Monday, April 9, 2007

FNE or Entz?

Anyone who knows me - knows that I'm a die-hard Franklin fan! I went to Franklin and my kids go to Franklin. I like their Back to Basics education, parent involvement, morals, teachers, everything! Franklin teaches phonograms - which allows the kids to read quicker and more fluidly earlier. I find it also finds them reading harder books with comprehension much sooner as well. Their math is ahead of the game until 6th grade where they level out before junior high but at the same time they are much further ahead of the game than others because they have grasped the concept earlier and maintained the knowledge longer. . . usually ending in accelerated classes later. I like the dress code even though many complain. It keeps them modest and safe. I like that the teachers, aides, principal and office staff make an effort to know all my kids names. I love every teacher on campus - they all know me (from subbing in music dept) and they know my kids. I've watched them interact with all the kids on campus and have loved every contact. There is a sense of peace when you walk there - never a feeling of fear or being uneasy to leave your kids there.
Well, since we've moved the kids have been bugging us to move them to Entz Elementary in teh neighborhood. This is where everyone in the ward and neighborhood attend. I understand the need for social change but I'm just not ready for this move. My kids have always gone to a different school (Franklin) than the kids in the neighborhood and ward. . . no matter where we've lived. And they've always had friends and always been popular. I really feel education is the most important thing you can have! Friends will come and go but your knowledge stays forever! I also understand that social skills are pertenent in junior high and high school, and for Kylee to go to Entz in 6th grade next year will allow her to make some strong friendships prior to junior high. The boys also want to change. They say it's because they want to go to school with the kids from scouts too. Maddi will go anywhere the big kids do.
I'm struggling with this for numerous reasons. Number one is education - I understand that Entz teaches phonograms. But only through 2nd grade. Not sure about their other subjects. I also love the morals and standards at Franklin. I'm sure every school claims to have them - we'll see. Geoff and I have prayed and talked and prayed some more about this - it's a big decision for me but Geoff seems to have already made up his mind - to switch to Entz. Today we are going to go to the campus and see how we like it, what feelings we get when we walk on campus, and help to make the decision a little smoother by giving Entz a fair chance in the decision. I'm nervous and I have a knot in my stomach from this possible change.

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