Monday, March 24, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays always get me DOWN!

I was looking forward to some solace today but alas! Two sick kids!
They did sleep most of the morning -

Oh well. I got all my blogging caught up - massive amounts of pictures. And then I wasted time taking this test from JULIE. I don't like that it says I'm a "judger" though.

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I guess I'd better get a few things done though. I only have about 2 hours left and I even have a car today and I'm not taking advantage of it. Guess I'm used to just being at home and getting things done here. I did do the dishes and vacuum. And 2 loads of laundry done but only one folded. I guess I've been productive, just not out of my sweats or the house yet!


Lene said...

So sad to have sick kids.
I was suppose to get a bunch done today and I haven't done anything really productive -- well I did blog!
Hope the kidlets get better soon!

Lara said...

Don't worry about the judging...just means you weigh situations carefully instead of just intuitively making your decision.

I am an ISFP usually when I take it, but last time I took it I was an ISFJ. Maybe I started judging recently. :)

Laurie M. said...

Hope the kids get better soon. Better this week than last though, right?