Thursday, January 31, 2008


Had a 'business' meeting (at the aforementioned's workplace - a coffee shop) this morning. We showed up in Gold Canyon at 10:15AM and ordered our drinks (I got a hot herbal tea by some weird name - must find out what . . it was YUMMY and caffeine free but I feel rejuvenated!) and took a seat until "C" could take a break to talk. The place was buzzing and I was really apprehensive about being there with him after last night. When we finally got to talk it was fine. We visited about all the prospects of expenses and the formalities of starting the program. It was all very professional and we joked and enjoyed each other's company. As the meeting closed, we said our goodbyes and planned when to meet again and what needed to be done before the next time. In the past, "C" and I have always hugged to say our goodbyes. He really is a true and good friend! Today was no different. As I left he reached to hug me and as we did he whispered,"Are you ok?" I replied, "I'm fine now. But I still want to talk about it." He said, "Ok." And that was it. So, the door is open and he knows I want to talk and I think he knows I'm not going to let it go. I'm not worried about our friendship AT ALL! I am not worried that we can't work this out! It will be fine!
I have been in some interesting situations in my life, especially being in theatre. Gays and LDS are prominent in the fine arts. Gays simply because they are 'artsy' and LDS because they take an interest in 'developing their talents'. When those two worlds collide, it can take some interesting twists and turns. Usually I never find it difficult to meld together and get along. Last night was a rareity for me and I found myself extremely uncomfortable and unusally uneasy. I cannot thank you all for your comments and suggestions! It's nice to know that you have a support system and that you are not alone! It's a hard situation to be in. How can you condone and not condemn someone for who they are? It's a fine line and not an easy one to walk! I love to hear that many of you are on the same page. And just FYI - the comment that cut me deep was not about politics but about our religion and a 'twist' on a historic event that he had asked me about in the past. I told him the facts around that event (with confirmation from my husband and father) and expressed my opinion about it. I thought it was all done in seriousness and then the slighted comment last night, said with sarcasm, was what really bothered me. I will explain that to him when we talk.
Thanks again for all your words and comments! I appreciate your friendship and concern!!


Laurie M. said...

Jenn- I'm so glad you were able to settle the matter. It's tough when you work so closely with the guy- you can't just ignore eachother!

Laurie M. said...
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