Monday, May 5, 2008

Shakin' it up a bit and R E S P E C T !

As I mentioned before, I walk 4-5 miles a day. This morning, yet again alone, I headed out at 8:30AM for my walk. I got 2 miles around and thought I'd change it up a bit and take the last 3 (maybe if I'm up for it - 6) laps on my Kylee's bike. Geoff had taken the kids to school in the "new" truck and so I could use her cruiser. I headed out for the first lap and realized how old I am!! My goodness! I got one lap in and hurt so bad that I quit for the day. I felt muscles in my legs I haven't felt forever and don't want to feel them again for a long time! I now have the utmost respect for my kids who would ride their bikes to and from school and ride the neighbor numerous times after school. I used to think that bike riding was "relaxing" and "enjoyable" but after this morning - I'M JUST OLD!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'll try and make it quick ...

Lots happening but I'll give you small details:

1- Les Mis audition - well, I got one more callback and there were 3 others for Fantine. Didn't get it but that's ok. I guess it's rare to make it this far with your first audition at this theatre. So I'm happy to have made it this far.

2 - Secret Garden audition #1 - made callbacks and it was between 1 other and myself. She was older than I, so I thought I had a pretty good chance considering Lily was to have died 10 years ago. I didn't think they would cast someone who looked like she aged with someone living. But the director had other ideas. The gentleman I auditioned with called me after the callback and said that I sang better and acted when she didn't give him anything to work with and he didn't like her "older voice warble". Gave me a little hope but she got the part. Oh well.

3 - Kylee didn't get the role but they did call and say that she did a great job and to continue auditioning and hopefully for them again sometime. I thought that was very kind! She was really upset and told me a couple of times that "her life was over for the summer since she wasn't able to make it". Such a drama queen - hmmmm, wonder where she gets it? I was even happier when I didn't get the show - that would've been harder on her.

4 - Auditioning for 1 or 2 shows this week - another Secret Garden and The Music Man. I've done both shows before and MM twice but I'd really love to play Lily again and if I got Marian - I love the theatre. So, we'll just see what happens. I only get a chance to do one show a year and it's usually in the summer that I perform. I'm hoping for something, at least.

5 - Our van finally gave up! We had a 2001 Pontiac Montana that has been nickeling and diming us for some time. It's been a good van and has gotten us to and fro for almost years but it had so many little things that kept going wrong. We just replaced the thermostat and the water pump. We found that we had a gas leak and foun online that there was a recall, so luckily we didn't have to pay for that repair. But within days of getting that fixed we noticed a radiator smell and it kept overheating. So, we drove it to AAA and the bad news came: our motor had burned out. UG! We didn't have $4000+ to fix it so we decided to shop for a new vehicle and see what someone would give us for the hunk o' junk! Well, we found a few nice vans and thought great! They even said they'd take our van! Well, they 'couldn't make the numbers work' for us on them and we were back to square one. As we were leaving the lot, they asked us if we would be interested in any other vehicles other than a minivan. We explained we have 4 kids and need the seating. They then showed us a Tahoe - my dream! But I was worried about the numbers being too high for us! They "worked the numbers" for us and gave us a used Tahoe (2006 with only 30K miles on it) for the same price as the vans we were looking at!! They accepted our van as a trade too! DONE DEAL! It's beautiful and my insurance is only $22 more a month! I'll post pics tomorrow. It is in EMMACULATE condition and I swear you'd think NO ONE has even driven it except that there are 2 rock chips in the window which we will get fixed with our glass coverage next month. :)

6 - No more weight lost but I'm losing inches fast! My clothes are fitting better and I feel great! There were anywhere from 2-4 other gals that walked with me daily but I'm on my own lately. I've still enjoyed it though. Time to think and sweat it out. I've upped my 4 miles to 5 miles a day now.

7 - Geoff has only 3 more days on his 7 day off stint. He is not wanting to go back but likes having this week off every other week. :) We haven't gotten a lot done since we spent 3 days dealing with auto crap, but we're gonna enjoy tomorrow together.

Ok, it wasn't that short but now I've updated everything and it won't be such a big deal to just blog a bit each day now. Later and G'nite!!