Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break Day 3 and 4

Let's see . . . not as "fun" as the first 2 days (so say the kiddos) but busy-ish. We hung around home yesterday since I had a meeting for the Laurel Retreat. The kids played and goofed around the neighborhood. We bought the movie "Enchanted" the night before but our DVD player gave up it's ghost (after 12 years, I guess it can) so they didn't get it to watch it until yesterday, when a sweet and kind neighbor learned of our whoa and offered an extra one for us until we can budget a new one in.

After that Dad got home and we couldn't convince the 'tired boy' to go to the drive-in movies with us, so we went to dinner instead. We took the kids to Serrano's and had an impromptu birthday dinner for Miss Maddi that we haven't had time to do yet. We ordered WAY TOO MUCH food, enjoyed the goofiness of the kids and ate 3 different kinds of fried ice cream for dessert - strawberry, chocolate and honey.

On the way home we jammed out to the radio! Geoff's newest purchase is a Sirius radio and we LOVE the 80's station. All the kids know the words to this song (bad example, I know) and we sang LOUD with the windows down!! Fun times!!

Today is another lazy day in the neighborhood. Our youth in the stake left on their "Exodus Trek" this morning, so there are lots of young kids with parents (leaders) that are gone and have lots of free time to play (babysitters sending them outside). Our home has been busy with kids in and out and asking for snacks, drinks, etc. But I don't mind, it's lots of fun! I'd rather have everyone here than not know where my kids are. Kylee started her science project last night by rubbing lunch meat on her cutting sheet to leave overnight. Today she stayed home this morning to start her 'fun part', as she would describe it. We set up her "lab" and began testing her cleaning solutions to see which really clean the best. We tested Pinesol, Lysol, Dial, Clorox, rubbing alcohol and water. I wish we could've used more (like all the ones I trust in my home) to see if they all really work but she was limited to 6 because that's all the agar plates I bought. Here's a sneak peek of this joy!

The agar plates are now "baking" on a table by a window for 2 days as the bacteria grows. :) FUN!!

Tomorrow is the ZOO as a family in the morning and then shopping for Easter outfits and baskets with just Mom and Dad. YEA! Hope you are all enjoying your week!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We have been busy the past couple of days! Monday morning started with my 4 mile speed walk with Julie T. We planned to go to lunch at Panda Express with the kids. We met up after getting some things done at home and ordered for the motley crew. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, so we headed to Gene Autry Park. The kids ate and played for quite a while.

Then we came home and vegged out in front of the tv and played in the "hood" til dark.

Today started again with my walk with Julie and planned another fun day together. Stopping on the way at Wendy's for lunch, we headed to Golfland for some miniature golf. We used my free passes (I had 7, so we only had to pay for a couple of kids)!We played with 8 kids, 2 adults and a baby in a stroller - 2 rounds of 18 holes! It was crazy fun and I'm sure those around us had quite the show. The kids had a blast and it filled up quite the day!!

We're home now and the kids are scattered again. I'm enjoying the quiet for just a while. Spring Break has been fun and fulfilling so far!! How about you?!?!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Tagged by Jenn

8 Random Things About Kylee

*Kylee loves music! She loves radio and music theatre! Playing it nice and loud when she cleans her room is her favorite pasttime.
*Kylee has great hair! She has only had it cut (significant length off) once. She keep it long and loves highlights.
*Kylee is a sweetheart and wants nothing but to be everyone's friend!
*Kylee is a great student but daydreams a lot! Sometimes these 2 get in the way of each other!
*Kylee's favorite color is salmon.
*Kylee loves to organize things. Only problem is getting her to do her own room this way!
*Kylee loves to dance! She loves learning new moves and showing them to all of us.
*Kylee wants more than anything to know all there is about the gospel and live the principles daily. She reminds us of them when we aren't living correctly!

8 Random Things About Jonathan

*Jonathan is very creative! He loves to draw and write stories!
*Jonathan is very smart! He has gotten straight A's for years.
*Jonathan's favorite color is red.
*Jonathan loves to watch and participate in sports, just like his dad.
*Jonathan is a CARBON COPY of his dad!!
*Jonathan wants to be a football player when he grows up. (Yea! Will support his parents!)
*Jonathan loves video games and is pretty good at them!
*Jonathan is a south paw (left handed for those who don't know the term).

8 Random Things About Dakota

*Dakota is very athletic! Most sports come easy to him.
*Dakota is quite the ham and keeps us giggling all the time. He loves to sing loud and funny in the morning while doing his hair!
*Dakota's favorite color is gold. (Expensive taste?)
*Dakota is short for his age and I think it's cute. :)
*Dakota has always been a flirt! He likes the girls and they like him.
*Dakota wants to be a professional baseball player when he grows up. (Yea! More supporting for parents!)
*Dakota likes to be outside no matter what the weather!
*Dakota will talk to anyone! This was frightening as a kid but as he gets older, it's nice to know he can make friends with anyone.

8 Random Things About Maddisen

*Maddi is the baby and KNOWS it!
*Maddi loves to spend time one on one with her daddy! She gets very upset if he runs an errand without her!!
*Maddi wants to be a baby doctor when she grows up. It shows when she plays so easily with babies! She will be a great babysitter!!
*Maddi will play with most anyone- no matter their age! Older, younger, doesn't matter to her.
*Maddi's favorite color is red. Her room is yellow and red!
*Maddi had hazel eyes for the first 2 years of her life. They got darker and darker and by the time she went to kindergarten they were dark brown like her siblings.
*Maddi RUNS to door whenever someone comes over. No matter who it is - she has to know.
*Maddi loves our dogs! She can be found holding one of them most of the time.

We TAG anyone who has kids they like to brag about!! :)


I was tagged by Laurie.

What is your husband's name? Geoffrey Stephen Toon

How long have you been together? about 13 years

How long did you date? not long - met June 30 and were in engaged on July 11

Who eats more? it's tie - depends on the food and day

Who said I love you first? hmmm..... tough question - most likely him

Who is taller? he is by about 3-4 inches

Who has more speeding tickets? definately him!

Who is smarter? depends on the subject

Who is more sensitive? depends on the subject - he has a definate soft heart!

Who does the laundry? equally done by both - he's an angel!!

Who does the dishes? equally done by both - I'm so lucky!!!

Who pays the bills? me - he forgets until it's overdue!

Who mows the lawn? the lawn service but we both pull weeds and I plant flowers

Who drives when you are together? msst of the time he does but occasionally he's tired of driving and then I'll drive

Who is more stubborn? depends on the subject

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? he's the silent type when he's upset so I usually admit it to smooth things over and get him talking (even when I'm not wrong)

Who's parents do you see more often? mine - we get together every Fast Sunday and holiday

Who has more siblings? me - there are 6 in my family and 4 in his

Who wears the pants in the family? um.... both of us!

Who eats more sweets? gosh - we both like them but don't dwell on them

His guilty pleasures? Dr. Pepper and flavored tootsie rolls, any sports game and horror flicks

How did you meet? Readers Digest version - I was a traveling companion for Miss Maricopa County and his parents were the Executive Directors for the Miss Arizona Pageant (Miss America system). I was there with my girl and he was there as 'slave labor' for his parents. I thought he was adorable and set my goal to talk to him by the end of the week. It worked, even though he was as shy as they came then and it took an army of about 5 people helping me to get him to break out and say hi back.

Who asked who out first? He called and asked me out for dinner and a movie

Who kissed who first? I tried. Believe me - I tried! He was determined to wait until it "felt right" and although he was a NCMO (non-committal make-out) back then, he took FOREVER to finally kiss me! So...He did!

Who proposed? we talked about getting married so non-challantly that there was never an official proposal until after we designed the ring, picked the date and started the plans. We picked up the ring and I made him ask me before he put the ring on. :) It was just 'meant to be'.

Best feature? He is just handsome! Dark hair, dark eyes, strong hands, beautiful lip shape!

Best personality trait? He is such a softie! He LOVES newborn babies and is such a 'daddy' with all he holds!

Pet names? GEE-OFF, honeybun, sweetie, hubby

Where do I see us in 15 years? gosh - our baby will be 22 yrs, so hopefully enjoying retirement TOGETHER!! We LOVE time alone and the days that he is home with me - LOVE IT!

What is my favorite thing about him? Geoff is a dreamer like myself. We love to sit around, cuddling and dream of the future (even imaginary future). We have the same goals and want nothing in life but to enjoy our kids, enjoy each other and have enough money to make it along the way. No need for frivolous things, yet we both love to spoil our kids. A day at home with each other is the best. He uses any opportunity to teach our kids a gospel or life principal. There are times I hear him teaching in a situation that I would've never seen! He is an incredible husband and father!!

I tag anyone who wishes! But let me know so I can read it!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

MIA - Missing in Action

Ok. After $103.05 spent, I received the new cord the next day but have been just swamped since and haven't had time to post anything.
Let's see. Wednesday was my Maddi's 7th birthday!
We started the morning with some saranading by my boys, Jonathan and Dakota and my Kylee, along with Derek R. (neighbor who rides bikes with kids to school). They sang in ALL forms! *air guitar, backwards, opera, etc. SUPER FUNNY!!

Then we had early release, where we tagged along with Tawzers and went to McDonald's. We had a blast playing, visiting and eating! My boys are definately growing!! They each had a Big Mac combo and then shared a 10 pc nuggets and finished off with a milkshake!! CRAZY! Good thing they are active - to work it all off!! I took my camera but I didn't take it out of my purse. Geek! Oh well. We have fun plans with them this week. Promise myself now to take pics.

Friday was another day off with the hubby, Geoff. We bought another daisy tree and black metal pots. (pics to come) We enjoyed lunch together and I finished up my week of teaching before Spring Break! I had the incredible opportunity to attend a workshop on Thursday evening. I will post about that tomorrow. It was AMAZING!!

Today was church, obviously. I substituted in Primary on the piano. It was so fun to see the kids and Maddi was sung to for her birthday. She got her "birthday can" and was so excited to open it up when we got home. Lots of fun goodies in it! :)

We finished the afternoon with tacos, pudding and m&m's and a movie. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - cute! We bought it couple of weeks ago. The girls fell asleep during the movie. So cute to see them cuddling! We do have some peaceful moments like these!!