Friday, April 25, 2008

A moment to spare. . .

Whew! I'm pooped and it just never seems to end. But then I am living life to its fullest and although I plop into bed at the end of the day completely worn out - I am enjoying it!

Let's see - first, baseball is going and going AND GOING! The boys are doing great and I think they are enjoying it. On the same note, Papa Toon bought them their birthday present early which is a spot in the Diamondbacks Baseball Training Camp. They are super excited to get to work with their "idols" and learn more!

Not many late nights to Wal-mart or Applebees but I have been found at Albertsons late at night getting field trip lunch makings.

Laurel trip is still in the works with a rib dinner fundraiser just around the corner.

Dance is continuing and I'm ready for it to be over! I thought I found a great studio because it was very price worthy but it's a far drive and I'm also not thrilled with they have been learning or should I say not learning. Kylee could so much more last year and I feel as if she's recessed this year. I think we'll be looking for a new studio this fall.

Family is so fun! The baptism was special and we had a great time with yummy food. We are meeting again this Sunday (early May Fast Sunday dinner) with a talent show from the grandkids. My kids are anxious to do whatever it is they have planned. They won't tell me - "it's a surprise!" Update on that later.

I went to my Les Mis callback. It was nerve-wracking but fun! We all sang our songs that we prepared and then we did a dance call. There were 2 dances - a waltz and a march. They weren't hard but not as easy as I thought they might be considering this is not a big dance show. I did well and the producer did ask me to step over in front of him (when we were in our groups of 3) so he could watch. Better to be watched than not, right? Then I got to sing from the show. That was fun and now it's the waiting game. UG! This is the part about theatre I hate . . . the waiting game!!

Went to my audition for The Secret Garden last night with Kylee. It went really well and I'm anxious to hear if I get a callback and how Kylee did! I was so proud of her and the confidence she posed!! She talked to the directors with ease and sang REALLY well. A chip off the old block! :)

I didn't go sing with George Dyer. I know - sad, but the schedule they wanted for me to rehearse was crazy! Thursday night and Friday starting at 2pm. With all the students and theatre I would've had to cancel, I would have lost over $300! I just can't do that. I called and got one of my students to step in and with the stories she told me - I'm glad I didn't go. The music biz is cutthroat but let me tell you - the church music biz is worse! Oh, the stories I could tell but won't. :)

Still teaching a ton and ready for a summer break! Working at the theatre every other weekend running sound. We are looking for another vehicle or should I say - an additional vehicle. Geoff loves his new shift! He hates the 7 days off but loves the 7 days off. Life is fun and we are enjoying every minute!! Keep blogging! I read yours daily and will post as I can. :) Love and miss you all!!

** UPDATE **
I got called back for Lily in Secret Garden! There are 2 other gals that I have to "fight" with for it. We will sing with Archie on Wednesday evening at 6pm. YEA! The guy cast as Archie is an old friend and we are going to run the songs on Monday night. Nothing yet for Kylee but no one has been cast as Mary yet either. So still praying for her!