Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Look for Maddi!

We noticed the squinting and sitting close to the tv a few weeks back and decided it's time to take her in. Although I wondered why the teacher at school, never mentioned anything. I could see resemblances of the result of my eyesight in her. Last week we mentioned she may need glasses to see better and she got nervous. I guess a little boy in her class got them and the other kids teased him. We talked about how unkind that is and how you never know if you'll be the next, so we shouldn't tease. (Teaching moment!)
Well, knowing that I didn't want to spend a lot if she didn't need them or if she did need glasses, she may damage them being only 7 years old, we took her to Walmart on Friday after school to get have the exam. YEP! She has a slight near-sightedness, like me. We picked out some frames (Hilary Duff, of course) and they told us it would be 3-5 days. She was so disappointed! She wanted to have them right then and the wait was going to kill her. Well, 3 days (yes, included the weekend) went by and I got a call yesterday morning that they were ready! WOW! Fast!! Dad took her after work to pick them up and I took her after teaching to get an outfit to help her self-esteem on her first at school with glasses. All evening Maddi kept putting up and down from her eyes. When I asked her what she was doing, she said "Mom, I see things so better now! I can see the leaves on the trees and there are little white flowers!" It broke my heart a little that she hadn't noticed this before but delighted me that she was so excited to finally see the world as it's been created!!

Her attitude was a little different this morning. Not an ounce of nervousness! She got dressed in her new outfit - jewelry and all, we did her hair and she cleaned her lenses really well, packed her case (so she could take them off for PE and recess - precautions and doc said it would be a good idea until she adjusts) and we discussed taking good care of them. She was so excited to get going and we think she looks great!!!


Monday, April 7, 2008


Since we sang this new hymn for Easter, I have been pondering its words and how deep the meaning is to me. I cannot get over how personal it is and how it really speaks to my soul. I find myself humming the tune and repeating the words in my mind throughout the week. The last line of the hymn has spoken volumes this past week when I get overwhelmed and feel I can't go on - He will take me in His arms and quiet all my fears! It brings tears to my eyes and chokes me up whenever I read that!!
Behold the wounds in Jesus’ hands,
The marks upon His side,
Then ponder who He meant to save
When on the cross He died.
We cannot see the love of God
Which saves us from the fall,
Yet know that Christ from wood and nails
Built mansions for us all.

Behold the outstretched hands our Christ,
Our Lord, who came to save,
Whose love and grace redeem our souls
And lift us from the grave.
Though bruised and battered as we stray
His guiding hands caress,
He washes and anoints with oil
Then in His arms we rest.

Behold the wounds in Jesus’ hands.
Look to your Lord and live.
He yearns to bless you with His love
And all your sins forgive.
Oh empty is the heart of man
When it is filled with sin,
Come open wide your broken heart
And let your Savior in!

Behold His wounded hands and feet!
Come touch and see and feel
The wounds and marks that you may know
His love for you is real.
Then as you fall to worship Him
And wash His feet in tears,
Your Savior takes you in His arms
And quiets all your fears.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The week is OVER!

And I'm kinda glad! It's been a LOOOOOONNNGGG one! The show I music directed, Singin' in the Rain, closed last weekend and although I'm thrilled how well it was received and the sold-out houses; I'm even more thrilled it's over. It only lasted about 30 minutes with the sweet cast gift and flowers, followed by cast pics when I was thrown into the next show, The Man with the Pointed Toes. Strike started immediately after the house had exited. For those who stick around to visit, they hear drills and can watch the floor and walls come down! I only gave 2 hours this show with helping prep the sound for the next show. Then I headed to the cast party where they were playing improv games. I stuck around for a little bit but headed home around 1AM. Luckily, it was only 2 miles from home. :)

Last Sunday my Kylee gave the FHE lesson on Joseph Smith for her Faith in God. She is so close and we are working towards her getting it before school is out. She even had a display! What a great RS teacher she'll make someday! HA!

Tuesday I went to lunch with a friend (who just happens to be my VT partner). She took me to Wildflower Bread Company. YUM! I love that place but rarely go, it was so yummy and healthy for my weight watching. We had a great visit! She also gave me a HUGE jar of assorted chocolate candies! Not good for my weight but saved the day for many an insane moment this week and the times when a woman just needs chocolate to survive. :) THANK YOU ALISON!!

My birthday was Wednesday and it was nice! My friends were too good to me but unfortunately my family didn't do much. We are really cracking down on money right now (working towards an additional vehicle this month with Geoff's new shifts starting May 1) so they didn't get me anything. I was kinda disappointed that I didn't even get a homemade card but I'll survive. My friend gifts included a pedicure which I hope to redeem this week. I also got lotions, body sprays and notepads and pens and a couple of giftcards to Sonic and Paradise Bakery. A few friends and I went to lunch at Tia Rosa's, which is always yummy. Thanks gals!!

The week started with Monday and Tuesday at the theatre for tech rehearsals for the next show. I took Wednesday off - not just for my birthday but because we had too many activities with the kids. I was back on Thursday, Friday evening and from 2PM-11PM on Saturday. It's enjoyable and I love being there but I'm burnt out. Shocking, I know. I enjoy theatre much more when I'm IN a show rather than working a show. BUT the good news is that I'm splitting the show with someone so I have this week off from the theatre and don't have to go back until Apr 17th! WOO HOO!!

We had Pinewood Derby last week and although I had to be at closing weekend for Rain, I captured a few pics and the boys text me when they got home telling me of the fun they had!
Even though they didn't win, they enjoyed the fun, laughed at the "intense Dads", loved designing them with Dad and had fun working on them with Grandpa Whiting in his Little Pinewood Derby Workshop. My Dad had 5 girls and 1 boys growing up. Which only gave him 3 Pinewood Derby cars to build with my brother. He LOVES scouts and was so excited this year when the grandsons ALL asked Grandpa for help! (They collaborated 2 months ago and asked him at a Break the Fast Sunday dinner. It was sooo cute!!) This meant he could help 8 CARS this year!! He was in HEAVEN and went all out with the sandpaper and graphite he could get his hands on. They all carved, sanded and drilled with Grandpa helping them. The Dads helped but my boys remember Grandpa really enjoying himself this year!! They wanted to do well for him and were so excited to report to him today with all the boys comparing cars, awards and stories. These are the memories we will remember! NOT whether they won or not. I'm so glad my boys aren't as competitive as some and that my husband has the enjoyment of the GAME and doesn't get upset over stupid things. (There are stories to tell in this ward but I'll keep them to myself! HA!)

Today was General Conference, so I enjoyed sleeping in until 8:30AM. We actually were awakened by a neighbor telling us one of our tires looked low. We only have one car right now and it is a means to survival so we HAD to get it fixed. Geoff accepted the offer from our neighbor to drive him to Wal-mart where he bought a new tire. Afer that was fixed, we enjoyed both sessions today and had so many opportunities to teach our kids about how the church works. They enjoyed Pres. Ballards sense of humor and Pres. Monson's stories and laughs too. The talks were incredible, personal and very back to the basics. Just what we need! It was a great day! I got a lot done while we listened. I find it much easier to listen if I'm occupied, so I did dishes and mopped the floors and folded laundry. If I sit, my mind wanders on all the things I need to do. So I do them and I listen much more closely. I know - wierd. But it works for me.

This afternoon we all headed to my sister's for Break the Fast Dinner. Her husband makes the best homemade Chicago Style pizza!! YUMMY!! And a salad chocked full of different veggies! We laughed, talked and compeltely enjoyed ourselves!!

We ended the evening on a great spirit with Family Prayers and Father's Blessings for the AIMS testing this week. The kids happily went to bed and went right to sleep! Now it's time for me to hit the hay but only after I get the schedule set for the week with ballgames, teaching, dance class and recitals and work. AAAHHH!!!!! Calgon! Take me away!!!