Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break Day 3 and 4

Let's see . . . not as "fun" as the first 2 days (so say the kiddos) but busy-ish. We hung around home yesterday since I had a meeting for the Laurel Retreat. The kids played and goofed around the neighborhood. We bought the movie "Enchanted" the night before but our DVD player gave up it's ghost (after 12 years, I guess it can) so they didn't get it to watch it until yesterday, when a sweet and kind neighbor learned of our whoa and offered an extra one for us until we can budget a new one in.

After that Dad got home and we couldn't convince the 'tired boy' to go to the drive-in movies with us, so we went to dinner instead. We took the kids to Serrano's and had an impromptu birthday dinner for Miss Maddi that we haven't had time to do yet. We ordered WAY TOO MUCH food, enjoyed the goofiness of the kids and ate 3 different kinds of fried ice cream for dessert - strawberry, chocolate and honey.

On the way home we jammed out to the radio! Geoff's newest purchase is a Sirius radio and we LOVE the 80's station. All the kids know the words to this song (bad example, I know) and we sang LOUD with the windows down!! Fun times!!

Today is another lazy day in the neighborhood. Our youth in the stake left on their "Exodus Trek" this morning, so there are lots of young kids with parents (leaders) that are gone and have lots of free time to play (babysitters sending them outside). Our home has been busy with kids in and out and asking for snacks, drinks, etc. But I don't mind, it's lots of fun! I'd rather have everyone here than not know where my kids are. Kylee started her science project last night by rubbing lunch meat on her cutting sheet to leave overnight. Today she stayed home this morning to start her 'fun part', as she would describe it. We set up her "lab" and began testing her cleaning solutions to see which really clean the best. We tested Pinesol, Lysol, Dial, Clorox, rubbing alcohol and water. I wish we could've used more (like all the ones I trust in my home) to see if they all really work but she was limited to 6 because that's all the agar plates I bought. Here's a sneak peek of this joy!

The agar plates are now "baking" on a table by a window for 2 days as the bacteria grows. :) FUN!!

Tomorrow is the ZOO as a family in the morning and then shopping for Easter outfits and baskets with just Mom and Dad. YEA! Hope you are all enjoying your week!!


Kim Skinner said...

Love satellite radio, love Enchanted and love your idea for the science experiment. Can you bring some of those cleaning supplies over to my house? :)

Laurie M. said...

Sounds fun to me! I love hearing about your daily adventures. You and your family have so much fun together!

cathy said...

SMALL WORLD! I was totally shocked when I saw that you posted a comment! You look great and so does your family. I would love to catch up and see what all of you Whitings have been up to, as well as whoever you are still in contact with from good ol' 23rd ward. my email is thanks for droppin' me a line!

Sarah said...

Too fun! Busy week for you guys! Sounds similar to ours! We even went to the zoo today! It was afternoon though before we got there...I kinda wondered if I might run into someone I knew from blogging. I didn't, but that's ok...I didn't look my best today.

Glad you guys have been able to enjoy your spring break!