Sunday, March 16, 2008

MIA - Missing in Action

Ok. After $103.05 spent, I received the new cord the next day but have been just swamped since and haven't had time to post anything.
Let's see. Wednesday was my Maddi's 7th birthday!
We started the morning with some saranading by my boys, Jonathan and Dakota and my Kylee, along with Derek R. (neighbor who rides bikes with kids to school). They sang in ALL forms! *air guitar, backwards, opera, etc. SUPER FUNNY!!

Then we had early release, where we tagged along with Tawzers and went to McDonald's. We had a blast playing, visiting and eating! My boys are definately growing!! They each had a Big Mac combo and then shared a 10 pc nuggets and finished off with a milkshake!! CRAZY! Good thing they are active - to work it all off!! I took my camera but I didn't take it out of my purse. Geek! Oh well. We have fun plans with them this week. Promise myself now to take pics.

Friday was another day off with the hubby, Geoff. We bought another daisy tree and black metal pots. (pics to come) We enjoyed lunch together and I finished up my week of teaching before Spring Break! I had the incredible opportunity to attend a workshop on Thursday evening. I will post about that tomorrow. It was AMAZING!!

Today was church, obviously. I substituted in Primary on the piano. It was so fun to see the kids and Maddi was sung to for her birthday. She got her "birthday can" and was so excited to open it up when we got home. Lots of fun goodies in it! :)

We finished the afternoon with tacos, pudding and m&m's and a movie. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - cute! We bought it couple of weeks ago. The girls fell asleep during the movie. So cute to see them cuddling! We do have some peaceful moments like these!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

whoohoo! Happy Birthday to MISS MADDI! wow it has been 2 years I've known ya! craziness right there.
fun you get to do stuff with Geoff's day off. I'm sure you love that alone time.

Have a fab spring break!

Jennie said...

Ok, where did your Primary get those cans?? Very cute! Happy Birthday Maddi. Sounds like a lot going on at your house.

Kimberly Badger said...

Ha! Your girls are SO cute. :)

Lene said...


Laurie M. said...

Happy Birthday to Maddi! I can't believe she is 7!! Blows my mind how fast they grow up. Love the pics of all the kids singing to her- so cute! I love the b-day can. Ellie got one of those from her primary teacher for her b-day. She was so excited.