Monday, March 17, 2008


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8 Random Things About Kylee

*Kylee loves music! She loves radio and music theatre! Playing it nice and loud when she cleans her room is her favorite pasttime.
*Kylee has great hair! She has only had it cut (significant length off) once. She keep it long and loves highlights.
*Kylee is a sweetheart and wants nothing but to be everyone's friend!
*Kylee is a great student but daydreams a lot! Sometimes these 2 get in the way of each other!
*Kylee's favorite color is salmon.
*Kylee loves to organize things. Only problem is getting her to do her own room this way!
*Kylee loves to dance! She loves learning new moves and showing them to all of us.
*Kylee wants more than anything to know all there is about the gospel and live the principles daily. She reminds us of them when we aren't living correctly!

8 Random Things About Jonathan

*Jonathan is very creative! He loves to draw and write stories!
*Jonathan is very smart! He has gotten straight A's for years.
*Jonathan's favorite color is red.
*Jonathan loves to watch and participate in sports, just like his dad.
*Jonathan is a CARBON COPY of his dad!!
*Jonathan wants to be a football player when he grows up. (Yea! Will support his parents!)
*Jonathan loves video games and is pretty good at them!
*Jonathan is a south paw (left handed for those who don't know the term).

8 Random Things About Dakota

*Dakota is very athletic! Most sports come easy to him.
*Dakota is quite the ham and keeps us giggling all the time. He loves to sing loud and funny in the morning while doing his hair!
*Dakota's favorite color is gold. (Expensive taste?)
*Dakota is short for his age and I think it's cute. :)
*Dakota has always been a flirt! He likes the girls and they like him.
*Dakota wants to be a professional baseball player when he grows up. (Yea! More supporting for parents!)
*Dakota likes to be outside no matter what the weather!
*Dakota will talk to anyone! This was frightening as a kid but as he gets older, it's nice to know he can make friends with anyone.

8 Random Things About Maddisen

*Maddi is the baby and KNOWS it!
*Maddi loves to spend time one on one with her daddy! She gets very upset if he runs an errand without her!!
*Maddi wants to be a baby doctor when she grows up. It shows when she plays so easily with babies! She will be a great babysitter!!
*Maddi will play with most anyone- no matter their age! Older, younger, doesn't matter to her.
*Maddi's favorite color is red. Her room is yellow and red!
*Maddi had hazel eyes for the first 2 years of her life. They got darker and darker and by the time she went to kindergarten they were dark brown like her siblings.
*Maddi RUNS to door whenever someone comes over. No matter who it is - she has to know.
*Maddi loves our dogs! She can be found holding one of them most of the time.

We TAG anyone who has kids they like to brag about!! :)


Jennie said...

What adorable kids. They are cute and sounds like they are tons of fun.

Laurie M. said...

Very fun post. I love hearing all about your cute kids!

Laurie M. said...
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