Saturday, June 7, 2008

Simple Joys!

It's been a LONG time since I've blogged. I'm sure you all missed me . . . j/k!

I have so much to blog about but I'll spare you all the details and instead just recap:

School is officially out! Kylee CRIED for hours after school because she "will miss her awesome teacher and will really miss elementary school". She was very emotional about leaving 6th grade and although it's exciting, she is nervous about junior high.

We have had house guests - Medlyn's from Utah - and THOROUGHLY enjoyed the WEEK they stayed with us. They slept, swam, hung out, swam, played XBox, swam, etc.

While they were here, I had to leave for about 3 days to go on our ward's YW Retreat. I was blessed with the opportunity to be on the committee that planned this "Journey to Eternity" and it was AMAZING! I was in charge of getting speakers for the girls and I think I fulfilled that. I had Heather Madder come and speak to them about having DIVINE NATURE. She was awesome and I think she affected the leaders as well. The last night I had my Dad come and talk about not ever feeling alone. He was INCREDIBLE and I know he affected the girls and leaders by the testimonies born the next morning and Sunday. I could not have been prouder of my DAD!

My boys had the incredible opportunity to attend a week of Diamondbacks Baseball Training Camp. They had a blast and both did great! They got lots of kudos from the coaches and Dakota won 4th place overall (kids 4 years older than he participated) in their olympics. They are anxious now for Winter Training that Dad has promised they can do.

I'm knee deep into rehearsals for The Secret Garden (playing Lily) with my Kylee (in the children's chorus). We have had fun with rehearsals (old college friend is playing Archie opposite of me) and with costume fittings (yea for the weight loss!) and publicity pictures! I have just started adding in the additional rehearsals at Hale (Widow Paroo in The Music Man) this week as well. It's been a crazy schedule but I thoroughly enjoy it once I get to the rehearsal.

Tonight Geoff is at work (on nights this week), Kylee is at a sleepover and my 3 youngers are asleep. I had 6 no show lessons (welcome to summer! Good thing they pay in advance!!) and I was able to be a "MOM"! I know this may be normal for you all but I don't always get the joy of fixing dinner AT dinnertime and then serve it, eat it with the family and clean up after it! I so enjoyed this process!! I usually fix something early in the day to be thrown in the oven at dinner time and if I'm lucky I get some before I head out to rehearsal or when I get back from rehearsal. Otherwise, it's fast food for me and sometimes everyone. I made homemade pizza tonight (even the crust) and a caesar salad. This is a family favorite and the kids had a blast eating with me - funny how the smallest things make kids happy. We enjoyed ice cream and vanilla Oreos for dessert.

I have read over 200 blogs (sorry for not commenting, just trying to catch up)! I read about worms, photo shoots, rain, summer water fun in Az, realized I missed a friends birthday (Sorry Julie!! Gift for you this weekend!!), baby firsts - crawling, smiles, etc., chicken pox, sad days for Mickey, blue eyes, baseball, hockey games, bored kids, bunko fun, projects, pierced ears, clean and organized rooms, husbands leaving the country and coming home safe again, chores, HIGH ladders, diets, church callings, etc. etc. etc. You all have such great lives and amazing families, adorable kids and loads of fun!!

Again, I apologize for not commenting but know that I enjoy reading your blogs and hearing all about you and your family! Keep it coming and I'll try and do the same when I can! Love to all and ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Shakin' it up a bit and R E S P E C T !

As I mentioned before, I walk 4-5 miles a day. This morning, yet again alone, I headed out at 8:30AM for my walk. I got 2 miles around and thought I'd change it up a bit and take the last 3 (maybe if I'm up for it - 6) laps on my Kylee's bike. Geoff had taken the kids to school in the "new" truck and so I could use her cruiser. I headed out for the first lap and realized how old I am!! My goodness! I got one lap in and hurt so bad that I quit for the day. I felt muscles in my legs I haven't felt forever and don't want to feel them again for a long time! I now have the utmost respect for my kids who would ride their bikes to and from school and ride the neighbor numerous times after school. I used to think that bike riding was "relaxing" and "enjoyable" but after this morning - I'M JUST OLD!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'll try and make it quick ...

Lots happening but I'll give you small details:

1- Les Mis audition - well, I got one more callback and there were 3 others for Fantine. Didn't get it but that's ok. I guess it's rare to make it this far with your first audition at this theatre. So I'm happy to have made it this far.

2 - Secret Garden audition #1 - made callbacks and it was between 1 other and myself. She was older than I, so I thought I had a pretty good chance considering Lily was to have died 10 years ago. I didn't think they would cast someone who looked like she aged with someone living. But the director had other ideas. The gentleman I auditioned with called me after the callback and said that I sang better and acted when she didn't give him anything to work with and he didn't like her "older voice warble". Gave me a little hope but she got the part. Oh well.

3 - Kylee didn't get the role but they did call and say that she did a great job and to continue auditioning and hopefully for them again sometime. I thought that was very kind! She was really upset and told me a couple of times that "her life was over for the summer since she wasn't able to make it". Such a drama queen - hmmmm, wonder where she gets it? I was even happier when I didn't get the show - that would've been harder on her.

4 - Auditioning for 1 or 2 shows this week - another Secret Garden and The Music Man. I've done both shows before and MM twice but I'd really love to play Lily again and if I got Marian - I love the theatre. So, we'll just see what happens. I only get a chance to do one show a year and it's usually in the summer that I perform. I'm hoping for something, at least.

5 - Our van finally gave up! We had a 2001 Pontiac Montana that has been nickeling and diming us for some time. It's been a good van and has gotten us to and fro for almost years but it had so many little things that kept going wrong. We just replaced the thermostat and the water pump. We found that we had a gas leak and foun online that there was a recall, so luckily we didn't have to pay for that repair. But within days of getting that fixed we noticed a radiator smell and it kept overheating. So, we drove it to AAA and the bad news came: our motor had burned out. UG! We didn't have $4000+ to fix it so we decided to shop for a new vehicle and see what someone would give us for the hunk o' junk! Well, we found a few nice vans and thought great! They even said they'd take our van! Well, they 'couldn't make the numbers work' for us on them and we were back to square one. As we were leaving the lot, they asked us if we would be interested in any other vehicles other than a minivan. We explained we have 4 kids and need the seating. They then showed us a Tahoe - my dream! But I was worried about the numbers being too high for us! They "worked the numbers" for us and gave us a used Tahoe (2006 with only 30K miles on it) for the same price as the vans we were looking at!! They accepted our van as a trade too! DONE DEAL! It's beautiful and my insurance is only $22 more a month! I'll post pics tomorrow. It is in EMMACULATE condition and I swear you'd think NO ONE has even driven it except that there are 2 rock chips in the window which we will get fixed with our glass coverage next month. :)

6 - No more weight lost but I'm losing inches fast! My clothes are fitting better and I feel great! There were anywhere from 2-4 other gals that walked with me daily but I'm on my own lately. I've still enjoyed it though. Time to think and sweat it out. I've upped my 4 miles to 5 miles a day now.

7 - Geoff has only 3 more days on his 7 day off stint. He is not wanting to go back but likes having this week off every other week. :) We haven't gotten a lot done since we spent 3 days dealing with auto crap, but we're gonna enjoy tomorrow together.

Ok, it wasn't that short but now I've updated everything and it won't be such a big deal to just blog a bit each day now. Later and G'nite!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

New temples in Arizona!

So excited to have 2 more! One in Gilbert and another in Gila Valley (Thatcher/Safford).
Go HERE to read more.
We are so blessed to have so many temples so near by - I better up my attendance in thanks to the Lord!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A moment to spare. . .

Whew! I'm pooped and it just never seems to end. But then I am living life to its fullest and although I plop into bed at the end of the day completely worn out - I am enjoying it!

Let's see - first, baseball is going and going AND GOING! The boys are doing great and I think they are enjoying it. On the same note, Papa Toon bought them their birthday present early which is a spot in the Diamondbacks Baseball Training Camp. They are super excited to get to work with their "idols" and learn more!

Not many late nights to Wal-mart or Applebees but I have been found at Albertsons late at night getting field trip lunch makings.

Laurel trip is still in the works with a rib dinner fundraiser just around the corner.

Dance is continuing and I'm ready for it to be over! I thought I found a great studio because it was very price worthy but it's a far drive and I'm also not thrilled with they have been learning or should I say not learning. Kylee could so much more last year and I feel as if she's recessed this year. I think we'll be looking for a new studio this fall.

Family is so fun! The baptism was special and we had a great time with yummy food. We are meeting again this Sunday (early May Fast Sunday dinner) with a talent show from the grandkids. My kids are anxious to do whatever it is they have planned. They won't tell me - "it's a surprise!" Update on that later.

I went to my Les Mis callback. It was nerve-wracking but fun! We all sang our songs that we prepared and then we did a dance call. There were 2 dances - a waltz and a march. They weren't hard but not as easy as I thought they might be considering this is not a big dance show. I did well and the producer did ask me to step over in front of him (when we were in our groups of 3) so he could watch. Better to be watched than not, right? Then I got to sing from the show. That was fun and now it's the waiting game. UG! This is the part about theatre I hate . . . the waiting game!!

Went to my audition for The Secret Garden last night with Kylee. It went really well and I'm anxious to hear if I get a callback and how Kylee did! I was so proud of her and the confidence she posed!! She talked to the directors with ease and sang REALLY well. A chip off the old block! :)

I didn't go sing with George Dyer. I know - sad, but the schedule they wanted for me to rehearse was crazy! Thursday night and Friday starting at 2pm. With all the students and theatre I would've had to cancel, I would have lost over $300! I just can't do that. I called and got one of my students to step in and with the stories she told me - I'm glad I didn't go. The music biz is cutthroat but let me tell you - the church music biz is worse! Oh, the stories I could tell but won't. :)

Still teaching a ton and ready for a summer break! Working at the theatre every other weekend running sound. We are looking for another vehicle or should I say - an additional vehicle. Geoff loves his new shift! He hates the 7 days off but loves the 7 days off. Life is fun and we are enjoying every minute!! Keep blogging! I read yours daily and will post as I can. :) Love and miss you all!!

** UPDATE **
I got called back for Lily in Secret Garden! There are 2 other gals that I have to "fight" with for it. We will sing with Archie on Wednesday evening at 6pm. YEA! The guy cast as Archie is an old friend and we are going to run the songs on Monday night. Nothing yet for Kylee but no one has been cast as Mary yet either. So still praying for her!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No free time!

I've been so swamped that I have not had a chance to do any blogging, just read a few here and there. Here is a run-down of the past week:

1 - Baseball games for 2 boys on TWO different teams!
2 - Late night trip to Wal-mart and Applebees for yummy appetizers & dessert for my birthday with JULIE! Thank you!!!! Love my gift and who can say no to chocolate, a good friend and great conversation! (We were at the end of the day and not looking so hot - sorry, no pics!)
3 - Trip to Pinedale in 11 hours - there and back. I'm on the Laurel Retreat committee (Journey to Eternity) and we went up to scout the area where we will hold all the week's activities and it was an emotional, spiritual high! It's going to be an incredible experience for these girls!!
4 - My girls danced at the County Fair. They did great (pics later) and I'm glad we went. It was fun for all, although a short trip.
5 - My nephew was baptized on Saturday afternoon. Fun times and good food with family!
6 - I got a callback from my first audition with Phoenix Theatre's production of Les Miserables!! I go on Saturday morning and sing again for the director who is flying in. Keep your fingers crossed for that! It's a paying gig, too!
7 - Received an email from an old friend who is music directing The Secret Garden and wants me to audition next week. Looks like I may be on the stage this summer after all! YEA!
8 - Went to a callback for a new, original musical. But didn't stay once I found out it was about a bi-sexual woman. Historical and true or not - it's not my cup of tea to play something like that. They were disappointed and called me twice after I left. Oh well.
9 - Monday was my Geoff's birthday -- the last one of his 30's. :) And it was my Dad's birthday too.
10 - Last night was our Enrichment - RS Birthday. It was a great evening honoring Pres Hinckley and the 6 Be's. We had a guest artist sing - George Dyer. He is an amazing talent and eye candy to watch. :)
11 - I got a msg DURING George's song asking me to sing backup for him on Friday evening's concert this week. HA! The soprano backed out at the last minute. So . . . the rest of the week will now look like this:

1 - makeup lessons squeezed in wherever because I have the rehearsal and concert for George on Thursday and Friday nights.
2 - singing for George!
3 - callbacks for Les Mis on Saturday morning at 11:15 - scary and exciting!
4 - teaching, teaching, teaching
5 - finish preparing RS lesson for Sunday - a week early because the other teacher is out of town
6 - 3 more baseball games this week
7 - 1 more dance lesson
8 - preparing for audition early next week for Secret Garden
9 - First Aid clinic for girls camp for Kylee on Saturday - not ready for this! She's not old enough for camp!! IS SHE!?!?
10 - a date in there somewhere with my hubby
11 - work at the theatre this weekend - maybe!

WHEW! I'm tired now! And it hasn't even started yet!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Look for Maddi!

We noticed the squinting and sitting close to the tv a few weeks back and decided it's time to take her in. Although I wondered why the teacher at school, never mentioned anything. I could see resemblances of the result of my eyesight in her. Last week we mentioned she may need glasses to see better and she got nervous. I guess a little boy in her class got them and the other kids teased him. We talked about how unkind that is and how you never know if you'll be the next, so we shouldn't tease. (Teaching moment!)
Well, knowing that I didn't want to spend a lot if she didn't need them or if she did need glasses, she may damage them being only 7 years old, we took her to Walmart on Friday after school to get have the exam. YEP! She has a slight near-sightedness, like me. We picked out some frames (Hilary Duff, of course) and they told us it would be 3-5 days. She was so disappointed! She wanted to have them right then and the wait was going to kill her. Well, 3 days (yes, included the weekend) went by and I got a call yesterday morning that they were ready! WOW! Fast!! Dad took her after work to pick them up and I took her after teaching to get an outfit to help her self-esteem on her first at school with glasses. All evening Maddi kept putting up and down from her eyes. When I asked her what she was doing, she said "Mom, I see things so better now! I can see the leaves on the trees and there are little white flowers!" It broke my heart a little that she hadn't noticed this before but delighted me that she was so excited to finally see the world as it's been created!!

Her attitude was a little different this morning. Not an ounce of nervousness! She got dressed in her new outfit - jewelry and all, we did her hair and she cleaned her lenses really well, packed her case (so she could take them off for PE and recess - precautions and doc said it would be a good idea until she adjusts) and we discussed taking good care of them. She was so excited to get going and we think she looks great!!!


Monday, April 7, 2008


Since we sang this new hymn for Easter, I have been pondering its words and how deep the meaning is to me. I cannot get over how personal it is and how it really speaks to my soul. I find myself humming the tune and repeating the words in my mind throughout the week. The last line of the hymn has spoken volumes this past week when I get overwhelmed and feel I can't go on - He will take me in His arms and quiet all my fears! It brings tears to my eyes and chokes me up whenever I read that!!
Behold the wounds in Jesus’ hands,
The marks upon His side,
Then ponder who He meant to save
When on the cross He died.
We cannot see the love of God
Which saves us from the fall,
Yet know that Christ from wood and nails
Built mansions for us all.

Behold the outstretched hands our Christ,
Our Lord, who came to save,
Whose love and grace redeem our souls
And lift us from the grave.
Though bruised and battered as we stray
His guiding hands caress,
He washes and anoints with oil
Then in His arms we rest.

Behold the wounds in Jesus’ hands.
Look to your Lord and live.
He yearns to bless you with His love
And all your sins forgive.
Oh empty is the heart of man
When it is filled with sin,
Come open wide your broken heart
And let your Savior in!

Behold His wounded hands and feet!
Come touch and see and feel
The wounds and marks that you may know
His love for you is real.
Then as you fall to worship Him
And wash His feet in tears,
Your Savior takes you in His arms
And quiets all your fears.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The week is OVER!

And I'm kinda glad! It's been a LOOOOOONNNGGG one! The show I music directed, Singin' in the Rain, closed last weekend and although I'm thrilled how well it was received and the sold-out houses; I'm even more thrilled it's over. It only lasted about 30 minutes with the sweet cast gift and flowers, followed by cast pics when I was thrown into the next show, The Man with the Pointed Toes. Strike started immediately after the house had exited. For those who stick around to visit, they hear drills and can watch the floor and walls come down! I only gave 2 hours this show with helping prep the sound for the next show. Then I headed to the cast party where they were playing improv games. I stuck around for a little bit but headed home around 1AM. Luckily, it was only 2 miles from home. :)

Last Sunday my Kylee gave the FHE lesson on Joseph Smith for her Faith in God. She is so close and we are working towards her getting it before school is out. She even had a display! What a great RS teacher she'll make someday! HA!

Tuesday I went to lunch with a friend (who just happens to be my VT partner). She took me to Wildflower Bread Company. YUM! I love that place but rarely go, it was so yummy and healthy for my weight watching. We had a great visit! She also gave me a HUGE jar of assorted chocolate candies! Not good for my weight but saved the day for many an insane moment this week and the times when a woman just needs chocolate to survive. :) THANK YOU ALISON!!

My birthday was Wednesday and it was nice! My friends were too good to me but unfortunately my family didn't do much. We are really cracking down on money right now (working towards an additional vehicle this month with Geoff's new shifts starting May 1) so they didn't get me anything. I was kinda disappointed that I didn't even get a homemade card but I'll survive. My friend gifts included a pedicure which I hope to redeem this week. I also got lotions, body sprays and notepads and pens and a couple of giftcards to Sonic and Paradise Bakery. A few friends and I went to lunch at Tia Rosa's, which is always yummy. Thanks gals!!

The week started with Monday and Tuesday at the theatre for tech rehearsals for the next show. I took Wednesday off - not just for my birthday but because we had too many activities with the kids. I was back on Thursday, Friday evening and from 2PM-11PM on Saturday. It's enjoyable and I love being there but I'm burnt out. Shocking, I know. I enjoy theatre much more when I'm IN a show rather than working a show. BUT the good news is that I'm splitting the show with someone so I have this week off from the theatre and don't have to go back until Apr 17th! WOO HOO!!

We had Pinewood Derby last week and although I had to be at closing weekend for Rain, I captured a few pics and the boys text me when they got home telling me of the fun they had!
Even though they didn't win, they enjoyed the fun, laughed at the "intense Dads", loved designing them with Dad and had fun working on them with Grandpa Whiting in his Little Pinewood Derby Workshop. My Dad had 5 girls and 1 boys growing up. Which only gave him 3 Pinewood Derby cars to build with my brother. He LOVES scouts and was so excited this year when the grandsons ALL asked Grandpa for help! (They collaborated 2 months ago and asked him at a Break the Fast Sunday dinner. It was sooo cute!!) This meant he could help 8 CARS this year!! He was in HEAVEN and went all out with the sandpaper and graphite he could get his hands on. They all carved, sanded and drilled with Grandpa helping them. The Dads helped but my boys remember Grandpa really enjoying himself this year!! They wanted to do well for him and were so excited to report to him today with all the boys comparing cars, awards and stories. These are the memories we will remember! NOT whether they won or not. I'm so glad my boys aren't as competitive as some and that my husband has the enjoyment of the GAME and doesn't get upset over stupid things. (There are stories to tell in this ward but I'll keep them to myself! HA!)

Today was General Conference, so I enjoyed sleeping in until 8:30AM. We actually were awakened by a neighbor telling us one of our tires looked low. We only have one car right now and it is a means to survival so we HAD to get it fixed. Geoff accepted the offer from our neighbor to drive him to Wal-mart where he bought a new tire. Afer that was fixed, we enjoyed both sessions today and had so many opportunities to teach our kids about how the church works. They enjoyed Pres. Ballards sense of humor and Pres. Monson's stories and laughs too. The talks were incredible, personal and very back to the basics. Just what we need! It was a great day! I got a lot done while we listened. I find it much easier to listen if I'm occupied, so I did dishes and mopped the floors and folded laundry. If I sit, my mind wanders on all the things I need to do. So I do them and I listen much more closely. I know - wierd. But it works for me.

This afternoon we all headed to my sister's for Break the Fast Dinner. Her husband makes the best homemade Chicago Style pizza!! YUMMY!! And a salad chocked full of different veggies! We laughed, talked and compeltely enjoyed ourselves!!

We ended the evening on a great spirit with Family Prayers and Father's Blessings for the AIMS testing this week. The kids happily went to bed and went right to sleep! Now it's time for me to hit the hay but only after I get the schedule set for the week with ballgames, teaching, dance class and recitals and work. AAAHHH!!!!! Calgon! Take me away!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Go HERE and help out a friend while having some fun in the process.
She has a contest going on AND a survey for a school class. Go HERE and see it!!

Hoping to have some time this afternoon to blog and catch up. I'm off to change the laundry before I go walking. LATER!

GO HERE!!!! NOW! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm the big 37 this year! But I'm ok with it. A few polled last night all guessed I was in my EARLY 30's! I'll take it!!! :)

I have much to post about the past few days but haven't had the time. I will be back on the wagon this weekend. I'm off to get ready for lunch with some great friends! Yum and Fun!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Body Flex

I've had a lot of people ask about Body Flex. Click HERE to read about it. I only do the Toning Exercises. They have now added a lot more to it apparently. I just like that it's quick (about 20-25 min.) and I can SEE results in SIZE - not just weight!!
They describe what I do as this: BodyFlex breathing is a specific kind of deep breathing exercise combined with isotonic (equal tension) and isometric (equal measurements) stretching positions.
I have done it for 3 weeks continuously now and I have notice my pants go down in 1 full size already!! I combine this with my walking and forcing down a breakfast and LOTS of water. Sometimes I feel like I am floating away but other times it doesn't bother me at all to drink what I do. You'd think in AZ, that we would drink more or 'desire' more water but can't say that I do. It's been taxing at times, but if I drink what is necessary - I feel a difference.

Good luck and if you are close and want to walk with me - let me know!! If I can do it - YOU can do it!!


Many know that I have 'given up' soda over the past 3 weeks. I decided the crap in Diet just isn't worth switching, so I just said GOODBYE! I was a DIE HARD Dr. Pepper drinker and then went to Diet Dr. Pepper but kept lurking back to the regular. Not good.
Well, after 3 days of massive headaches and being sooo tired - I'm over the hump of crap on my way to a healthier me!
I also started walking (4 miles) again (stopped with the holidays and colder weather) every day and doing the not-so-famous Body Flex from LAURIE - thank you for introducing it to me!! I started FORCING myself to eat a little breakfast which consists of a yogurt, bottle of water and Fiber One choc. chip bar.
AND . . . drumroll please . . . I've LOST 11 POUNDS IN 3 WEEKS!! YAHOO!!!!

I'm on a roll now and I'm working towards more!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

NEW Way of exercising!

I stole this from KIM! I have not stopped laughing and I think I need this to teach voice from at my piano! I'd be thin in no time!! HHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Rainy Days and Mondays always get me DOWN!

I was looking forward to some solace today but alas! Two sick kids!
They did sleep most of the morning -

Oh well. I got all my blogging caught up - massive amounts of pictures. And then I wasted time taking this test from JULIE. I don't like that it says I'm a "judger" though.

Click to view my Personality Profile page

I guess I'd better get a few things done though. I only have about 2 hours left and I even have a car today and I'm not taking advantage of it. Guess I'm used to just being at home and getting things done here. I did do the dishes and vacuum. And 2 loads of laundry done but only one folded. I guess I've been productive, just not out of my sweats or the house yet!

EASTER 2008 - WARNING!!! LOTS of pictures!!

Baskets and Candy!

Pretty Hair - thanks to Jenn!

And loads of compliments on it too! :)

Then after church and an INCREDIBLE closing hymn (go here to read and cry!), we snuck out early to meet with the Toon Clan for Easter dinner. For the past couple of years, we have been going to the Country Club for Easter, Mother's Day, etc. No mess, someone else cooks and we get to enjoy the fun of visiting. It was a hard thing to explain to my kids about "going out" on a Sunday but we finally came to the conclusion that they just needed to know that Papa pays his fees for the club and it's included in his monthly bill, and we are spending time with family. My kids are so good about following the gospel principles, that they keep me on my toes with questions!
Heading out to go:

Fun with family:

Afterwards, we mixed up kids in cars with Bud/Jenn Toon family and headed to Geoff's dad's ofc to clean. This is how Kylee is working towards her CA Science trip - so she appreciated the help. This is what I found while they were cleaning -

The ties came off as soon as they hit the table at dinner but why is it you work sooo hard to get everyone looking their best and they tear it off before you have a chance to even enjoy it? :)

We stopped to switch back kids and intended to visit for just a bit but found ourselves playing cards and the Wii. They made forts and slides and really enjoying time with cousins that we rarely get to spend time with! My kids had a BLAST with the boys and my girls enjoyed playing with their 'older' cousin, Lauren, and being spoiled by Aunt Jenn. She fed them sweets and took them in as her own. We love their family and stayed probably past our welcome til 7PM.

Last BIG day of Spring Break!

After chores were done at home, we headed to lunch at Rallys. Yummy fries!!

Then we headed to the Zoo. It was a ZOO! Took us about 15 min. to find a parking spot, only because Geoff refused to park far away and walk. He drove until he found someone loading and parked behind them until they were leaving. UG! But we got a close spot - nice!

We saw:

Giraffes, orangutans, tiger, lions, vultures, otters, monkey village, frogs (of all sorts), lemurs, baboons, etc. etc. etc.!

It was animal and fun-filled. We got home, tired and worn out, to find long-lost friends waiting to see us! (My camera died and didn't get pics but they are planning to come over sometime for dinner soon.) We visited and then I headed out to shop for Easter outfits. Geoff was tired, so I hit the town on my own. No biggie - enjoyed the time alone, since I hadn't had it ALL week! I went to Old Navy first, but couldn't find anything I liked for the girls. (Usually they get picked first then the boys match them.) Walked next door, thinking "no way am I paying for a Justice outfit for each girl this year!" but ended up buying the cutest outfits for WAY too much! Walked back to Old Navy and bought the boys navy dockers and yellow polos. Had to hit Wal-mart on the way home for some food stuff and saw these great green dress shirts. Matched well and although the boys HATE clip-on ties, they'll just have to deal and make Momma happy. All done, so I thought. Got home and Jonathan informed me that he didn't have black dress shoes that fit. WHAT? What did you wear last week? Brown, but they are WAY too big. So, back to Wal-mart to buy black dress shoes. He is now in the Mens section too!! More money for those sizes! But pleased with the outfits!