Monday, March 24, 2008

Last BIG day of Spring Break!

After chores were done at home, we headed to lunch at Rallys. Yummy fries!!

Then we headed to the Zoo. It was a ZOO! Took us about 15 min. to find a parking spot, only because Geoff refused to park far away and walk. He drove until he found someone loading and parked behind them until they were leaving. UG! But we got a close spot - nice!

We saw:

Giraffes, orangutans, tiger, lions, vultures, otters, monkey village, frogs (of all sorts), lemurs, baboons, etc. etc. etc.!

It was animal and fun-filled. We got home, tired and worn out, to find long-lost friends waiting to see us! (My camera died and didn't get pics but they are planning to come over sometime for dinner soon.) We visited and then I headed out to shop for Easter outfits. Geoff was tired, so I hit the town on my own. No biggie - enjoyed the time alone, since I hadn't had it ALL week! I went to Old Navy first, but couldn't find anything I liked for the girls. (Usually they get picked first then the boys match them.) Walked next door, thinking "no way am I paying for a Justice outfit for each girl this year!" but ended up buying the cutest outfits for WAY too much! Walked back to Old Navy and bought the boys navy dockers and yellow polos. Had to hit Wal-mart on the way home for some food stuff and saw these great green dress shirts. Matched well and although the boys HATE clip-on ties, they'll just have to deal and make Momma happy. All done, so I thought. Got home and Jonathan informed me that he didn't have black dress shoes that fit. WHAT? What did you wear last week? Brown, but they are WAY too big. So, back to Wal-mart to buy black dress shoes. He is now in the Mens section too!! More money for those sizes! But pleased with the outfits!


Crazymamaof6 said...

cute outfits! and way fun day at the ZOO! WHOOHOO! love that.

Laurie M. said...

oh, I miss Rally's. That place has the yummiest fries! I love the Easter outfits- so cute!

Jenn said...

Your outfits are way cute!

Your zoo is so much sweeter than ours in Utah. But ours is getting better... One day!

Oh- and my husband hates to park far away too. SO he'll hunt too!