Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday is a special day!

Today I got the day off! No lessons, no theatre! Just family!! Loved it!
It started late because my sweetie let me sleep in! It was 11:11AM when I finally opened my eyes! CRAZY!! I must have been really tired! Geez!
I went to work almost immediately on getting my house in order. Geoff followed suit by getting the kids moving. We picked up, swept, bathrooms, windows and I mopped ALL the floors on my hands and knees. I was almost done when Geoff had a brilliant idea to shop-vac out the fireplace ashes. The house began to fill with soot and I came in the room shocked and ticked! The house was now dirty again!! I had to remop what I had done, redust and wipe down walls and revacuum! UG! He and the kids laughed and thought it was all so funny. I didn't - of course. After all the cleaning and RE-cleaning was done, Geoff and I headed to Home Depot for some clamps for my dad. He is fixing a door from our entertainment center that the kids split. We also picked up a closet organizer for Kylee (if it works right, then we'll do the other kids closets too) and some weed killer. We returned to pick up the kids and take them to lunch for all their hard work. We went to Applebees. The food was good but the service was awful! She was slow, didn't refill our drinks at all, never asked if we wanted 2nds (we did the all you can eat soup/salad lunch special) and then brought our check without even asking if we were done. Oh well. Small tip.
We got home and Geoff cleaned up, the kids changed into Sunday clothes and I began working on the garage. I got half of it done then changed into Sunday clothes myself. We left for the visitor's center and got there just in time. We watched the documentary video with all of Geoff's family and then proceeded to see the exhibit of portraits. (I mentioned this earlier - Reflections of Christ) It was amazing . . .again! Our kids got rides home with cousins and our nephew came to watch the kids while Geoff and I stayed to meet our ward for our "Becoming a Zion People" ward temple excursion. It was an amazing night and I was so moved by the spirit numerous times. As I stood in the Celestial room near the end of the evening, I watched as Sisters waited for their husbands, Brothern waited for their wives, singles sisters visited with each other. I believe this is as heaven will be. Some of us arriving first and waiting for each other. My thoughts went to Pres. Hinckley and how so many mention first his reunion with his sweet wife. I asked Geoff if he would miss me like Pres. Hinckley missed his wife. His answer surprised me. "I hope I go first because if you go first, I may not make it very long. I'd be so depressed." It made me smile. We stopped at Pete's Fish and Chips on the way home - one of the good parts about going to the temple is stopping there. When I arrived home there was this email in my box. I cried. It's so beautiful that I must share. Enjoy!

Just a couple of thoughta from your dad…

First thing I thought when I heard President Hinckley died was how big a hole he will leave. Then the realization came that we will truly miss him…until a new president is chosen. Then because of the knowledge and understanding we have that the Lord is the real leader of the Church we will simply move on. How beautiful is that understanding and confidence? It won’t be but a few weeks and we will be listening as closely to President Hinckley’s successor as we did to him. It really warms my heart and strengthens my spirit watching this happen. With President Hinckley’s passing I have gone through this eight times and each time my testimony of the Lord and the role of the prophet has grown. As much as I love the teachings of President Hinckley, remember I have been teaching his messages at the institute, I know by next conference we will be as excited about the new prophet’s teachings and President Hinckley’s teachings will quietly slip into history. His accomplishments were great but…they will be overshadowed by someone else. I remember how I felt about President David O. McKay and his incredible accomplishments (and he served in the 12 over 63 years, about 20 as president). Look at what President Hinckley accomplished compared to President McKay, Wow, what a difference! So let’s look forward to the growth under the leadership of the new prophet.

A quick story, when President David O. McKay died several of his family members were crying. One of his grandsons said, “Why is everybody crying? He’s got it made!”. I think President Hinckley too, “has got it made”.

Let's work so when we go others may say, “why are we crying, he’s got it made”.

Love, Dad

Friday, February 1, 2008

Gone are the good ol' days

I am a real fan of new shows on Broadway! I love to get the new CD's and talk about it with others. Today as I received my email about all the new stuff for the year, I was a little speechless about one of the upcoming shows this year!

SHREK THE MUSICAL, based on the William Steig book and the DreamWorks film, heads to Broadway in November. The musical features book and lyrics by Pulitzer Prize winner David Lindsay-Abaire and music by Tony Award Winner Jeanine Tesori. AVENUE Q’s Jason Moore will direct. The musical is being produced by DreamWorks Theatricals and Neil Street Productions and represents DreamWorks Animation's first venture in legitimate theater. The musical features the title character, a lovable green swamp-dwelling ogre; his wisecracking sidekick, Donkey; the lovely Princess Fiona; Lord Farquaad and a chorus of everybody's favorite fractured fairytale creatures.

Are you kidding me?!?! I know the writers are on strike, and there is much controversy over that - I know someone who writes for a Young & the Restless and it's affecting their family tremendously! And I feel for them, BUT . . . come on! Shrek? The MUSICAL?!?!?! That's stretching it a bit, isn't it? There are so many OTHER great shows to make into a musical, if no one wants to use their BRAIN and come up with an original script! GEEZ! I miss the days of R & H (Rodgers and Hammerstein), Lerner & Loewe, Cole Porter, and Jule Styne, Kander & Ebb, Norman & Simon - among other greats. I miss the old greats and their TALENT of writing good music. There are more revivals than original scripts as well. It's as if no one wants to take time anymore to be original.

On a good note:
Little Mermaid opened last week and the music is SPECTACULAR! I love me some Alan Menken! Go here for a sneak peek:
You'll be able to see video and hear some of the new music! The costumes are beautiful, the songs amazing and the cast very talented! (Prince Eric can sing to me any day!)

Another revival, although it is a good one, opened the same day - Sunday in the Park with George. I'll be interested to see if the revival actors are as good as my fav - Bernadette Peters and Mandy Patinkin. Although I really liked Raul Esparza (Kennedy Center) and would LOVED to have heard Audra McDonald as Dot (Chicago Shakespeare)!
And if you didn't know - Mary Poppins opened last year and it's an eye-spectacular! The audiences are raving!

All I'm asking is the strike end, writers get back to work and please let's be original! Let's tap into the good ol' days and bring back Broadway at its finest!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Make Someone Happy!

I finally had a chance to talk to "C"! He called me back concerning my text about the meeting today. We discussed all that pertinent information and then he apologized for last night. He told me he would never want to offend and that most of what he says is only in jest and when he 'makes fun of the Mormons' - it is never personal. He admitted to being a brat sometimes and how he enjoys making fun of stereotypes, and he was sorry he overstepped the boundaries with me. He told me he never thinks of me as Mormon but as an individual and respects who I am and what I believe. Not that I am or am not Mormon. I really respect him for that! In his words - "It's not the most interesting thing about you! You are you and I love that!" I apologized for not explaining or taking the time to stop and tell him last night that I was offended and for leaving. But explained to him it was better than him seeing me be emotional and cry. He apologized again for not contacting me last night after I text him back with confirmation it was indeed him that offended, but explained he felt it was something that needed to be talked about and not responded to with a text reply. We talked about how we want to keep this friendship and not let something that was said in jest to offend or ruin any of that. We are good and I am sure now he knows where to draw the line. He told me next time to just look at him and say "Shut the &%*$ up!" I laughed and said, "I'll just tell you to zip it!" We laughed and ended the call.
I am so thankful for the truth in my life and hope that by my example he will learn to recognize it. I cannot expect miracles of him leaving his partner, going straight and joining the church, but I don't want to let the opportunities pass me to let him know how highly I regard the gospel and its truths.

On a side note: I hung up some of my purchases from yesterday! Now, I need to know what to put along with it. Any suggestions? It's the wall next to my kitchen bay window, where we all sit and eat.


Had a 'business' meeting (at the aforementioned's workplace - a coffee shop) this morning. We showed up in Gold Canyon at 10:15AM and ordered our drinks (I got a hot herbal tea by some weird name - must find out what . . it was YUMMY and caffeine free but I feel rejuvenated!) and took a seat until "C" could take a break to talk. The place was buzzing and I was really apprehensive about being there with him after last night. When we finally got to talk it was fine. We visited about all the prospects of expenses and the formalities of starting the program. It was all very professional and we joked and enjoyed each other's company. As the meeting closed, we said our goodbyes and planned when to meet again and what needed to be done before the next time. In the past, "C" and I have always hugged to say our goodbyes. He really is a true and good friend! Today was no different. As I left he reached to hug me and as we did he whispered,"Are you ok?" I replied, "I'm fine now. But I still want to talk about it." He said, "Ok." And that was it. So, the door is open and he knows I want to talk and I think he knows I'm not going to let it go. I'm not worried about our friendship AT ALL! I am not worried that we can't work this out! It will be fine!
I have been in some interesting situations in my life, especially being in theatre. Gays and LDS are prominent in the fine arts. Gays simply because they are 'artsy' and LDS because they take an interest in 'developing their talents'. When those two worlds collide, it can take some interesting twists and turns. Usually I never find it difficult to meld together and get along. Last night was a rareity for me and I found myself extremely uncomfortable and unusally uneasy. I cannot thank you all for your comments and suggestions! It's nice to know that you have a support system and that you are not alone! It's a hard situation to be in. How can you condone and not condemn someone for who they are? It's a fine line and not an easy one to walk! I love to hear that many of you are on the same page. And just FYI - the comment that cut me deep was not about politics but about our religion and a 'twist' on a historic event that he had asked me about in the past. I told him the facts around that event (with confirmation from my husband and father) and expressed my opinion about it. I thought it was all done in seriousness and then the slighted comment last night, said with sarcasm, was what really bothered me. I will explain that to him when we talk.
Thanks again for all your words and comments! I appreciate your friendship and concern!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And this too shall pass. . .

Why must people, even those you consider friends, be so cruel and uncaring at times? Today was going really well. I got another 'day off' with friends and lunch at Cafe Rio followed by shopping at Rustic Hutch (my fav) and 2 different Micheals (who could resist?). We laughed a lot, shared secrets and really bonded. I can't explain how great! After returning I taught 2 voice lessons and 5 piano lessons, had a dinner break and then taught a make-up lesson for one of my prize students who is leaving in the morning for her graduate program auditions in Chicago. (Harvard - here she comes!) Afterwhich I headed to rehearsal for the show I'm music directing (Singin' in the Rain) and was excited to see the show run from start to finish. It's technically called a 'crawl thru' and it's when all the blocking, choreography, props, set pieces are pulled together and we try to have everyone off-book. They have now run the show a couple nights prior and it's really coming along. There are some concerns, as in any show, but they will work themselves out with commitment from the cast and outside practice.
After the rehearsal, 3 cast members, myself, the director and our stage manager stuck around to chat. I should inform you that the director and the stage manager are partners (gay men). I truly can say I care for them and their sexual orientation is not an issue with me. I am around it all the time with theatre (yes, I've had to kiss a few on stage numerous times!) and I'm used to them talking to me about anything, having them help me with costume changes, help me with my hair or eyelashes or anything of the sort. I consider them some of my best friends and although I can't condone what they live - I can't condemn them either. I love them for who they are and they know who I am and I'm very clear about it. I've done theatre all over the southwest (yes, I was cast in Les Miserable before Geoff and I got married - the southwest tour as Fantine - but turned it down to marry my love) and as of late I've made my home at Hale theatre in Gilbert. It is LDS-owned and I love working there and having Sundays off (most local theatre has Sunday rehearsals and shows) and not worrying about being asked to do or say anything uncomfortable. Even though the director is gay and I am a married Mormon, we work great together and produce incredible shows! We have had some great discussions in which I question him about his lifestyle and beliefs and he asks every question in the book of me! We have teased and laughed. I consider myself a pretty liberal Mormon and can laugh with the best of them about the 'typical' Mormon jokes. I know we are a 'peculiar people' and. come on, admit it - some of the jokes are hilarious and TRUE! He asks me when I'm going to bring refreshments to rehearsal and if there will be green jello and red punch. Yes, he can get a little crass at times and I just try to overlook it or ignore it. And I'll be the first to say that he could definately be taken offensively if you didn't understand that he is joking but he still appreciates people for who they are.
Tonight was a different story! The conversation started to turn and get a little ugly when the politics and of course, Mitt, came into the picture. I NEVER discuss politics! Only with family and even then, carefully. Everyone has their own opinion and I really feel that it is personal. I won't bore you with details of the conversation that I witnessed but I will say it began to get ugly and being the only "adult" Mormon (the other was only 16 and looked worried to say anything), I began to get uncomfortable with the comments. I said, "Be careful." Hoping to warn them that I was beginning to feel the heat. I repeated it again. Then a VERY hurtful thing was said by the stage manager and I was close to tears. At that point, I got up and said, "with that - I'm outta here" and left. I don't think they expected me to leave. I usually just take their crap and deal it right back at them, but tonight it was unfair and just out and out MEAN. I have been preparing this week to go to ward temple night this Saturday and maybe I just was feeling the spirit a little stronger tonight, but I just broke into tears as I got in my van. I immediately received a text from a cast member who apologized and hoped it wasn't him that offended but he just wanted to clarify what he was told. I replied it wasn't him. Then I received another text from the director who asked if it was him. I replied with a "yep" and haven't heard anything since. I hope he understands how offensive he was tonight. I see him in the morning at a board meeting for a new theatre that's opening. I'm unsure what to say or if I should say anything! I don't want it to just go away - I want to tell him I wish in the future he would be more considerate, but I don't want to tense things up before we open this show.We have 2 more weeks of intense rehearsals, tech rehearsals, filming, dress rehearsals, etc. He has been a great friend, confidant, and support for almost 2 years. When we met, we clicked and he has always been respectful, even telling me once "I hope you aren't offended with all my questions, I am just wanting to know and you aren't afraid to answer". I know I can't change who he is, but I was hoping with my example that he would see something better, a closeness to the Savior, if only through me. Maybe I was too lax with the joking in the beginning. Maybe I should have told me at the start not to joke about it. But come on - the green jello? WE even joke about that one!
What would you do? Should I confront him? Should I just let it pass, hoping he understands now that he needs to play it carefully? We have had a great relationship and I'm wanting to work with him again! I guess I'm also a little shocked that he didn't reply back or try calling me to work it out. HELP!!

Food for thought . . . .

Yesterday, I treated myself to some time with friends. I had done my chores and decided "I need lunch!" So . . . my friend, Kelly, picked me up and we headed to Olive Garden for some soup/salad/breadstick action. We even got the shrimp scampi appetizer and topped it with a Diet Coke! YUM!

Afterwards we headed to Poppy's and perused the place. She had never been and was overwhelmed but we coveted many things. I bought only one thing - I know, amazing! - but was proud considering how as of late, I've spent an average of $150 each visit! Last visit cost me over $250 - for my bench. But I'm loving it! Still need to get the landscape around it looking at peak but it's beginning to warm up now and I may head out to prune and weed and plant before the rain hits again on Sunday.

After returning home, teaching a few lessons (5) and getting kids to clean their rooms (finally done! even went through their drawers and packed up some bags for DI), it was time to head to the theatre. Geoff got home late from picking up Kylee from dance, but I can't complain. He took her for her PPI (Personal Priesthood Interview) and ice cream. They had a great talk he said. Nothing huge and earth-moving, well except for her, but they had a chance to really bond. I love that he takes the time to do this with each of my kids once a month. We try and have time as a family but it's the one-on-one that they really relish in. I did a little blog-reading last night and took a test that I saw. I guess I act my age (well, a few years younger)!

You Act Like You Are 34 Years Old

You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!
You're responsible, wise, and have enough experience to understand a lot of the world.

You're at the point in your life where you understand yourself pretty well.
You are figuring out what you want... and how to get it!

Well, now I'm off to get ready for my day! I did my workout, but we are foregoing our 4 mile walk this morning in order to make it to the stores when they open at 10am. JT, KB and I are doing lunch and Rustic Hutch today!! Yea for me! Super excited! Oh and sidenote: I booked our hotel last night! YEA! Feb. 15-17th I'm gone, baby! YAHOO!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A much needed rest . . .

Last night Geoff and I talked about our new schedules. He is working some long days (12 hrs for 4 days a week) and I am teaching 21 hours a week and plus the theatre in the evenings (6-11pm Tuesday thru Fri. and Sat. 1-11pm). With all this time and LACK of time together, we've decided it's time for a weekend getaway. My theatre work will end on Valentine's Day for a while and Geoff will have Fri. thru Sun. off til the end of March.
SO . . .
We are going to go and escape for a couple nights and enjoy some time to talk uninterrupted, eat a meal without interruptions, watch a movie without chatting in the background or little fingers in the popcorn, and enjoy some much needed 'alone' time. Don't get us wrong - we LOVE our kids! They bring us such joy (99% of the time) and rarely go anywhere without them, but the time comes when you just MUST escape!
The last time we 'escaped', we stayed at Gold Canyon Golf Resort. It was so peaceful and remote. We had a spa casita with an indoor HUGE in-whirl spa. We spent so much time in it we were pruned! :) We only left our suite long enough to eat dinner at the restaurant and enjoy the walk to and from. We had a living room with a couch and fireplace and a kitchenette. We watched tv and just enjoyed the place, like we were home alone. This time we want to try another place and found the InnSuites across from Mills Mall. It has an indoor jacuzzi as well (we kinda like that and almost make it a prerequisite). We can walk to the mall to do some shopping, eat at Joe's Crab Shop, see a movie, etc. We only stayed 1 night at Gold Canyon last year - it cost us almost $300 a night! But this year, since the cost is lower ($155 a nite), we are going to stay 2 nights! I'm so excited!! We are confirming the babysitter by the end of the week and then booking the hotel. YAHOO!!
Even once a year is just not enough for me! I miss my hubby and my best friend, even if we live in the same house and sleep in the same bed every night. It seems as if we pass in the night lately. I'm working nights and he is working days. It will be nice to finally have some quality time together. He really is my best friend, my confidant, my rock and anchor. We seem to rarely be at home together - I don't count the time that I'm teaching; even if I'm home, it's still work! And with my theatre work, our weekend nights are out of the question for a date. We used to enjoy the evenings together cuddling on the couch after the kids went to bed but with his work beginning at 5am, he is in bed shortly after the kids. I'm a night owl and get so much done after the kids go to bed. I sweep and mop my floor, wipe down counters/etc., sometimes I even dust because the doors aren't going to open and attract any dust for a while, I can't vacuum but I do shake rugs on the carpet so they are clean (I vacuum in the morning), I set out things for the next day (kids socks, homework that's been checked, items for the morning meal that won't spoil, my list of TO DO's for the next day, etc.) and sometimes pack Geoff's lunch. I'm otherwise collecting my thoughts for the next day. I do a little emailing (students, etc.), check on my fellow bloggers and my family's website and then hit the hay myself; usually following one episode of something to wind down in bed. Geoff is usually asleep by then. The alarms (yes, we have 3! He never hears them!) start going off at 3:30AM! Once I'm awake, I really don't sleep soundly again, so this is disturbing for me. Geoff is not the quietest when he gets up and moving. He's not loud with voice but he has no qualms about turning on every light he needs. This drives me batty because I'm afraid it will wake the kids and sometimes it does. And we all know that once a kid is up, there ain't no going back and then it's disaster for the day! When he finally leaves at 4:15am, it's again dark and I try to go back to sleep but alas, it's usually time for me to stare at the ceiling and think of all that I need to accomplish that day. All this leads me to explain that I am now trying to go to bed with Geoff earlier, and then I arise with him. We have a little time to visit in the morning, have sweetheart morning prayers and talk about the days plans. It's only been happening a couple days (until I'm done at the theatre, it can't happen every day) and when I do - I notice a difference in our relationship, the way we are with the kids, and the spirit in our home. We have started the day off right with our prayer and set the tone for that day! We are a little more patient with each other and are more kind with our words (or as Kylee would say - "eww!"). I'm hoping this getaway will allow us to restart the new year off right and lead us into yet another great year together!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Prophet Dear - Pres. Hinckley

President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away this evening in his home, peacefully and surrounded by family. He was an incredible man, whom many have been amazed by over the past years. I will miss his incredible spirit and candid talk, his sweet sense of humor, his undying love and devotion to his sweetheart, his powerful testimony! He had a great relationship with media who respected him and he was never afraid to be interviewed or share his views.
He has been in the "eyes" of the public and part the church leadership for many years. A young man of 25 and just home from his mission when he went to work for the church in 1935, he remained an employee, administrator and general authority for almost seven decades, an eyewitness — and key contributor — to what he called, with the approach of the 21st century, "a great season in the history of the world and a great season in the history of the church."
I am sure he is already "working" on the other side - I'm sure the Lord has so much for him to do! And oh, the reunion with his sweet wife, Marjorie!! They have been waiting for this for almost 4 years!
WE WILL MISS YOU PRES. HINCKLEY!!,5143,695247765,00.html