Friday, February 22, 2008

A random tagging of sorts . . .

Ok - this was HARD! You think you can come up with 7 random things, but when you think about it - random ain't easy. Either that or I'm just a predictable person. So, here's my attempt to tell you something you don't or wouldn't know about me.

The rules are as follows:

#1 Link to the person who tagged you.... Julie at Truly Delightful?!?!
#2 Post the rules on your blog.
#3 Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
#4 Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
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So . . . here we go.
1 - My left leg is 3 1/2 inches shorter than my right. I know - wierd. I have scoliosis and was supposed to have back surgery to correct it but I was not diagnosed until I was 14yrs. By then it was very risky and it scared me. If I had been 3 degrees worse, they would have 'required' it but the drs watched it until I was 21yrs and it never worsened. So . . I am just careful about my choice in bathing suits, dresses, etc.

2 - I hate listening to the radio in the car. This is just random, in that people are amazed that I don't. I NEVER have it on if I have a choice. Maybe because I would much rather hear silence than music or talking. I hear that all day, everyday. I just want nothing to do but sit.

3 - I'd be very happy as a single woman. Don't judge too quickly! I UTTERLY love my family but I would be completely content with being alone. I would love to have a place of my own; where no one touches things I put down, I can put some ice cream in the freezer and it will be there when I go back, no one would mess up my cleanliness, I can have peace and quiet when I want and watch what I want and when I want to. I could spend my money the way I want to and have extra in the bank that won't have be spent on socks (because the boys played outside again without shoes) or posterboard (for yet another school project), etc. Maybe it's because I grew up in a large family and my 'career' is so "in your face" that I just enjoy my solitude.

4 - It really bothers me when I find out someone doesn't like me. I know we all have insecurities but if I find out - I want to fix it. I want everyone to be my friend and I want to be everyone's friend. Doesn't mean we have to be best buds but I never want to walk by someone and feel like they can't say hi or feel like they are talking behind my back sorely. I try and live so that many may say that I am a good and nice person. Sometimes I fail but I'm trying.

5 - I love my iced drinks. Everyone does but I will NEVER drink ANYTHING unless it's ON ICE. I don't care if it's even just a cold can of soda - MUST HAVE ICE! And I ALWAYS have a bag of Sonic ice in the freezer.

6 - I'm a list freak! I am like my mother in the respects of lists. I write lists for everything -
*groceries - I even have a pretyped one on my computer that I just circle what I need
*meal ideas - I have 35 meals listed with the ingredients needed - kids circle the meal they want and I know what I need to make it
*things to do
*my budget - I'm super anal about this one - have it planned out to the day for the next 3 months
*schedules - I have a Palm pilot "my brain" and I live by it. Even if something 'pops' up, I'll put it in after the fact. I always know where I was, am going or will be.
My dad walked in on my mom once with a bunch of papers on the table and asked what she was doing. She replied "making a list of my lists". That's me. List freak!

7 - I'm an avid multi-tasker! I HATE that people don't or can't do more than one thing at a time!! I will walk down the hall to do something and be thinking of all the things that I can do on the way back. Maybe it was the way I was trained in theatre. You can't just do one thing at a time in theatre. There are always lots of things to do. Geoff laughs at me because I can do 10 things at once and still hear his conversation down the hall on the phone. :) Maybe I'm nosy too. HA!

Ug. All done. Whew! Feel better now. :)
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All you have to do is ask

I am not afraid to admit that I have Cricket cell phone services. I have NOT had any trouble with them and I think their services are pretty darn good. I have 3 cell phones with them and pay less than $150 a month with FREE anytime minutes (yes, I don't have to count ANY minutes), FREE long distance (again, no counting), FREE voice mail, caller ID, 3-way calling and FREE text messaging (yet again, no counting). In the words of a friend, Julie, I think this is RAD! I use my cells WAY too much to be counting any minutes and I love my texting. My students never have to worry about not reaching me and they know they can text me anytime. Puts me in the know and a "way cool teach". :)
When I added Kylee, my oldest, on the plan for Christmas, I didn't think I'd have any hassle. Just like in the past, I'd pay my bill online and voila! Well, the "idiots" they hire at their store conveniently forgot to add her and gave her a completely separate acct. Normally, wouldn't be a big deal. BUT I know have to pay 2 bills and they are due on 2 different days! Talk about inconvenient! I have to enter my payment info twice and if I pay over the phone or in a store - 2 processing fees! (I won't even attempt to include in this blog my express distaste for all the dang processing fees you get on everything these days! STUPID!) Well, today I went online to make sure I had paid my bill(s) and I had (must've forgotten). I paid them on the same day, immediately right after one another and only 1 had posted! I went to my records and got my receipt number and began the grueling process of calling the 800 number and so the process began. Why is it you call anyone these days and can't get a live person? It's all automated and if you hit the wrong number of where you want to go - start over. I hate it, but yet again - another blog, another day. After 2 attempts, being hung up on and finally hearing a human voice, I was actually excited when he answered. And to top off my morning, I could understand him. Not some foreigner with an accent so thick I needed an interpreter (another blog). He had a normal name, Jeff, and was so polite. He explained to me how their computer system is not great but my payment had posted on their system and not to worry, no fees for late, etc. I was still in good standing with them. I've been with Cricket for a LONG time, probably since they started in Arizona. I've had my share of run-ins with them but all-in-all I like their service, their coverage areas are getting better (I never drop a call) and I took it with me out of state and it worked great! I didn't even have to pay roaming charges.
Anyway, I asked said Jeff "Is there is a way to combine my billing and have them all on the same acct and all due on the same day, instead of 2 accts?" He checked and again - Voila! Done. Now why couldn't this gal at the store do it for me? Who knows? Do I care? Well, kinda. But it's done now and all I had to do is . . ask.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

21st Century Woman

I have been told numerous times and in different ways, all week thusfar that I was lucky to get "away" and have a "vacation". Well, I'm not sure now. The laundry is piled high from the weekend of not having any done, the bathrooms are in need of a scrub, my vacuum broke, dishes NEVER go away, I have not had time to get to the grocery store yet, and the list keeps going. I need a vacation from my vacation now!

It seems to be more work to come home than it is to leave. Worse when you take kids with, but nonetheless, daily chores are ignored while you are gone and they don't go away. They sit. Waiting for you to return. And it doesn't help that after the 'letdown' of having a much needed break, my body went into shutdown mode. I got a sinus infection and terrible cough. But Mom must prevail! Mom doesn't get a vacation. Mom has to work.

And my teaching is piled up too. I have makeups to do from the week of tech/dress rehearsals when I was cancelling left and right to be at the theatre. I have makeups from my weekend away. I can't afford to just give a discount on next months tuition and cancel the missed lessons either. The show needs my help now and so I will still be at the theatre every performance working backstage or running sound. Geoff will be there to help with the rain deck as well. Great extra money - to rid ourselves of debt this year - but so much time and little sanity.

How do women work these days? A full time job and a family?!?! It's insane! I consider myself very fortunate that I have been blessed with the talents to teach/work out of my home. And I have been truly blessed a supportive husband who allows me to work at the theatre, which I love, knowing that the extra money will help, but knowing full-well that the pay does not equal the hours put in. He says nothing because he knows I love it. I watch as televison depicts women who run a household with children, though usually only 1 or 2, and have a full-time job. HOW? There is no way to do this and be sane! How do you balance? I know many of my friends don't work and I'm envious. I would kill to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) but it's not my reality. As I mentioned before, at least I can teach-at-home and still stay-at-home. I would quit the theatre but the money that comes from it has been a tremendous blessing to us. It's carried us through the past 2 years! At this point, we count on it. We need it. Or do we?

How can you balance necessity with desires? How can you balance work and home? How can you explain to your students - "excuse me, I must tend to this argument a moment" or "excuse me, they are making a mess"? I can't find the balance but my checkbook can't find a way around it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My turn to play . . . what's in my purse?

Ok - so here it is. Julie challenged us to empty it out and bare all secrets.
I LOVE my "Ugly Betty" bag. My girlfriend and I got them this past summer at Lucky. If you've ever seen the tv show - Betty carries this and wears the orange pancho. I won't go as far as the pancho but love the bag!

So . . . let's see what she can carry:

cell phone
crossword puzzle book
small water bottle
palm pilot - otherwise known as MY BRAIN!
27 receipts from our wkend away - we did some heavy shopping at the Mills Outlets!
2 French mints - from last trip to Rustic Hutch YUMMY!
2 mechanical pencils
3 pens
4 ponytails - different colors
blue tooth earpiece
18 Sonic mints - WOW! kids haven't found these apparently!!!
B & B hand lotion - Tropical Passionfruit scent
2 - 1 oz. hand Purell hand sanitizer
3 pantiliners
4 OB tampons
blue Post-It notepad
"J" shaped post-it notepad - multicolored
Singer's Saving Grace - Extra Strength (a nasty throat spray that works!)
3 peds (snagged from Dillards shoe dept for whenever I decide to try on some shoes)
"Modest is Hottest" chapstick from LDS Bookstore
B & B Bigelow Mint Lipgloss - tinted
Stride gum - Sweet Berry (1 pc left)
Stride gum - Forever Fruit (whole pkg not opened yet)
Orbit gum - Maui Melon Mint (2 pkg - 1 not opened and 1 with over half pkg left)
Orbit gum - Sweet Mint (2 pkg - 1 not opened and 1 with only 2 pc left)
cute "sock" change purse - bought at Rustic Hutch, so cute!
4 business cards - must have fallen out of my wallet
hotel receipt from this past weekend
3 gum wrappers with ABC gum enclosed
2 purse-sized Kleenex pkgs (1 full, 1 half)
2 wet-naps
bottle of Tropical Passionfruit perfume from Bath and Body
Makeup bag (won't bore you with all the contents - just know it's lots of Lancome')
pr of earrings - silver hoops
Secret Garden script (don't ask)
Talk by Elder Uchtdorf (to study for my RS lesson this Sunday in spare moments)
envelope with students checks
$10 bill - WOO HOO!!!

That's all for now. Geez!
I thought my purse was bare and organized.
Guess we can NEVER judge a book by its cover or a "purse by its weight"!

Baby proofing my house . . . again!

NO! I'm not pregnant! No! We are not adopting! (much to Geoff's dismay - who has talked of adopting since we married) We do have a new addition to the family though.

This little guy has been in the planning since we got our sweet Lady 2 years ago. I have always wanted a Shih Tsu and Geoff wanted a big lazy 'dawg'. I won! We were living at ASU East and a family - with kids! - moved in across the street. We became fast friends and spent many a day and night hanging out - movies, Wal-mart, in the street, etc. My kids were thrilled to have some friends their age move in across the street! One conversation led to another and we discovered that Julie's mom was a breeder of Shih Tsu puppies. I was determined to buy one and Geoff knew he couldn't back out now! :) We got Lady in March of 2006, just before Maddi turned 5 years old. I had always said I didn't want to 'raise' another 'kid' until my baby girl was going into school. I stuck by it and it was fate that my friends moved in just about that time.
(This is Lady at 3 months old - my fav pic of her!)
Lady has been the life and light of our lives for the past couple of years. Someone had said (not sure who, but would love to know now so I could tell them they were wrong! HA!) "You just wait. The newness will wear off and before long Lady will just fade into the background of your home." Well, she is still at the forefront and will always remain so! The kids love her, kiss her good night and play with her ALL the time. They argue who gets to hold her during movies, take her for walks, etc. They love when we take her to the groomers and she returns with cute bows in her hair too. The neighbors just adore her and all know her name. Kids come over just to say hi to Lady.

Well, we have wanted to breed too. Afraid of Lady's reaction to someone in her territory, we kept putting it off. Well, no longer. We got a boy Shih Tsu puppy this weekend and we are loving him! He is darker in color but looks as if he will be brindle with just a bit more black tipping than Lady. The kids have wanted a "Tramp" to go with our Lady but I refused. So, in honor of our neighbors puppy who died they have named him Duke. (We hope that is ok!) They really loved Duke W. who lived across the street and they think our Duke is just as playful and fun as he was. They came up with it on their own and they tell everyone that he is named after Duke W. who died. Dakota was heard saying . . . "they would've been good buddies". So sweet!

He is a handful, not like I remember Lady ever being. I'm not sure if it's because he's a boy or as with babies and toddlers, you forget how they get into EVERYTHING! Lady has not taken to him lightly. She runs from him, hides under the couch but knows that she is still the true "Lady" of the house. It will take some time but the kids, of course, are all over him. Currently Lady is on the couch next to me (she has figured out he cannot get on the couch yet) and Duke is laying on the tile sleeping. We love them both and hope that our home will return to 'normal' soon!!