Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Daze

Gotta love the days of water and sun! I complain (a lot lately) about our heat and how ridiculous it is. . . but my kids tell me it's because I rarely go in the pool.

Well . . . I've been better this year than I have been in past AND today I even went in on my own, without them asking (or should I say begging me). We had diving contests, games, silliness and just downright fun. Here's some pics for proof and a few extras from the days I spent with my sisters at their pools as proof we've had some fun this summer!
Laying by the pool with my Lady-Lou, watching the kids play!
Kids goofing off!
Cute nephew, David, after a full day swimming
Studly Dakota!
Jonathan is gangsta! LOL
Maddi boo - my super smiley girl!
Maddi strikin' a pose!
Funny Cameron hiding from the sun

My cute nephew, Austin, who "did his hair cute" in the shower. . . all by himself! DUDE!
My silly, but gorgeous, Kylee striking a pose!

My too-studly-to-pose-for-Mom, Jonathan!
SEE! I was there!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Insomniacs Anonymous

Many of you know (from seeing me logged into Facebook, driving by my house after midnight and seeing lights on, or just seeing me walking the aisles of Wal-mart) I'm a night owl! But lately it seems that I've gone from being a night owl to just plain not being able to sleep. I can stay up all day, finally fall asleep around 3am and then be back up by 7 or 8am. I can blame it on a myriad of things -
1 - Geoff works nights 1-2 weeks a month, which makes it hard for me to sleep
2 - I've always been a night owl and therefore will remain a night owl, no matter how much sleep I get
3 - I have A LOT on my mind (i.e. the move to Colorado, the bills, the kids, etc etc etc)
4 - I get a heck of a lot more done at night when everyone is asleep, especially computer work (teaching schedules, emails, church work, etc)
5 - I hate to miss out on anything and so I enjoy catching up on all my friends on Facebook when the updates aren't pouring in every second

This list could go on and on but I'll spare you all the things on my mind. I wish I could sleep. I have always LOVED my sleep. I know I'm not lacking the sleep my body needs because as my siblings can attest, I'd be sick if I was. We all get sore throats and don't feel good when we are lacking. I have been lucky enough to grab a nap here and there but nothing worth losing a half a night's sleep over. And I've even cut down on my caffeine (I do love my Dr Pepper) later in the day to see if that's what it was. Nope. I'm just an insomniac and I know there are plenty of them out there. . . . I see them on Facebook! :)

What do you do when you can't sleep??

Stay TOONed . . .

Monday, July 5, 2010


Our past week has consisted of 3 things -

We have "pool hopped" to cousin's pools and swam to our hearts content every day. We've spent hours by the pool with family, had tons of laughs, and we've got some awesome tans going! :) I'll post some pics soon. My camera took a swim one day, so I'm going to have to purchase another. Darn. And I can't get any of my pics on my phone to upload to facebook or send to my email. Very frustrating.

So here's my gripe - -
I really hate holidays that stay on the same DATE and therefore rotate days.
I like holidays likeThanksgiving - every 4th Thursday of Nov.
Why can'tHalloween be the last Friday or Saturday of October?
Or Independence Day be the first Friday of July?
AndChristmas the 4th Thursday of December?

It would make parents lives much easier. It would make school and my teaching schedule easy. Convenience! That's what I'm all about. And for those who work - great! It would make for longer weekends and no weirdness in vacation scheduling. Maybe I should run for prez! HAHA! No thanks!!

Well, we're heading back into the pool.
Today we're actually staying home in OUR pool and Geoff is joining us.
Happy Independence Day!!