Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Body Flex

I've had a lot of people ask about Body Flex. Click HERE to read about it. I only do the Toning Exercises. They have now added a lot more to it apparently. I just like that it's quick (about 20-25 min.) and I can SEE results in SIZE - not just weight!!
They describe what I do as this: BodyFlex breathing is a specific kind of deep breathing exercise combined with isotonic (equal tension) and isometric (equal measurements) stretching positions.
I have done it for 3 weeks continuously now and I have notice my pants go down in 1 full size already!! I combine this with my walking and forcing down a breakfast and LOTS of water. Sometimes I feel like I am floating away but other times it doesn't bother me at all to drink what I do. You'd think in AZ, that we would drink more or 'desire' more water but can't say that I do. It's been taxing at times, but if I drink what is necessary - I feel a difference.

Good luck and if you are close and want to walk with me - let me know!! If I can do it - YOU can do it!!


Many know that I have 'given up' soda over the past 3 weeks. I decided the crap in Diet just isn't worth switching, so I just said GOODBYE! I was a DIE HARD Dr. Pepper drinker and then went to Diet Dr. Pepper but kept lurking back to the regular. Not good.
Well, after 3 days of massive headaches and being sooo tired - I'm over the hump of crap on my way to a healthier me!
I also started walking (4 miles) again (stopped with the holidays and colder weather) every day and doing the not-so-famous Body Flex from LAURIE - thank you for introducing it to me!! I started FORCING myself to eat a little breakfast which consists of a yogurt, bottle of water and Fiber One choc. chip bar.
AND . . . drumroll please . . . I've LOST 11 POUNDS IN 3 WEEKS!! YAHOO!!!!

I'm on a roll now and I'm working towards more!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

NEW Way of exercising!

I stole this from KIM! I have not stopped laughing and I think I need this to teach voice from at my piano! I'd be thin in no time!! HHHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Rainy Days and Mondays always get me DOWN!

I was looking forward to some solace today but alas! Two sick kids!
They did sleep most of the morning -

Oh well. I got all my blogging caught up - massive amounts of pictures. And then I wasted time taking this test from JULIE. I don't like that it says I'm a "judger" though.

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I guess I'd better get a few things done though. I only have about 2 hours left and I even have a car today and I'm not taking advantage of it. Guess I'm used to just being at home and getting things done here. I did do the dishes and vacuum. And 2 loads of laundry done but only one folded. I guess I've been productive, just not out of my sweats or the house yet!

EASTER 2008 - WARNING!!! LOTS of pictures!!

Baskets and Candy!

Pretty Hair - thanks to Jenn!

And loads of compliments on it too! :)

Then after church and an INCREDIBLE closing hymn (go here to read and cry!), we snuck out early to meet with the Toon Clan for Easter dinner. For the past couple of years, we have been going to the Country Club for Easter, Mother's Day, etc. No mess, someone else cooks and we get to enjoy the fun of visiting. It was a hard thing to explain to my kids about "going out" on a Sunday but we finally came to the conclusion that they just needed to know that Papa pays his fees for the club and it's included in his monthly bill, and we are spending time with family. My kids are so good about following the gospel principles, that they keep me on my toes with questions!
Heading out to go:

Fun with family:

Afterwards, we mixed up kids in cars with Bud/Jenn Toon family and headed to Geoff's dad's ofc to clean. This is how Kylee is working towards her CA Science trip - so she appreciated the help. This is what I found while they were cleaning -

The ties came off as soon as they hit the table at dinner but why is it you work sooo hard to get everyone looking their best and they tear it off before you have a chance to even enjoy it? :)

We stopped to switch back kids and intended to visit for just a bit but found ourselves playing cards and the Wii. They made forts and slides and really enjoying time with cousins that we rarely get to spend time with! My kids had a BLAST with the boys and my girls enjoyed playing with their 'older' cousin, Lauren, and being spoiled by Aunt Jenn. She fed them sweets and took them in as her own. We love their family and stayed probably past our welcome til 7PM.

Last BIG day of Spring Break!

After chores were done at home, we headed to lunch at Rallys. Yummy fries!!

Then we headed to the Zoo. It was a ZOO! Took us about 15 min. to find a parking spot, only because Geoff refused to park far away and walk. He drove until he found someone loading and parked behind them until they were leaving. UG! But we got a close spot - nice!

We saw:

Giraffes, orangutans, tiger, lions, vultures, otters, monkey village, frogs (of all sorts), lemurs, baboons, etc. etc. etc.!

It was animal and fun-filled. We got home, tired and worn out, to find long-lost friends waiting to see us! (My camera died and didn't get pics but they are planning to come over sometime for dinner soon.) We visited and then I headed out to shop for Easter outfits. Geoff was tired, so I hit the town on my own. No biggie - enjoyed the time alone, since I hadn't had it ALL week! I went to Old Navy first, but couldn't find anything I liked for the girls. (Usually they get picked first then the boys match them.) Walked next door, thinking "no way am I paying for a Justice outfit for each girl this year!" but ended up buying the cutest outfits for WAY too much! Walked back to Old Navy and bought the boys navy dockers and yellow polos. Had to hit Wal-mart on the way home for some food stuff and saw these great green dress shirts. Matched well and although the boys HATE clip-on ties, they'll just have to deal and make Momma happy. All done, so I thought. Got home and Jonathan informed me that he didn't have black dress shoes that fit. WHAT? What did you wear last week? Brown, but they are WAY too big. So, back to Wal-mart to buy black dress shoes. He is now in the Mens section too!! More money for those sizes! But pleased with the outfits!