Geoff - he's a hard worker, but he is not one to hear the alarm! If I am out of town, I have to call him or tell Kylee to wake him up. I tease him that if I die - he'll never make it in life because I won't be here to wake him up for work! So, I'm going to have to come back from the grave and haunt him every morning! HA!! Well, needless to say, tired and groggy and extremely cranky - I wake up everyone! Not quietly either. :) Geoff gets up and says "go back to bed, I'll handle this" - to which I answer "OK!" and run back to bed and snuggle back in! :) After he took the kids to school, he came back with a big drink for me and we laid in bed and cuddled. There are advantages to having him 'unemployed'! Jonathan stayed home, obviously, and slept til 11AM! I finally got up, got ready and taught from 12:15PM to 8:45PM!! It was the longest damn day and I was sooooo hungry, tired, achy (sitting at a piano that long can hurt anyone's back!) and cranky!! Luckily, the kids went to bed before I was done and so Geoff had some food and drink for me and we watched a little tv. Then Geoff got it in his head that we should hit Target before they close. We haven't done ANY Christmas shopping, so I felt compelled to say ok. We informed Kylee (who was reading in bed) that we were heading out for a bit. She only replied "get me something good". What a cutie! It was yet another night up til midnight.
Tuesday wasn't much better - I had to teach early (9:30AM) and I just didn't give a flying hoot. So, I was in my sweats with no makeup or hair done. I was a lovely sight and I did this for 3 1/2 hours! ew!!!!! I was done at 12:45 when I was insistent on getting a shower then. Earlier that morning, Geoff ran somewhere (can't think where or with whom) and I told him I'd be done at 1PM and ready to go. OOPS! I wasn't thinking - no way. But close - I had a hair appt the next day so I did the 'unthinkable' and put it up in a pony! HA! It's a little short for this but it was easy and I was in a hurry! :) A little makeup and away we went. We headed to Cricket to add a phone to our plan for Kylee. She wants a cell phone so bad for Christmas and I wasn't going to oblige but with the way this ward is - she is never home! They play night games, have late nights, study groups and they never stay at the same house. She'll forget to call just once and we lose track of her! We talked and felt the initial cost could be one of her gifts and that $25 a month for her to call us anytime and have texting to chat with us and grandparents was worth it. We love Cricket! I know many hate or think it's awful - but we have found it to be a great thing! I have UNLIMITED local, long distance, text, voice mail, caller id and 100 min roaming a month. WHO CAN REFUSE THAT? I rarely have a dropped call and the price is incredible - $50 a month. Kylee and Geoff have UNLIMITED local, text, voice mail and caller id for $25 a month. It's the best and we can use it wherever there is Cricket service - I've used it in NV and CO already. It's great!! Anyway, we got her a cute blue phone with a hot pink faceplate - I think she'll really like it! I upgraded my phone to really cool texting phone - the Lingo. I use text so much with students and colleagues. It's easy and fast and very convenient! My students text during their school day about lessons, etc. And it's quiet in the theatre for colleagues! HA! Geoff is using my old phone. So . . . about $500 later, we left Cricket. UG! This time of year is so fun but EXPENSIVE!!
I hurried back to teach and was at my piano from 3:30PM to 6:15PM. Short day! And no show tonight - a night off with NOTHING!! WOO HOO!! Um . . . well, not for long. Geoff decides we need to do some more shopping while stores are open. UG! We get McD's for dinner - I know, great mom that I am - and leave the kids for a few hours and hit about 7 stores, spending like demons! But we are almost done!! :) Got home, tired and fulfilled. Then the phone rang - it's my Wal-mart buddy, Julie. "Where are you? Meet me here!" Tired but wanting some time to hang with a gal and chat, I get my shoes on and meet her there. We walk, talk, shop and just enjoy time without kids and hubbys and responsibilities. Sad how Wal-mart can make you forget life for a while. Maybe it's the 'lower class' you see there that makes you feel really good about yourself! HA!! After some groceries and a few small items, I say good-bye with a promise for a girls night out soon and head home. Again, almost 1AM before bed but happy and feeling more relaxed then ever.
Wednesday started early too. It's usually my day off from teaching voice - just my neice and nephews piano lessons in the afternoon. Today though I had one of my students, who wanted the money and I was willing to pay, coming over to clean for me. I just don't have time to keep up on it all and she is soo detailed in her immaculate home that I trust her! Only issue is - it's hard to let others see your filth!! I picked up as she moved around and she WASHED (not just wiped) my wood blinds, washed window sills, baseboards and walls, vacuumed floors, washed on hands and knees my floor. She was here for 6 hours and it cost me $150 - but soooo worth it! I left her here to clean and I went to get my hair done by my bestest hair gal ever - Sonya! She used to do my hair in her basement when we were kids, now she is 'grown up' and has a salon in her home. We always enjoy chatting and catching up! She is just as busy with 5 kids! When I got there she was dealing with a sick kid and little 2 yr old that had just gotten a bloody nose by hitting the coffee table. It was chaos and I was content to see that I'm not the only one with a crazy life! HA! My hair looks great and she waxed my eyebrows too. Yeah for me! She 'knows' my hair so well and always makes me look great! THANKS SONYA!! I got home and the house was lookin' good! With a few 'homework' assignments (wash the shower curtain, wipe down inside of microwave,etc) she left at 2:30PM and I taught a makeup lesson to the sweet gal in my neighborhood and then had about an hour to sit and enjoy my house before one more makeup. My family didn't come for lessons - a nice break and no worries for me. :) My nephew is staying with us for the next couple days - while his parents are on a business Christmas trip. He is a year older than Kylee and my boys love him. He is a handful though. Geoff is good with him and that's why they asked us to take him. After the 2nd makeup, I grabbed a bite to eat and headed out the door to the theatre - threatened the kids to keep my $150 clean house clean! Geoff left right after me to the Suns game with a neighbor. He's been promising Shawn for a while now that next time he got tix to the game they'd go. They are great seats - 2 rows behind the visiting team and includes the Toyota Club dinner. Geoff's parents have had them forever. I just wish I could go sometime. Oh well. He needs a break too - my little Mr. Mom.
The show was ok - an off night for Dorman who plays Scrooge but all in all a good night. I gathered mics as fast as I could and headed home - afraid they messed my house up! I got home at 10:15PM and it was . . . ok. That's it. Not great but not as bad as I thought. I got them all in bed and sat on the couch to just veg out. Geoff was gone til 11:45PM and then brought me something to eat. I ate a few bites but was just too tired. I put it in the fridge and laid on the couch. Next thing I know Geoff is telling me to wake up and come to bed. I slowly moved my way to the bed and was out before my head hit the pillow.
Well, it's Thursday and Marni is here again. She's already vacuumed again - loving her Oreck! want one for Christmas now! - and wiped down more baseboards and cleaned the outside of the fridge. This is the most expensive clean I've ever had but definately the most thorough! Geoff always talks about how if we ever win the lottery (don't you have to play to win? HA!) he would buy an older home and fix it up. I swear now - NO WAY! I don't want anyone else's dirt in my house! When we pulled out the fridge - I don't think she (the previous gal who lived here) EVER moved it! It was DISGUSTING!! And there is dirt that I didn't know existed! My house smells clean but overpungent. It's not the strong Pine-sol smell but just smells like "no dirt". Hard to describe but super awesome!!
Well, I have to teach in about 2 hours and I need to get ready! Have a great Thursday!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


One week down - only 2 more to go! This week has been just as crazy as I expected but it's done now. Let's see, since I last posted - Geoff did NOT get home from his lil' job with the neighbor and so I did NOT get to go to Rustic Hutch!! :( I was SO disappointed and I let Geoff know it in no uncertain terms. I was not really nice about it and I felt bad. But he kept saying "we'll go tomorrow, promise", but I teach all day Friday and then have to go to the theatre. Literally! I taught Friday from 11AM to 6PM with a 15 min. break (long enough to shovel some pizza bites down) and then left directly to the theatre to have mics loaded and set by 6:30PM. There is a disadvantage to running the sound - you have to have the mics in the dressing rooms an hour before curtain but then you're done until the show starts! I get there, rush to load batteries, check connections, sound check and get mics to the actors (about 20 min. of work) then sit around til 7:30 when the show starts. Usually this is when I refill my mug (free soda and the owner FINALLY got Dr. Pepper in their fountain!!!) and eat chocalate from the actors stash in the green room. Not good!! Oh well.

Got home late on Friday night and realized I had not had a chance to pick callback music for the auditions the next morning!! So . . .at midnight I was sitting in my room, listening to the tracks for what songs would be best. It was 2AM by the time I turned off the light and laid down. Of course then it takes me time to unwind and stop my brain. I can't remember the last time I looked at the clock.

Saturday morning started early! 6:30AM shower, out the door by 7:40AM to Sonic for a big Dr. Pepper to get through the morning, 8AM Messiah rehearsal at the Stake Center (I'm a soloist this year), 9:30AM leave for the theatre, 10AM Callbacks for Singin' in the Rain. The callbacks went well - not everything we wanted but we'll make it work. Casting discussion at 1PM, mics loaded and set by 2PM, ran quickly to Taco Bell for something to eat (hadn't eaten yet by then) and then back to the theatre to run the 3PM show. In between shows at Hale they feed you and this week it was Oreganos, but I grabbed a big plate of salad and ran to make a deposit at the bank and get gas in my car. When I got back there had been a bunch of drama that I got filled in on. . . . stage moms! UG! Well, that show ended . . . finally and I got home about 11:15PM.

It was late by the time I wound down . . . again.

Sunday morning was quite the 'wake up' call! At 7AM my alarm went off but I chose to shower and get ready after choir practice and went back to sleep til 7:50AM. Well, that was waken to a loud POP and the power going out at 7:15AM!! Worried it may have been something on our end - we use M-Power; a service that allows you to buy power when you need it. I called SRP and low and behold - a power outage from Broadway to Thomas and Country Club to Higley. For those who know the area - that's about half of the city of Mesa!! And to make matters worse - they don't anticipate it to back up for 2 hours! SUCK! What about church? We just laid in bed, trying to accept the quiet. Hard to do - we like our "white" noise of the fan, pool pump outside our window, etc. The power came on about 8AM - yeah! I headed out to choir and then afterwards the youth practice that I'm accompanying. Got home around 10:15AM and had about 45 min to shower and get ready for church. Kylee and Jonathan (senior primary) were singing prelude Christmas music today. Geoff stayed home with Maddi who is sick with a bad cough. Dakota and I sat in our row - I enjoyed having the time to just enjoy and not have to play prelude. Afterwards I was confronted by the Bishop wanting to know if we were going to be ok for Christmas. When I told him, yes - he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said "Sis. Toon, please be honest with me! We want to help if you need it!" It's a really hard to explain to people that money is not our issue. Geoff isn't afraid to tell people that I make more than he does - ha! With his job loss, we just got set back a bit but we're gonna be just fine since it's the end of the semester and I have about 10 students who pay the semester up front (anywhere from $500-$750 each)! This will keep up up front of our bills and pay for Christmas!! We really aren't worried about Christmas - now January may be a different story but we're hoping he has his job back or gets this new one! Anyway, I came home to switch with Geoff so he could go teach his Primary class and I stayed with Maddi. We both slept - a much needed rest for both! When everyone got home - I taught 3 lessons. I know - not something to do on Sunday but I have no other time and I have to support my family and give the "paid for" lessons to the students. One wasn't really a lesson though - he needed a warm-up for his Stake performance that night. He 'paid' me with a $65 gift certificate to a Day Spa! :) Loving that!! I'm gonna get a facial!! :) After I finished, I rushed to my Stake Center for the Messiah. It was a lot more dressy than I anticipated! Geez! Wish someone would've told me! I wore black but not heels/hose (not that I would've anyway). Everyone was glittered up and looking fancy! Felt a bit dopey but oh well. I sang "ok" - it was an alto solo and I am really not an alto, although I am beginning to relish in my lower notes - but NOT for a classical piece. Wierd afterwards, no one really said anything to me. :( Must have really sucked!
Afterwards we came home and put kids to bed. Within a half hour, Jonathan began wheezing! We went to give him a treatment and found we were out! Called the doc on call, only to find out they wouldn't refill it. So . . . 11:30PM I'm out the door to the ER. Home by 1AM with a steriod and Albuterol Rx. He finally fell asleep! Morning has been long but I'll save that for a later time!
Have a great one!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


You have to take them when you can. .. right? Yesterday after I blogged, Geoff and I ran to Ned's Krazy Sub (lovin' me some Ned's) for lunch. We enjoyed the time together and enjoyed the food, especially the pickle. Funny - I won't eat a pickle on a burger or out of a jar, but from Ned's? Anytime!! Kids all give me theirs! I've got 'em trained!
We picked up Lady from Puppy Love - she has 2 piggies with Christmas bows! She is so cute! If I can figure out how to post a pic - I'll do it. Someone may have to show me how! :)
Then we stopped by my girlfriend's (Rhonda) parents house. We have known each other since we were 15! Scary! Her daughter turned that this year and we told her we met at this age - she called us old! :) She was over there helping her parents (dad had quadruple bypass this past weekend) clean house. She had 2 big bags of clothes for my girls! I don't normally drop names but her brother-in-law is Trey Basha (yes, son of Eddie - the owner of AJ's Fine Foods and Bashas'). I tell you this because 90% of the clothes come from them and have never been worn and they are all name brand that I would never buy - unless clearanced! I'm too cheap! They are adorable and Kylee loves it! It's like Christmas all year when Rhonda sends bags of clothes over. Thank you!!
On the way home we stopped by my sisters to give her my share of the money needed to buy for the needy family we are giving to this year (they went shopping last night and I had to miss because I was at the show). Her husband was home (had PTO he HAS to use by the end of the year or he loses it - she had him painting! GO Christine!). He talked to Geoff about a position open at his office! It pays a bit more and their benefits are great (except no dental - even though my bro is a dentist, I'll feel guilty not having some benefits to pay him) and their 401K is incredible . . . gotta plan for retirement, right? I'm really looking forward to time the hubby and no responsibility of kids or work! HA!!! So, he's going to call Geoff on Monday for an interview! Keep your fingers crossed! This furlow may turn out for the best! I also shared some clothes with her for Dani - who is the same age as Kylee. Thanks again to Rhonda! :)
Well - I'm off to teach 1 lesson (yep, only one but only til 3:15pm then it's my usual 6 more!) and then Geoff told me we could go to Rustic Hutch and walk around! YEA for me!! Love the Rustic Hutch - especially at Christmas! Have a great one and I'll keep posting as long as you keep reading!! Love you all!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Don't count. . .

It's been WAY too long since I've blogged. But I have a few (and I mean a few) minutes in my incredibly crazy life! Let's see, in the past few months we have had a lot of things happen - good and bad. Geoff was put on work 'furlow' (a nice way of saying laid off!) til Feb. 25th. Sucks but we have my teaching to help support us. Geoff is playing Mr. Mom - hates it, but does a great job. He does all the house cleaning and carpooling while I teach. I've been blessed with 4 new students and Hale Centre Theatre (my new fav work place) has been employing me as a music director and sound board operator. We were concerned about the holidays but it's going to be just fine.
This past weekend I had a complete meltdown! Sunday morning I had a music committee meeting at 8am and then a youth choir practice (I'm accompanying) at 9am. Then when I got home, I had to get the 'baptism bag' together for Geoff's primary kid who was baptized the day before. Showers for everyone (not much hot water for those of us at the end), hair done, teeth brushed and a stick of gum for those fasting, dressed - shirts tucked in, shoes found, my makeup and then grab my hymnbook and RUN to church in order to make it on-time to play prelude. We have "claimed" the front row on the side where the organ is so I don't have walk to far after I play the organ and then have to return for the closing song. When we get there another family took it. I know they aren't assigned but it bothered me since they knew we always sat there. Oh well - to the back, which by now is the middle of the cultural hall. I don't like to play very loud on the organ before the meeting. I find it just makes the pre-church gab even louder. It can be heard but you have just listen. Our ward has been really encouraging everyone to show up and be reverent before the meeting. Well, I begin playing Christmas hymns. No one was listening - I can almost guarantee it! I just play and ignore the noise. Well, try to. The bishopric comes in and sits on the stand. I thought for sure the noise would quiet down - nope. It just continues. I finally just stop playing. They didn't even notice!! When the member of the bishopric stood up to conduct, he looked at me and nodded for me to stop. He didn't even notice!! AAAHHH!! I was almost done then. Well, I came to the meeting for one reason - the sacrament. The meeting went on - no thanks to the music people. Oh well. Sacrament passed and the deacon forgot me! Got the chorister but not me! That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Afterwards I went and sat with Geoff. My kids were extremely noisy and annoying today. Just couldn't sit still. Had to take Kylee out and talk to her about setting an example. Not my idea of fun. After the last testimony was said, I started my "trek" back to the front. There was a pause waiting for me to get situated at the organ. OH WELL! Deal with it! You took my row! By the way, that family has little ones and left early in the meeting! AAAH!!! After the closing prayer, the noise went right back to where it was. I played through one hymn and closed up. None of the bishopric even said thanks or hello today. I know it's a thankless job - always has been. But if you have ever been to a meeting with music- it's weird! Do your music peeps a favor and tell them thank you! We miss all the visiting before and after the meetings and feel very left out a lot! Don't forget them! As I walked off the stand, the choir director (someone who I would consider a very 'hard' person and not one to just visit with) stopped me and asked if I was ok. That was it - - I started to bawl! She held me and I cried. I had just been too stressed! Too much work, not enough time and carrying the weight of all the financial woes, on top of being forgotten completely (including the sacrament) at church - just too much! I excused myself and rushed by Geoff saying "I'm going - love you" and ran out of the bldg. I sat in the van and cried for about 5 minutes. Unable to drive because I couldn't see. Geoff came out and offered to drive me home. We got home and he snuggled with me on the couch as I poured it all out! I haven't cried like that in a long time! I cried myself to sleep and he covered me up with a blanket and then cleaned up the house. He fixed dinner and when I woke up, he had a Sonic Dr. Pepper for me. I told him I was fasting, to which he replied "I think the Lord will forgive you! Enjoy!" I love that man!! I'm better now - still plugging along! :)
more later . . . .

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The TONY'S tonight!!

Time to get your theatre friends together with pen and paper in hand, snacks to grab and a soda to drink! Everyone would cozy into an apartment living room and cram onto the couch or lay out on the floor and get ready to hoot and holller! You knew the shows, you knew the actors, you knew there would be great performances and lots of great fun!

Well. . . . I was not real thrilled with the Tony's tonight. It seems that they get more and more boring every year and not a lot of great things happened. I was a bit disappointed they didn't even give Freddy Ebb the 'exit' he so deserved!

I'm not sure about this new show, SPRING AWAKENING, although it won so many awards. Doesn't even interest me. Blech!

I do desire to see GREY GARDENS and CURTAINS (I so love Debra Monk!). My kids enjoyed the song from MARY POPPINS (of course) and LEGALLY BLONDE has always been one I thought would be fun to see. The revivals look good - loved Audra McDonald in her performance of Raunchy from 110 IN THE SHADE!!!

All in all, an ok show - but Ladies and Gents? Let's bump it up a notch next year!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I'm back!!!

Sorry - life got very busy and the house we are in has a few bugs to work out. We've had the house rewired for the 'luxuries' of life now. The previous owners didn't have digital tv or high speed internet. And when we signed up for it through COX, they had to completely wire the house. We had 2 wall fishes and wires everywhere along the outside of our backyard eaves as well. . . . but we have it all now and hopefully no glitches!
We are doing great! Dakota was recently baptized and Jonathan turned 9 yrs. All the kids are out of school for the summer and excited for many things!! First, that they have a house with a pool - it's been used everyday since we moved in. (Geoff loves to take a few laps in the late night alone.) Second, because they are attending Entz Elementary next year and already know who their teachers are and who in the neighborhood is in their class. Maddi is excited for 1st grade (I'm not sure how I feel about my baby being in school all day yet! Bittersweet!) and Kylee is excited for her last year at elementary and being one of the "big girls" on campus in 6th grade! The boys are just excited to be able to ride their bikes to school. My kids just get bigger and bigger everyday and it's fun to watch but frightening how fast it happens. Geoff mentioned at dinner tonight that we could be 10 years away from being grandparents. That's just too close to reality for me! WOW!
I'm off to bed now. Must teach in the morning and then off to rehearsal in the afternoon. I will update tomorrow of other fun things! Goodnight!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Latest and greatest . . .

Things have gotten a little better since I last posted. The pool is still not fixed but parts are ordered. Geoff got his latest info on the pay period transition with the merger and we will get an extra check this month. Happy day with that! And one of my dearest friends is coming into town from Reno with her work on Monday. She will have Monday afternoon and evening for us and then Tuesday she is in a workshop and flies out immediately after. BUT . . . I get to have almost 24 hours with her! I will pick her up at the airport and then we'll take my Maddi to school and then who knows what. She wants to do lunch somewhere that she can enjoy our "heat". She grew up here but has been gone for almost 11 years. Right now the weather in Reno is cold and they actually had snow flurries last week! I'm trying to think of someplace fun that is outside but nothing yet. Any suggestions?
Had our read-thru for Little Mermaid today. The cast is VERY talented and I'm really excited about them. I am actually nervous about MDing this one - simply because there is no written music for it. Only a cast recording to learn from and then the tracks that are (much to my dismay) "sweetened". For those non-theatre people, sweetened means there are voices on the track to 'help' the cast sound bigger. I HATE THAT!! If the cast can't sing it - then they shouldn't be cast but there are no other choices. The show itself is really kinda cute. The writer went on to be extremely famous. . . he wrote JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH and the new box-office money maker, CHARLOTTE'S WEB, among others. So I'm excited about having the chance to work on this - especially at Hale.
Speaking of Hale, another thing to smile about is that Dave and Corrin have really opened up to me this week. Dave is not one of the easiest people to get to know and EXTREMELY hard to read!! Tuesday night at auditions he was very cordial and sweet and asked my opinions in places that normally he wouldn't. Cambrian says that I have 'made it into the Hale family crew' and that he KNOWS that Dave and Corrin really respect me and my talent. :) Makes me smile!!! I've worked so hard to get here and this point in my life and career. It's not been a smooth road and there have been many potholes. It has paid off!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

when it rains. . . . it sends a hurricane!

This morning my VT companion called and asked Maddi and I to join her and 4 little girls from the ward for a playdate and then lunch at Sonic. Well, I told her I'd come as fast as I could but I had to get a few things done then we'd find out where they were. Maddi cleaned her room and I picked up. Then I showered, did Maddi's hair and got ready. We were just going to make it to Sonic when all of a sudden . . .
I went to the back door to lock it when I saw water EVERYWHERE. I thought it was the sprinklers going haywire, and no biggie until Geoff got home and looked at them because they had turned off until tomorrow. Well, then I saw the trail coming from the pool area too. And I looked closer - the yard was flooded! It looked like I had irrigation; about 3-4 inches!! Then I saw the pool level was low and the make-shift "fountain" happening over by the filter! It was about 5 feet high and gushing!! Worried about how much it was going to cost me - I began to cry. I called my pool guy friend, Bryan, first and he was busy and couldn't talk so I couldn't explain it to him. He said he'd call me back. Well, I had to get Maddi to school -we'd definately missed the bus now! So, I called Geoff at work - hard to reach him usually but he answered quickly today, thankfully! He told me how to turn off the water pump thus stopping the "fountain". I told him I called Bryan and he was going to call me back. Bryan had thought it was a gasket leaking last time he was here - so no biggie Geoff was trying to assure me. He said to let him know. I hung up, now in the van to take Maddi, and called Alison. She understood and was so sweet. She ordered my DP and a corndog for Miss Maddi so it was ready when I got there. She wouldn't let me pay her - so sweet! Only about $2 but that will come in handy!! I rested for a few minutes and visited - so needed! I vented really but she was nice enough to listen and at least 'act' concerned. I ran Maddi to school (a few minutes late but oh well) and then picked up Geoff. We went in the back, now the water had soaked in most of the grass but stil really wet. The pool was filling and we walked to the filter. . . a BIG, HUMONGOUS, ENORMOUS crack down the side! Not the gasket but just old fiberglass that busted! We called Bryan and explained - he was just around the corner. He knocked and went out back to look. He laughed and said "yep, busted". I hate that! I think I'm just emotional with the money spent on the van yesterday!! He took down the part number and said he'd call us. Geoff and I came in and started sorting laundry (I know - we're weird, we think better cleaning) and discussed how we wanted to handle this. Bryan called with the damage numbers and now I just think that God is being mean!! It's gonna run about $800-900 to fix it - either old parts that cost more or new parts that are cheaper but we have to have it replumbed. This sucks!! ARG!!
What am I supposed to "learn" from this?!?!?! First, the van - now, the pool. WHAT NEXT!?!?!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Have wheels . . . .

Will survive!!
I got the van back just before kids got home from school. Not in time for me to pick them up, so they did have to take the bus. Normally not a problem but scouts was today - so Jonathan missed that. Oh well. Next week he can go with Dakota (who turns 8 on Saturday). They will enjoy that for the next couple weeks before Jonathan turns 9 and goes to Bears. My father in law picked Maddi and I up and took us to pick up the van from the shop. Then Maddi and I stopped by Sonic and I was one VERY happy camper with my Sonic drink!! :)
After I taught a makeup lesson, I picked up Geoff. We came home and there were 12 kids (including ours) waiting in the front yard in swimsuits. It was actually very funny! We let them get in and we worked out front. Geoff washed the van and I pulled weeds from around my flowers and put out ant poison. A few of the kids had to head home, but another group showed up so some continued to swim and Kylee and a few of her friends rode their bikes to Sonic for ice cream. They came back here to swim some more while Geoff took Maddi and the boys to get pizza for dinner. I taught 2 more makeup lessons and then headed outside to enjoy my yard and water my flowers that need extra water at night (the drip system isn't that great in the corner lot). After that we tried to put kids to bed but Kylee still had a couple friends over. They were in her room doing their homework. Kylee was thrilled to know that she could help them get it done because "It was so what we did last year mom! Next year at Entz is going to be a breeze!" I'm glad she felt confident to help but I hope she doesn't get a false hope that it's going to be easy! Well, one of the moms came to pick up the extra girls and told us that they were heading to Baskin Robbins. It's their 31st birthday and so all the flavors were 31 cents a scoop today til 10pm. Geoff agrees (much to my dismay because it was 9:15PM) to have me take the kids down there while he finishes the Suns game. We get in the van, about a mile down the road and the mom calls my cell and says there are over 100 people in line. Forget that!! We go to McD's for swirl cones and come home to bed. Great afternoon for my kids and long day for me! Bed will be a welcome sight tonight!!

Mental Health Day

I think they are necessary to anyone - young and old! Maddi was super tired today and since we had to get up early to walk the kids to the bus stop and Geoff left at the same time to walk to where his ride was picking him up, she was extra tired. It took us about 45 min. - to an hour to get the kids to the bus stop and back. Maddi rode her bike and I walked Lady. It was nice weather so that made it nice. She fell asleep about an hour before we needed to start walking to her bus stop. I didn't want to wake her up so I let her sleep and called her in to school. At our house we call them "mental health days". Everyone is allowed one per semester. Maddi hasn't had one since Christmas so I think she deserved it. She slept til 1pm and then we made popcorn and are having it with Diet Dr. Pepper while watching the movie "Little Rascals". I know might disagree with this but I find that sometimes we need a break from reality no matter what age we are. I'm sure teachers take mental health days too! Hoping to hear from the car shop soon!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Life hands you lemons, you make lemonade and FORGET the sugar!!!!

Ok, so I bought a used van (2001 Pontiac Montana) last fall and I've loved every minute of it! It's been very good to us! Well, we've known there needs to be some work done on it but had hoped to hang on until school got out in 3 weeks. But today it gave up on me. I went to the grocery store and when I came out - it wouldn't start. Frustrated, I called my hubby and he came to help me. We jump started it and got it home, although it did die 2 houses from ours and we coasted all the way in the driveway. Called a couple of mechanics to find out what they could diagnose by our description. Everyone told us it sounded like our manifold gasket that went out. We called AAA and had it towed to the best priced shop and it's there now. They called around 5:30PM to tell us that it was going to cost . . . ready for this? I wasn't! $1080!! AAAHHHH!!!!! Well, our savings does consist of that right now - especially after the move! So . . . Geoff's dad is going to loan it to us and I will be paying him back over the next 3-4 weeks. UG!
I've come to conclusion that this is just a confirmation to me that we need a 2nd vehicle. That will happen before summer is over! We must have a vehicle in case this happens again. Tomorrow Geoff will get a ride with a co-worker and I will walk the kids to the bus and then I'm home most of the day anyway (I don't teach on Wed.) but no car is hard to deal with.
I am trying to make lemonade with the lemons that God is handing me - but I forgetting the sugar!!! ARG!

Life is not what we always want . . .

We moved into our house in Dec., right before Christmas. We love it here and are very happy in our little home. We love the ward, neighborhood and room. Kids like the friends, room to play and the pool. Only one problem - a house is a big expense! We have lived many places and our last home spoiled us. We lived at ASU East in a 4-bd 2-ba house with free cable, free high speed internet and free water. We had only cell phones (because we were hardly ever home) and now reality has hit us. We are paying for the above mentioned items and we have a land line. Our rent at ASU was only $800 (I know, cheap!) and obviously, the payment here is much higher! It all pays off in the end but still not easy to swallow or aceept. We've breen doing a few things to the house as well, like painting, moving cupboards, landscaping, etc. I have hung up some curtains, and painted cupboards too. This month has been the tightest (financially) since we moved in and since the savings is not like it should be - we are struggling. I have a lot of work lined up but it's not immediate. We'll make it - we always do but I hate wondering how it will work. UG!!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My students ROCK!!

I have 32 incredibly talented, hardworking students and I could not be prouder as 18 of them sang at our Spring Fling Recital tonight!! They sang well, showed personality and just wow-ed me through and through!!
We had uptempo, ballads, characters, tear jerkers, etc, etc, etc!! We heard laughs, sighs, and tons of applause!! We had some guests that put a few at nerves but everyone stepped up and blew us away!!! I was EXTREMELY proud!!! And I might add, excited that they make me look so good! :)
The evening ended with yummy fruit pizza (sugar cookie crust, whip cream and cream cheese topped with kiwi, strawberries, banana, blueberries and grapes) and loads of "you did an awesome job"!! I was very pleased with the evening!
Thanks go to my students, their parents, my family and friends! (Especially Sarah and Adam for helping me 'get fruity'! (: Couldn't have done it without you!)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Day!

Last night pretty much stunk! Geoff and I were at odds - I wanted help cleaning up kitchen and he wanted to relax. Well, I did all the work but woke up better because it was done.
He and I went to lunch at Cafe Rio (our new fav place) and then I got my nails done. Yeah! (I took them off the past 2 days and they have really hurt)
Now, he just called to tell me bonuses are in! Hip hip hooray! I'm off to get it and deposit the moola!
Later gators!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spoiled kids!

Ok - so tonight we had a couple of "traumas"! Maddi decided it would be fun to try and "tow" herself and some kids in the neighborhood around on the moving dolly. Now she has a bruised knee and a few scraps. Jonathan lost another tooth. Not a big deal but he proceeded to tell us how he lost his tooth and ends up in tears that the tooth fairy will not accept a note explaining what happened and that he will not get money. This devasts my kids lately because any dollar bills or spare change goes directly into our "Disneyland Bucket" (they have been funny about wanting to help unload laundry to look, and checking ashtrays and pockets). Well, he is almost 9 so I do the inevitable and tell him there is no tooth fairy and that Mom and Dad will still give him the money for the note. He says already knows that and if I was going to take money for the DB, not to do it because it just go back into the bucket. Needless to say, now we HAVE to go get money for him from Circle K or something because he'll know if we took it from the bucket. UG! They are just too smart! Then Dakota proceeds to complain because he didn't get to have baseball practice - Geoff is the assistant coach and cancelled practice because of lack of kids able to make it. Then Kylee is upset with me for not getting her last 2 piano books that she needs for her lesson tomorrow morning. Well, I just didn't have the funds until today to get them and I didn't have time today with Visiting Teaching and a makeup lesson for Danny and teaching my niece piano. SO . . . Geoff promised them all Cold Stone Creamery tomorrow night! Geez! Must be nice!! If I was lucky my parents bought a gallon of cheap ice cream at the store and we got to have it at home. But on the bright side, my kids all memorized their poems (Franklin requires them to recite one every six weeks in front of the class) and helped each other with actions and quizzed each other on them tonight. They are due next week in their respective classes and I'm thrilled that we won't be cramming over the weekend! Oh! And Geoff showed me why he was so generous with the offer - work gave him a $20 gift card to Cold Stone for his birthday and he's been holding out on me! :) HA! It's not enough to pay for everyone's ice cream but it will take a chunk out of the bill. Raising kids in not cheap but it's rewarding!! I LOVE MY KIDS!!!

Need a buddy!

Ok - so everywhere we live I have been able to find a new "Wal-Mart buddy". Freakish, I know but it just seems that I can make friends quickly and they all shop at Wal-Mart for groceries and 'stuff' and we "connect". We find that it's easier to get dinner, baths and bedtime done and then leave the husbands to watch sports or play video games (yes, I married a big kid) and head out later in the evening. It ends up almost a routine. We stop at Circle K or Sonic (my fav) for a soda or large ice water (with extra ice) and a snack of sorts and then head to our favorite place. There are plenty of things that bug about Wal-Mart: the lack of intelligence in some employees, the clientele (including me sometimes - hee) is not always 'up to par', etc. BUT . . . they will usually take my returns without question, they have most everything I need AND best of all - they are open 24 hours!!! I love that! Grocery stores are missing out on this great idea! If I have a sick kid or realize that we are in need of something before morning (you know, those lovely thoughts that come to you after midnight - like field trip lunchs or birthday treats, etc.) - all I need to do drive a mile to the Wal-Mart. Anyways, last night I really needed to go but had no one to go with. No one out here seems to go anywhere after 10pm and let alone the Wal-Mart, it seems. Almost like they are too good for that. UG! Hate that! Between Wal-Mart and Costco, that's all I shop for groceries mostly. Anyways, I was moping and then the call came. One of my past (for lack of a better term) buddies called and was telling me of her frustrations at the Wal-Mart tonight and I actually got a little choked up. :) I miss our late night trips to that Wal-Mart! The employees (on the night shift) knew us by sight, some knew our names and others asked about our personal lives a lot! HA! But it was like another little dimension we slipped into after 10pm and we loved it. There were many night I would get home and find my husband in bed and my house dark because it was well after 2 or 3AM! But I got some "girl time" and a chance to do a couple of "chores" done, by getting the grocery and toiletry shopping finished. Well, I am on a mission to find a new Wal-Mart buddy or hope that someone moves over here (Julie or Kristi or Char) or back to Arizona (Laurie) soon!! I MISS WAL-MART!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Politics! Everyone knows that life consists of politics. I received a text this morning from a good friend, Cambrian. He and I worked on THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL and he will direct again when I work on LITTLE MERMAID and LUCKY STIFF. We have been marketing ourselves as a team, since we feel we work very well together and we love working together. Well, apparently he saw an email advertising for a choreographer and music director for the summer program at ATC (Arizona Theatre Company). This is the company that I am supposedly doing the summer program for! I didn't know what to think so I got on the phone to my friend there and she assured me it was all "politics". They had to advertise the position in order to be 'politically correct' if someone in the future found out there wasn't an opportunity to apply. I am now in limbo, hoping that I will still be what they want after all the applications are in. She seems to think that I am VERY qualified and a GREAT candidate and told me numerous times not to worry but I am. She is worried now that I'm upset because she wasn't clear when I thought it was "offered" that she didn't get the last word but I'm not - just feel stupid for assuming it was mine. Of course, there will be some decisions and discussion about it. I did mention to her that Cambrian was very interested as well. He is going to send me his info and I'll get it to her since he is leaving town for a family funeral. Keep your fingers crossed for us both! We are a team! :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

NOVEL - to catch up

Ok - I'll admit it. I thought only a couple people were reading it - so I stopped. Especially since the ones I thought were reading it, I chat with online too. Not worth posting in order to just tell them again what's happening in my life. But . . . I found out more read it than I thought. So, here's our update.
Last week Kylee and I did the "Mother/Daughter Movie Night" at the school. This the one hosted by the nurse, not a chick flick by the means of fun. :) We were to learn all about our bodies and fun stuff like that. Well, I had to teach, so I moved my students around in order to make it in time. I thought it started at 7pm and Kylee was sure it was at 6:30pm. We were at the studio so I called Geoff between lessons and he looked at the invitation on the fridge and it was indeed at 6:30pm. I felt horrible because I didn't have time to rearrange any more lessons (one comes from Queen Creek -very far south). I made a bargain with Kylee to sit while I taught one more lesson and then we'd go to dinner wherever she wanted and she could ask me any question she could think of about being a girl. Whoa! Was I in for a treat. :) She now knows most of the birds and bees and I didn't freak out or laugh or get embarrassed. I also made sure she knew that she could come to me in the future and ask anything. I'd rather her talk to me than friends, simply because they may not tell her the truth because they don't know and I don't want her to have the wrong answers. She agreed. We enjoyed a fun dinner at Applebees (our favorite Oriental Ck'n Salad, wings for appetizers and Diet Coke to drink). She wanted a Sonic Blast afterwards and then we went to the store so she could buy her little school friend some pencil sets for her birthday (Lisa Frank - all the girls favs). All in all it was an enlightening and fun evening!
Geoff and I have been "forced" to go on weekly dates the past 3 weeks. One of my students has been begging me to let her babysit. Well, I finally gave in and said to come for her lesson on Friday evening and then we'll go out and let her stay. She was thrilled! And the kids LOVE her! She brings activities for them (coloring, sidewalk chalk, games, and treats) and they have a fun filled evening (which usually ends in Geoff and I having to clean up when we get home but worth it). We have really enjoyed the time that we usually wouldn't take for ourselves, simply because life gets too busy. We have done nothing special but we always go to dinner (we've been checking out all the places people talk about but we never go to) and then just shop around or look at trucks (keep dreaming) and then head home. It's brought us a little closer and now I know why the prophets say you have to MAKE time with your spouse. Life is easier when you get along! :)
Saturday was our Neighborhood Spring Fling. It is to raise money for the neighborhood block watch and get to know your neighbors. It's a BIG deal here! It cost $10 a family and they had hotdogs and brats, chips, soda, water, snowcones, cupcake walk, 4 bouncers, bouncer obstacle course, rock wall, fishing pond, etc etc etc. You name it - it was there!! The kids had a blast!! The firemen showed up and gave rides on their 1940's fire truck and then the big ladder truck showed up and sprayed everyone for about 20 minutes. It's an annual thing - so my kids are looking forward to next year already.
I don't know if I've mentioned before that Geoff's company sold themselves to a bigger firm. The "transaction" will take place next week. So we've been dealing with meetings, insurance changes, 401K transfers, etc. I think from what I've seen and heard that the change will be a good one for all involved. Geoff seems to be happy and thinks that it will actually be a great career boost. The new company is Atwell-Hicks and they have quite a national reputation. So, Geoff is excited to in on the ground level of their move into Arizona. I'm not thrilled that our insurance premium is going up a bit and they aren't matching as high as the previous company on our 401K but they have better bonuses and a great family cruise as incentives. I guess I can pay an extra $45 a month on insurance to know that every year my family can go on a company cruise that they pay for! HA!
I was asked this past Friday by Dave Dietlein of Hale Centre Theatre (where I've performed and recently music directed THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL) to music direct their summer kids show THE LITTLE MERMAID and also their fall show LUCKY STIFF. I'm very excited about that! I am hoping to have started to etch my name on their permanent roster of Music Directors!
That's all for now and I will keep you all updated as exciting things happen! Thanks for being friends and PLEASE post a comment to let me know you were hear!! It makes me feel loved! :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Loving the weather!

Weather like this is great! Warm enough but cool breezes. Makes me want to just lay on a blanket on a grassy lawn and read a book all day. Or snuggle up in a blanket on a bench or swing with someone special listening to the birds and their heartbeat as you lay against them. I guess it could be said that I'm a hopeful romantic. I want the storybook setting and the storybook ending. When you get married you have to work to keep the romance alive. It's not like it was when you were dating - all romantic and desireable. Yesterday Geoff and I ran to the grocery store - nothing romantic by any means - but I was determined to make it special. So . . . I reached for his hand in the car (which I usually do but oh well) and sat in the van when we arrived until he came around and opened the door for me. That was funny! He looked at me like I was strange then smiled that cute smile and walked around. He opened it and kissed me then giggled. We held hands in the store and I tried to make sure he knew that I wanted to be there with him. We giggled and laughed. Then this morning I offered to make him lunch if he'd come home for lunch. He agreed and we had a great "lunch"! Romance - that's all I ever want. Just to know that I'm loved. I do believe he loves me and when we share moments like these, it's makes us closer. I love him!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Clean house - good attitude

What a day! My kids have not figured out, even though it has NEVER changed since day one of their lives that I LOVE A CLEAN HOUSE!! After church I laid down for a bit of nap and after only an hour, I woke up to koolaid spilled on the floor and covering my table, trash from lunch on the table, counters, clothes from their change after church on the floor and the list just goes on and on. I can't figure it out - I complain about this kind of stuff all the time. When will they or will they ever learn? Every year on my birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentines, whatever holiday they wish to get me a "gift" - they ask me "Mom? What do you want from me?" And every time I answer the same thing - "A clean home and a happy family!" That's it. If I could have harmony and peace and love all the time amidst the smell of clean bathrooms, floors, counters, etc. - LIFE WOULD BE GREAT! So, my relaxing Sunday ended up with sweeping and mopping, crying kids sent to their room, counters scrubbed and dishes done. Which in turn lead me to do laundry and scrub bathrooms too. :) Get me on a roll and away I go!!
Now that the house smells awesome and clean - I am relaxing on the couch with my laptop and watching a little tv. At least now I can just get the rest of the laundry done tomorrow and enjoy the morning before I start teaching. Yahoo!! So . . . now I'm going to enjoy the grilled cheese sandwich and Diet Dr. Pepper my honey just brought me to enjoy. Good night all!

late night - early morning - not a good mix!

Kept busy last night - got my pedicure too! :) Stayed up WAY too late and when the alarm went off this morning at 6:15AM, I cringed. Needless to say, I hit the snooze button until 6:30AM then rolled out. It's a good thing the kids took showers last night or we would have been late for church. We had a little trauma finding Maddi's sandals but we found some. We got there about 15 minutes before the meeting started and I began playing the prelude music. This buildings organ is SO tempermental! I could set 3 or 4 different stops and they will all resort to the same sound as if I never did. ARG! Very frustrating!!
We are home now and I'm going to lay down and take a nap. Choir practice is at 3PM then I have a music committee meeting. After which we are going to my parents to have strawberry shortcake for my dad's birthday. YUM!
Hoping for a relaxing day for you and me!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

TAG!! You're IT!!

Describe me in one word....
just one single word.
Send it to me and to me only.
Then send this messageto all your friends
and see how many strange & interesting things
they say about you, in one word.

This can be really fun!

Here's how to Play:
1. Hit the comment key and send me my one word.
2. Then return to this message, copy & paste it to your blog
and see what people say about you when limited to one word!!!


And if you don't want to "post a comment",
you can email me privately and then be sure to send
it in an email to all you know if you don't blog!


Geoff's neice has a friend and this friend is our ward and he just got a DUI. Now, the phonecalls and accusations and CrAzY and OUTspoken mother-in-law rants all begin!! I can honestly say that I . . no, I won't. I'll just say she is not my favorite. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Too many secrets and no communication in this family!!
I'm worried now that we may have to move - his mom is just too much!!!

AAAHHH!!! I missed a day of posting!

Let's see - I had pretty full day. Started with a trip to get new tires and then teaching, teaching, and more teaching. I started at noon and went until 7:15pm. I had a few breaks here and there - but not long enough for a nap. But that's ok. My last student stayed to babysit while Geoff and I went out. We grabbed some dinner, cleaned his dad's ofc and drove to a few car lots (we are looking at a new truck before summer) and then did a little grocery shopping. Boy! Dates are what they used to be now that we're married for over 10 years! HA! Sad really. It used be such a fun thing to get ready to go out - the perfect outfit, the right makeup, fresh breath, the enticing scent . . . right. Not now. But the time away from kids, house, jobs, reality - now that's nice!
Tomorrow I teach in the morning - studio then a few privates. Should be done by noon and then I'm going to try and convince Geoff to let me go get my nails done and possibly cash in on my pedicure. Then it's off to Mtn View to see their show "Fiddler on the Roof". My student is the lead.
But I guess it's safe to say - I'm tired and I have to be up and out the door soon. Good night!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

B r r r r r r rr rrr rrrrr. . . . . . . ................

Why do men/boys think that they have to be like the postal service?!?! Rain, sleet, snow . . they just don't care - they MUST play the game! (There were 30 mile winds tonight and it was very cold (59 degrees)! Well, at least for those who were sitting around and those who were dressed for the 80 degree weather we had this morning. It's crazy in Arizona in April. The forecast for the next few days is 59 tonight, 78 tomorrow, 86 on Saturday and then back down to 77 on Sunday. THEN . . all the way down to 68 on Monday and back up to 81 on Tuesday. GEEZ!!!) Anyway, we were all freezing and my poor puppy, Lady, was even shaking! Well, fortunately the coaches decided to call it early and did only 2 bats up! YEA! But then some crazy mom brought the snack and it was (drumroll please) POPSICLES! What winner chose that!?!?! Even if I bought them yesterday - I would have bought something else today. It was too cold for that! Needless to say, we got home and while the boys took hot showers, the girls and I put rolls in the oven and heated up some clam chowder for dinner. I love cold days for soup and hot cocoa! :) The only thing I like about the cold - except the snuggling under a blanket. :) Well, time for another pot of cocoa before bedtime! (maybe we'll have to sing some carols around the fireplace too! Ha!)


Just noticed that my counter is over 100! Yea! I'm finally somewhat popular!
But . . . I wonder how many of those hits are from me? oh well

Busy day . . .

First, I had to get Kylee up early to piano lessons at 7:30AM. That is just too much sometimes. She is ALL girl and has to shower, dress, primp and spray and etc etc etc and it takes her FOREVER to get ready! Talk about a crimp in my morning. Her lesson was better this week - no tears. She practiced and felt much better about going. Amazing, isn't it? Practice does make perfect. . . attitude! :)
Friend contacted me this morning with a minor crisis so I offered to watch her 2 youngest while she ran to the doc. They were so cute and very good. No big deal for me - I was home anyway. I got my floors cleaned and counters cleaned too! Maddi had a blast playing with the "babies" too. :)
Next, took Geoff to the dentist. FINALLY made the appt he made, thanks to me for picking him up and driving him there. I could have been home taking a nap, doing laundry, cashing in my pedicure gift (from my neighbor for my b-day), anything but no. I sat there reading a magazine and visiting with the office staff. My brothers office staff is pretty cool. The hygenist that we really like was told last week that she is expecting. And even better - TRIPLETS! Crazy! Exciting for her but whoo - reality there!
Well, must go teach now. Not a long day though - just 1 1/2 hours. Yea! Then the boys have baseball tonight. Fun, fun! Still need to get to the grocery store. Keep putting it off and the house just gets barer and more destitute.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

4 Things About Me!

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. medical records /receptionist/surgery scheduler for 5 pediatricians
2. portrait consultant for Olan Mills - yikes!!
3. Voice teacher / music director / piano teacher
4. Mom!

B) Four movies I could watch over and over:
1. Victor/Victoria
2. The Sound of Music - I know, Sad! But still love it!
3. Goonies
4. How to loose a guy in ten days!

C) Four places I have lived:
1. Mesa, Az
2. Mesa, AZ
3. Mesa, AZ
4. Mesa, AZ

D) Four television shows I watch:
1. Law & Order - SVU and CI
2. Decorating Cents or Design on a Dime (seeing a trend here? I must decorate on a budget! HA!)
3. Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee - LOVE HER!!!
4. Nick at Nite

E) Four places I have gone on vacation:
1. Whiting Homestead - in the White Mtns of AZ
2. Reno - one of my best friends lives there
3. CA (so much to see there)
4. geez! I don't get out much, do I?

F) Four websites I visit almost daily:
1. all my emails - yes, I have more than 2!
2. local theatres - it's time to announce the new seasons, must be on top of these things!
3. my friends blogs (some don't know I look!)
4. Desert Schools FCU - am I poor today? :)

G) Four of my favorite foods:
1. Chipotle
2. Ned's Krazy Sub
3. ck'n caesar salad
4. mexican

H) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. with MY man!
2. AWAY - anywhere from reality
3. out with friends!
4. NY

I) Four people who I tag:
1. Geoff
2. Laurie
3. Julie
4. Sarah

I'm over it

I've vented now and I'm just done with it all. I just can't believe anyone who knows me would think me so petty. Oh well. I guess since I'm writing about it again - maybe I'm not over it. Maybe it's because I'm not feeling well. Maybe it's because I just want certain theatres to call and offer me what I'm wanting them to offer. Maybe I'm just hormonal and a woman! The answer is yes to all of the above! :)

Geez! The politics!!

Ok - the music world in Arizona is VERY small but tonight it got smaller and even pettier! Here's the scoop - I teach private voice lessons as many of you know. I have some GREAT students that are extremely talented! I LOVE what I do - even when I'm tired of working! I music direct shows as well. I am getting my name out there and I'm LOVING the work! I already have a show (Camelot at HALE in 2008) lined up and I'm hoping for more but who knows? Well, I've found that I get new students from almost every show I do. In fact, I even have new students from audience that come and see my work. Very complimentary! I've felt very good about my abilities and talents and have many recommendations from great teachers and mentors who believe in me as well.
Well . . . tonight I received a call (from whom will remain nameless but I will say it was a shock, not someone I talk to very often) telling me that they thought I should know that it was talked about at the cast party that I was upset that Linsey (a teacher who was in the show) has 2 of the guys from the show in her voice studio. I AM NOT UPSET!! I was only disappointed that the guys did not contact me after they inquired about my studio. They both emailed and asked about cost and openings, etc. but then I never heard back. Yes - I would have LOVED to have them as students but I am just glad they are taking lessons. GEEZ!! I don't want people talking about me behind my back! I don't want people thinking I'm mad at them - especially Linsey, she's a friend! And truth be known - I don't have any openings anyway! I took on 4 new students from this show already and I have very little time.
Anyway, I don't worry about that as much as this - the call was to tell me that one of my students CONFIRMED it. AAAHHH!!! I have contacted this student to set things straight but my land! I NEVER said this!! I just said that I would like to have them as students - that's it!! I guess it's time for me to just shut-up. No more talking to my students like friends, no more treating them as equals. I'm now the teacher and they are the student - has to be professional now. UG!!

A Novel for . . . YOU!

OK, ok! I am FINALLY writing today - been bugged by a couple of people that I haven't updated today. It's been quite the day. I was taken to lunch by 7 ladies in the ward. . . at Crackers. Tons of fun! We visited and ate and gifts, too! One was a spa pedicure . . woo hoo!! Gonna cash that one in tomorrow in fact. I deserve and surely need it.

I slept most of the morning away. I think I'm getting strep or something but I'm feeling a little better now. Just very sore throat. Diet Dr. Pepper does a ton for that though. Sonic drinks and
I'm good to go all day. I was going to take a nap this afternoon, after lunch but a friend told me about a sale online for kids clothes and of course, I couldn't resist. I got a lot for my girls and a few shirts for the boys. Great bargains! I can afford them but really shouldn't have. Oh well, what's done is done and I'm excited to get their items. Birthday gifts, maybe?

Geoff took the boys to their baseball game (nice that he is the asst. coach so I don't have to go to EVERY game) and the girls and I are hanging out in the front yard. Maddi is watering my flowers, Kylee is doing handstands and Lady is sitting and enjoying the grass. I am sitting on my bench (which broke and I need a new one - so sad) working on the laptop. Gotta love the laptop. . . it goes everywhere with me. I can have it on the kitchen counter and do dishes or mop the floor and sit chat with friends. Speaking of which, I know there are more of you out there that read this - DROP ME A LINE! Let me know you like me. Ok - even if you don't, drop a line. I love it!

Ok - my girls are spoiled! Kylee just found TOO BUCKS in my wallet and saw that they will expire soon. So. . . now we are online spending money there. But Geoff is asking for dinner, which I did not make tonight because of my sore throat. So, Ned's Krazy Sub it is. I will check in later and let you know the total damage that I spent. Don't tell Geoff! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

and the winner is. . . .

Entz. Notice I didn't say. . . ENTZ!! I'm ok with this or at least not sick over it. The campus is nice and I saw lots of kids from the neighborhood and ward. And the teachers seems nice enough. They all were willing to answer any questions I had. And believe me - I asked a lot of them! The kids are thrilled and the phone rang a lot last night confirming the rumors with all their friends. I guess a few of them saw us at the school - so they had to check it out.

I sent in my resume and cover letter to Arizona Theatre Company today. Sara said it's just legistics and will contact me by the end of the week with all the information. I'm nervous because it has to go to the Artistic Dept and HR - what if they say no. UG! She says I worry too much and that it's pretty much a done deal. I guess I'm just a worry wart! :)

Well, I was going to do lunch with a cousin but she is sick now - so I'm going to clean house and get some grocery shopping done. Just loads of fun.

Monday, April 9, 2007

FNE or Entz?

Anyone who knows me - knows that I'm a die-hard Franklin fan! I went to Franklin and my kids go to Franklin. I like their Back to Basics education, parent involvement, morals, teachers, everything! Franklin teaches phonograms - which allows the kids to read quicker and more fluidly earlier. I find it also finds them reading harder books with comprehension much sooner as well. Their math is ahead of the game until 6th grade where they level out before junior high but at the same time they are much further ahead of the game than others because they have grasped the concept earlier and maintained the knowledge longer. . . usually ending in accelerated classes later. I like the dress code even though many complain. It keeps them modest and safe. I like that the teachers, aides, principal and office staff make an effort to know all my kids names. I love every teacher on campus - they all know me (from subbing in music dept) and they know my kids. I've watched them interact with all the kids on campus and have loved every contact. There is a sense of peace when you walk there - never a feeling of fear or being uneasy to leave your kids there.
Well, since we've moved the kids have been bugging us to move them to Entz Elementary in teh neighborhood. This is where everyone in the ward and neighborhood attend. I understand the need for social change but I'm just not ready for this move. My kids have always gone to a different school (Franklin) than the kids in the neighborhood and ward. . . no matter where we've lived. And they've always had friends and always been popular. I really feel education is the most important thing you can have! Friends will come and go but your knowledge stays forever! I also understand that social skills are pertenent in junior high and high school, and for Kylee to go to Entz in 6th grade next year will allow her to make some strong friendships prior to junior high. The boys also want to change. They say it's because they want to go to school with the kids from scouts too. Maddi will go anywhere the big kids do.
I'm struggling with this for numerous reasons. Number one is education - I understand that Entz teaches phonograms. But only through 2nd grade. Not sure about their other subjects. I also love the morals and standards at Franklin. I'm sure every school claims to have them - we'll see. Geoff and I have prayed and talked and prayed some more about this - it's a big decision for me but Geoff seems to have already made up his mind - to switch to Entz. Today we are going to go to the campus and see how we like it, what feelings we get when we walk on campus, and help to make the decision a little smoother by giving Entz a fair chance in the decision. I'm nervous and I have a knot in my stomach from this possible change.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

IN or OUT laws?

I didn't think it was that difficult to hold a conversation with me! My mother-in-law and some of the in-laws continue to prove me wrong EVERY time we get together. The country club never excites me to begin with - simply because I am jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. And my family is not real big on the having to sit and act proper. We like to visit and laugh out loud and the kids like a little freedom from the table, etc. But I am willing to do it for the chance for my kids to see family. We show up (after having continually nagging my boys to tuck in their shirts and be on their best behavior and for the girls to keep their sandals on) and we're the first ones there. Becky and her family show up after us with all their 'up-ity-ness' and fakeness. This is very hard to handle but I suck it up and play the game. She seems genuine and asks about our new ward. Brings up the music callings (as usual) and how we're adjusting. Bill shows up and we head in the banquet room. We sit on one end of the table where Geoff leaves the head of the table chair for Bill and a chair for Frances to sit next to him. Bill sits but Frances arrives late and sits on the opposite end with Becky and her family. No surprise but Geoff seems a little ticked. Within the first 5 minutes I overheard something that disturbed me but I kept it to myself for the time being. Frances asked Becky's girls to stand up and show her their outfits. She commented, "They look great - even better than they did on the hanger. I did a good job, didn't I?" I was really upset then - she was admitting that she bought them their outfits! But not my girls? Tacky!! Anyways, Bill sat and visited with us and we had a nice time. The kids went back to the buffet numerous times and loved all the variety. They had lamb, ham, beef, ck'n and shrimp entrees. There was numerous kinds of salads, appetizers of many kinds (shrimp cocktail, crackers and cheese, salmon, caviar, etc.), an omelet bar and deseerts of every kind (including my favorite - chocolate covered strawberries). Halfway through dinner Frances again asked the girls how they liked their shoes. Asking them if they were able to walk in them ok (they were high heeled sandals) and how she was worried about them when she picked them out. It was then that I about said something because I look over and my Kylee is sitting there eating, trying not too look over and definately listening. She rolled her eyes, looked at me and continued to eat. I just smiled and said nothing. First of all, how rude to bring up that she bought them something but not my girls and IN FRONT of my girls, and second, how rude to not even comment on how cute my girls were or even talk to them! Kylee told me later that Grandma didn't even say hi to her. I just told her that there were a lot of people to not let it bother her. (Come on , there was only us and Becky and her family! Geez!) She accepted that answer and let it go. What Frances does not realize, is that my kids are catching on and it's going to bite her soon enough. Frances didn't say hi to me either and the ONLY thing she talked to me about was how she thought the sword fight in The Scarlet Pimpernel was hilarious. I said, "yes, it was fun to watch, wasn't it?" Then she turned to explain it to Becky and that was it. Nothing more. Am I that hard to talk to? Am I that boring? Why is it that my in-laws think the only thing I do is music? The ONLY things that were brought up to me today was music related. I don't live just music. I have kids, family, a new house,
Well, we said goodbyes and told Bill thanks for everything. Frances was too involved with her conversation to say anything to us. I'm sure we'll get the phone call or lecture from Bill soon about how we 'ignored' her and we need to 'apologize'. ARG!!

Happy Easter!!!

It's Easter - yea! Sugar high for all the kids, great Sunday church meetings and loads of family fun! We went to church this morning - early at 8AM. It's tough to get up and get everyone ready but nice when we are home early too. Kylee and Maddi aren't feeling well- stuffy noses, coughs and headaches. So, I brought them home after Sacrament Meeting. Geoff stayed with the boys - he also had a primary class to teach.
I have to say the kids looked cute today. I didn't go all out this year - just didn't find anything I really liked. Kylee wore a blue broom skirt and white shirt with blue flowers and HIGH heels (hee hee). Maddi was in a pastel striped skirt and pale yellow shirt with white sandals. The boys, Jonathan and Dakota, wore black slacks and a blue and yellow dress shirt. No one really matched but they were similar in scheme and looked cute. As I left the house (had to be early for choir, who sang prelude music), the flowers out front looked so pretty and my hearts and flowers (did I mention that I found them at - believe it or not - Wal-mart?) are looking great and I was so proud of my "spring" home. :)
It will be a relaxing day and then we'll go to the country club for dinner at 4Pm. For now I have the girls making their beds then laying down in the front room to watch some tv and hopefully a nap. Enjoy this special day!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Saturday is a special day. . .

Today was so much fun! We cleaned house this morning and made games out of that. Then headed to the store for picnic food. Then I taught my couple of lessons. After which we did the last minute pick up and I did the "mom walk thru" - which meant I did a lot more cleaning then they did. I changed out the boys quilts with their new ones - they look SO NICE! And after the house looked great (which I love!), Geoff started the ice cream maker and Kylee and I started the brownies. We set out the food and cut up the subs and waited. My family is typically late but surprisingly enough - most everyone was here by 1:30PM. We ate and enjoyed each other's company. The big kids hid the eggs in the front yard for the little ones and then all devoured candy. We got the brownies and ice cream out and called it a day. Ben and his family stayed to swim while Chris and Heather's broods left. Mom and Dad stayed and visited a while. All in all it was a relaxing time and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We had a nice visit outside with nieghbors for a couple of hours (we love this area) and then came in. Kids had baths and then we talked about tomorrow - the meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it. Had family prayers and the kids are asleep. Geoff is watching tv and I'm trying to convince myself I don't need to go to Wal-mart. But alas, I do. The boys have no dark socks that fit anymore for church. And Jonathan's belt finally bit the dust.
Well, guess I'd better go now so I can get home before I crash. I'm so tired! Good night and Happy Easter!