Saturday, April 14, 2007

TAG!! You're IT!!

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just one single word.
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This can be really fun!

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Geoff's neice has a friend and this friend is our ward and he just got a DUI. Now, the phonecalls and accusations and CrAzY and OUTspoken mother-in-law rants all begin!! I can honestly say that I . . no, I won't. I'll just say she is not my favorite. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Too many secrets and no communication in this family!!
I'm worried now that we may have to move - his mom is just too much!!!

AAAHHH!!! I missed a day of posting!

Let's see - I had pretty full day. Started with a trip to get new tires and then teaching, teaching, and more teaching. I started at noon and went until 7:15pm. I had a few breaks here and there - but not long enough for a nap. But that's ok. My last student stayed to babysit while Geoff and I went out. We grabbed some dinner, cleaned his dad's ofc and drove to a few car lots (we are looking at a new truck before summer) and then did a little grocery shopping. Boy! Dates are what they used to be now that we're married for over 10 years! HA! Sad really. It used be such a fun thing to get ready to go out - the perfect outfit, the right makeup, fresh breath, the enticing scent . . . right. Not now. But the time away from kids, house, jobs, reality - now that's nice!
Tomorrow I teach in the morning - studio then a few privates. Should be done by noon and then I'm going to try and convince Geoff to let me go get my nails done and possibly cash in on my pedicure. Then it's off to Mtn View to see their show "Fiddler on the Roof". My student is the lead.
But I guess it's safe to say - I'm tired and I have to be up and out the door soon. Good night!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

B r r r r r r rr rrr rrrrr. . . . . . . ................

Why do men/boys think that they have to be like the postal service?!?! Rain, sleet, snow . . they just don't care - they MUST play the game! (There were 30 mile winds tonight and it was very cold (59 degrees)! Well, at least for those who were sitting around and those who were dressed for the 80 degree weather we had this morning. It's crazy in Arizona in April. The forecast for the next few days is 59 tonight, 78 tomorrow, 86 on Saturday and then back down to 77 on Sunday. THEN . . all the way down to 68 on Monday and back up to 81 on Tuesday. GEEZ!!!) Anyway, we were all freezing and my poor puppy, Lady, was even shaking! Well, fortunately the coaches decided to call it early and did only 2 bats up! YEA! But then some crazy mom brought the snack and it was (drumroll please) POPSICLES! What winner chose that!?!?! Even if I bought them yesterday - I would have bought something else today. It was too cold for that! Needless to say, we got home and while the boys took hot showers, the girls and I put rolls in the oven and heated up some clam chowder for dinner. I love cold days for soup and hot cocoa! :) The only thing I like about the cold - except the snuggling under a blanket. :) Well, time for another pot of cocoa before bedtime! (maybe we'll have to sing some carols around the fireplace too! Ha!)


Just noticed that my counter is over 100! Yea! I'm finally somewhat popular!
But . . . I wonder how many of those hits are from me? oh well

Busy day . . .

First, I had to get Kylee up early to piano lessons at 7:30AM. That is just too much sometimes. She is ALL girl and has to shower, dress, primp and spray and etc etc etc and it takes her FOREVER to get ready! Talk about a crimp in my morning. Her lesson was better this week - no tears. She practiced and felt much better about going. Amazing, isn't it? Practice does make perfect. . . attitude! :)
Friend contacted me this morning with a minor crisis so I offered to watch her 2 youngest while she ran to the doc. They were so cute and very good. No big deal for me - I was home anyway. I got my floors cleaned and counters cleaned too! Maddi had a blast playing with the "babies" too. :)
Next, took Geoff to the dentist. FINALLY made the appt he made, thanks to me for picking him up and driving him there. I could have been home taking a nap, doing laundry, cashing in my pedicure gift (from my neighbor for my b-day), anything but no. I sat there reading a magazine and visiting with the office staff. My brothers office staff is pretty cool. The hygenist that we really like was told last week that she is expecting. And even better - TRIPLETS! Crazy! Exciting for her but whoo - reality there!
Well, must go teach now. Not a long day though - just 1 1/2 hours. Yea! Then the boys have baseball tonight. Fun, fun! Still need to get to the grocery store. Keep putting it off and the house just gets barer and more destitute.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

4 Things About Me!

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. medical records /receptionist/surgery scheduler for 5 pediatricians
2. portrait consultant for Olan Mills - yikes!!
3. Voice teacher / music director / piano teacher
4. Mom!

B) Four movies I could watch over and over:
1. Victor/Victoria
2. The Sound of Music - I know, Sad! But still love it!
3. Goonies
4. How to loose a guy in ten days!

C) Four places I have lived:
1. Mesa, Az
2. Mesa, AZ
3. Mesa, AZ
4. Mesa, AZ

D) Four television shows I watch:
1. Law & Order - SVU and CI
2. Decorating Cents or Design on a Dime (seeing a trend here? I must decorate on a budget! HA!)
3. Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee - LOVE HER!!!
4. Nick at Nite

E) Four places I have gone on vacation:
1. Whiting Homestead - in the White Mtns of AZ
2. Reno - one of my best friends lives there
3. CA (so much to see there)
4. geez! I don't get out much, do I?

F) Four websites I visit almost daily:
1. all my emails - yes, I have more than 2!
2. local theatres - it's time to announce the new seasons, must be on top of these things!
3. my friends blogs (some don't know I look!)
4. Desert Schools FCU - am I poor today? :)

G) Four of my favorite foods:
1. Chipotle
2. Ned's Krazy Sub
3. ck'n caesar salad
4. mexican

H) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. with MY man!
2. AWAY - anywhere from reality
3. out with friends!
4. NY

I) Four people who I tag:
1. Geoff
2. Laurie
3. Julie
4. Sarah

I'm over it

I've vented now and I'm just done with it all. I just can't believe anyone who knows me would think me so petty. Oh well. I guess since I'm writing about it again - maybe I'm not over it. Maybe it's because I'm not feeling well. Maybe it's because I just want certain theatres to call and offer me what I'm wanting them to offer. Maybe I'm just hormonal and a woman! The answer is yes to all of the above! :)

Geez! The politics!!

Ok - the music world in Arizona is VERY small but tonight it got smaller and even pettier! Here's the scoop - I teach private voice lessons as many of you know. I have some GREAT students that are extremely talented! I LOVE what I do - even when I'm tired of working! I music direct shows as well. I am getting my name out there and I'm LOVING the work! I already have a show (Camelot at HALE in 2008) lined up and I'm hoping for more but who knows? Well, I've found that I get new students from almost every show I do. In fact, I even have new students from audience that come and see my work. Very complimentary! I've felt very good about my abilities and talents and have many recommendations from great teachers and mentors who believe in me as well.
Well . . . tonight I received a call (from whom will remain nameless but I will say it was a shock, not someone I talk to very often) telling me that they thought I should know that it was talked about at the cast party that I was upset that Linsey (a teacher who was in the show) has 2 of the guys from the show in her voice studio. I AM NOT UPSET!! I was only disappointed that the guys did not contact me after they inquired about my studio. They both emailed and asked about cost and openings, etc. but then I never heard back. Yes - I would have LOVED to have them as students but I am just glad they are taking lessons. GEEZ!! I don't want people talking about me behind my back! I don't want people thinking I'm mad at them - especially Linsey, she's a friend! And truth be known - I don't have any openings anyway! I took on 4 new students from this show already and I have very little time.
Anyway, I don't worry about that as much as this - the call was to tell me that one of my students CONFIRMED it. AAAHHH!!! I have contacted this student to set things straight but my land! I NEVER said this!! I just said that I would like to have them as students - that's it!! I guess it's time for me to just shut-up. No more talking to my students like friends, no more treating them as equals. I'm now the teacher and they are the student - has to be professional now. UG!!

A Novel for . . . YOU!

OK, ok! I am FINALLY writing today - been bugged by a couple of people that I haven't updated today. It's been quite the day. I was taken to lunch by 7 ladies in the ward. . . at Crackers. Tons of fun! We visited and ate and gifts, too! One was a spa pedicure . . woo hoo!! Gonna cash that one in tomorrow in fact. I deserve and surely need it.

I slept most of the morning away. I think I'm getting strep or something but I'm feeling a little better now. Just very sore throat. Diet Dr. Pepper does a ton for that though. Sonic drinks and
I'm good to go all day. I was going to take a nap this afternoon, after lunch but a friend told me about a sale online for kids clothes and of course, I couldn't resist. I got a lot for my girls and a few shirts for the boys. Great bargains! I can afford them but really shouldn't have. Oh well, what's done is done and I'm excited to get their items. Birthday gifts, maybe?

Geoff took the boys to their baseball game (nice that he is the asst. coach so I don't have to go to EVERY game) and the girls and I are hanging out in the front yard. Maddi is watering my flowers, Kylee is doing handstands and Lady is sitting and enjoying the grass. I am sitting on my bench (which broke and I need a new one - so sad) working on the laptop. Gotta love the laptop. . . it goes everywhere with me. I can have it on the kitchen counter and do dishes or mop the floor and sit chat with friends. Speaking of which, I know there are more of you out there that read this - DROP ME A LINE! Let me know you like me. Ok - even if you don't, drop a line. I love it!

Ok - my girls are spoiled! Kylee just found TOO BUCKS in my wallet and saw that they will expire soon. So. . . now we are online spending money there. But Geoff is asking for dinner, which I did not make tonight because of my sore throat. So, Ned's Krazy Sub it is. I will check in later and let you know the total damage that I spent. Don't tell Geoff! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

and the winner is. . . .

Entz. Notice I didn't say. . . ENTZ!! I'm ok with this or at least not sick over it. The campus is nice and I saw lots of kids from the neighborhood and ward. And the teachers seems nice enough. They all were willing to answer any questions I had. And believe me - I asked a lot of them! The kids are thrilled and the phone rang a lot last night confirming the rumors with all their friends. I guess a few of them saw us at the school - so they had to check it out.

I sent in my resume and cover letter to Arizona Theatre Company today. Sara said it's just legistics and will contact me by the end of the week with all the information. I'm nervous because it has to go to the Artistic Dept and HR - what if they say no. UG! She says I worry too much and that it's pretty much a done deal. I guess I'm just a worry wart! :)

Well, I was going to do lunch with a cousin but she is sick now - so I'm going to clean house and get some grocery shopping done. Just loads of fun.

Monday, April 9, 2007

FNE or Entz?

Anyone who knows me - knows that I'm a die-hard Franklin fan! I went to Franklin and my kids go to Franklin. I like their Back to Basics education, parent involvement, morals, teachers, everything! Franklin teaches phonograms - which allows the kids to read quicker and more fluidly earlier. I find it also finds them reading harder books with comprehension much sooner as well. Their math is ahead of the game until 6th grade where they level out before junior high but at the same time they are much further ahead of the game than others because they have grasped the concept earlier and maintained the knowledge longer. . . usually ending in accelerated classes later. I like the dress code even though many complain. It keeps them modest and safe. I like that the teachers, aides, principal and office staff make an effort to know all my kids names. I love every teacher on campus - they all know me (from subbing in music dept) and they know my kids. I've watched them interact with all the kids on campus and have loved every contact. There is a sense of peace when you walk there - never a feeling of fear or being uneasy to leave your kids there.
Well, since we've moved the kids have been bugging us to move them to Entz Elementary in teh neighborhood. This is where everyone in the ward and neighborhood attend. I understand the need for social change but I'm just not ready for this move. My kids have always gone to a different school (Franklin) than the kids in the neighborhood and ward. . . no matter where we've lived. And they've always had friends and always been popular. I really feel education is the most important thing you can have! Friends will come and go but your knowledge stays forever! I also understand that social skills are pertenent in junior high and high school, and for Kylee to go to Entz in 6th grade next year will allow her to make some strong friendships prior to junior high. The boys also want to change. They say it's because they want to go to school with the kids from scouts too. Maddi will go anywhere the big kids do.
I'm struggling with this for numerous reasons. Number one is education - I understand that Entz teaches phonograms. But only through 2nd grade. Not sure about their other subjects. I also love the morals and standards at Franklin. I'm sure every school claims to have them - we'll see. Geoff and I have prayed and talked and prayed some more about this - it's a big decision for me but Geoff seems to have already made up his mind - to switch to Entz. Today we are going to go to the campus and see how we like it, what feelings we get when we walk on campus, and help to make the decision a little smoother by giving Entz a fair chance in the decision. I'm nervous and I have a knot in my stomach from this possible change.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

IN or OUT laws?

I didn't think it was that difficult to hold a conversation with me! My mother-in-law and some of the in-laws continue to prove me wrong EVERY time we get together. The country club never excites me to begin with - simply because I am jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. And my family is not real big on the having to sit and act proper. We like to visit and laugh out loud and the kids like a little freedom from the table, etc. But I am willing to do it for the chance for my kids to see family. We show up (after having continually nagging my boys to tuck in their shirts and be on their best behavior and for the girls to keep their sandals on) and we're the first ones there. Becky and her family show up after us with all their 'up-ity-ness' and fakeness. This is very hard to handle but I suck it up and play the game. She seems genuine and asks about our new ward. Brings up the music callings (as usual) and how we're adjusting. Bill shows up and we head in the banquet room. We sit on one end of the table where Geoff leaves the head of the table chair for Bill and a chair for Frances to sit next to him. Bill sits but Frances arrives late and sits on the opposite end with Becky and her family. No surprise but Geoff seems a little ticked. Within the first 5 minutes I overheard something that disturbed me but I kept it to myself for the time being. Frances asked Becky's girls to stand up and show her their outfits. She commented, "They look great - even better than they did on the hanger. I did a good job, didn't I?" I was really upset then - she was admitting that she bought them their outfits! But not my girls? Tacky!! Anyways, Bill sat and visited with us and we had a nice time. The kids went back to the buffet numerous times and loved all the variety. They had lamb, ham, beef, ck'n and shrimp entrees. There was numerous kinds of salads, appetizers of many kinds (shrimp cocktail, crackers and cheese, salmon, caviar, etc.), an omelet bar and deseerts of every kind (including my favorite - chocolate covered strawberries). Halfway through dinner Frances again asked the girls how they liked their shoes. Asking them if they were able to walk in them ok (they were high heeled sandals) and how she was worried about them when she picked them out. It was then that I about said something because I look over and my Kylee is sitting there eating, trying not too look over and definately listening. She rolled her eyes, looked at me and continued to eat. I just smiled and said nothing. First of all, how rude to bring up that she bought them something but not my girls and IN FRONT of my girls, and second, how rude to not even comment on how cute my girls were or even talk to them! Kylee told me later that Grandma didn't even say hi to her. I just told her that there were a lot of people to not let it bother her. (Come on , there was only us and Becky and her family! Geez!) She accepted that answer and let it go. What Frances does not realize, is that my kids are catching on and it's going to bite her soon enough. Frances didn't say hi to me either and the ONLY thing she talked to me about was how she thought the sword fight in The Scarlet Pimpernel was hilarious. I said, "yes, it was fun to watch, wasn't it?" Then she turned to explain it to Becky and that was it. Nothing more. Am I that hard to talk to? Am I that boring? Why is it that my in-laws think the only thing I do is music? The ONLY things that were brought up to me today was music related. I don't live just music. I have kids, family, a new house,
Well, we said goodbyes and told Bill thanks for everything. Frances was too involved with her conversation to say anything to us. I'm sure we'll get the phone call or lecture from Bill soon about how we 'ignored' her and we need to 'apologize'. ARG!!

Happy Easter!!!

It's Easter - yea! Sugar high for all the kids, great Sunday church meetings and loads of family fun! We went to church this morning - early at 8AM. It's tough to get up and get everyone ready but nice when we are home early too. Kylee and Maddi aren't feeling well- stuffy noses, coughs and headaches. So, I brought them home after Sacrament Meeting. Geoff stayed with the boys - he also had a primary class to teach.
I have to say the kids looked cute today. I didn't go all out this year - just didn't find anything I really liked. Kylee wore a blue broom skirt and white shirt with blue flowers and HIGH heels (hee hee). Maddi was in a pastel striped skirt and pale yellow shirt with white sandals. The boys, Jonathan and Dakota, wore black slacks and a blue and yellow dress shirt. No one really matched but they were similar in scheme and looked cute. As I left the house (had to be early for choir, who sang prelude music), the flowers out front looked so pretty and my hearts and flowers (did I mention that I found them at - believe it or not - Wal-mart?) are looking great and I was so proud of my "spring" home. :)
It will be a relaxing day and then we'll go to the country club for dinner at 4Pm. For now I have the girls making their beds then laying down in the front room to watch some tv and hopefully a nap. Enjoy this special day!