Sunday, July 25, 2010

20 Random Things about Jenn

Need some fun reading (well, I enjoyed writing it)? Here it goes:

1. I'm divorced. Just when I think everyone knows this, someone whom I've known for a while says they didn't know. I was married VERY young at 19 yrs and divorced by 21 1/2 yrs. I remarried 2 years later to my true love.

2. I HATE PEAS! I can't stand them from a can, frozen or fresh. They just make me gag. I used to tell people I was allergic to them, just so I wouldn't be embarrassed if they served them.

3. I used to tap dance competitively. I can barely do any "wings" or even come close to a "coffee grinder" now, but I used to be pretty good. I wish I was better though.

4. I am the oldest of 6 kids and they are all boys, except 5. Ha! (An old joke of my Dad's) I have 4 younger sisters and we are all very different - in looks, personality, mothering, etc. But we all get along and meet for sisters lunch often and can talk for HOURS!

5. I dreamed of marrying into a close knit, fun, active family. I got the very opposite but wouldn't trade my hubby for anyone!

6. I have only broken 1 bone in my lifetime - my left pinky toe. I was on the floor watching cartoons with my first husband (I told you I was young) and he went to tickle me and I got up to run away and my toe got "caught" on the hall doorframe. OUCH! Good thing I have an uncle for a podiatrist. You never think you'll need one but when you do, you are grateful.

7. I don't like to listen to the radio in the car. I used to listen to it all the time and loudly as a teen/young adult but since I've become a Mom - no thanks. Maybe it's because of the babies crying or kids talking with friends. Or the fact that I like to talk to my kids and their friends. Or maybe because I listen to music all day when I'm teaching but I just don't like it. Even if I'm alone - I prefer the quiet. It calms me.

8. I want nothing more than to be everyone's friend. It bothers me when I find out someone doesn't like me. I want to be smiled at when I see someone I've met and know that they like me and are happy to see me. Sometimes I try too hard and I know it and feel like a fool afterwards but I can't help it. I know it's an insecurity but I just love people and want them to love me! I love the differences we all have! I appreciate those differences and want nothing more than to be your friend!

9. I love a clean house and sometimes I obsess about it. I used to be ridiculous about my home. I'd clean so much that my hands were raw and you could eat off my floors but after having kids and realizing it isn't the end of the world if there are a few dishes in the sink, I've relaxed. Also, having to go back to work and leaving Geoff and the kids home all day forced me to stop obsessing. Geoff would be doing homework all day and the kids had free reign sometimes. This about drove us to divorce! I would work a long day and come home exhausted from teaching to find dishes, laundry, messes and more to do. I couldn't complain because my kids were fed, happy and he was doing homework (which was important) but I felt like I had another job waiting for me at home. My kids know that I'm particular and when they clean their rooms they ask "Does it have to be clean or Mom-clean?" Sometimes I'm nice and just let them clean. :) But sometimes - it's time for Mom-inspections. If you ask them what I want for Mothers Day, Christmas, anniversary or birthday, they'll answer the same thing every time - A clean house and a happy family!

10. I love my Dad! He is my absolute most favorite person! We butted heads growing up - because we are a lot alike. But now I got to him for advise and counseling. I know he will give me the answer I need and not what I want to hear. He loves to be the life of the party - always telling a joke or keeping in the center of the conversation. He's well loved by all who meet him - people remember him from years back and with fond memories. He has a quote for everything in life and my favorite I have above my door. Every time we left the house as teens he would call out "Remember who you are" and my Mom would follow with "And what you stand for". Dad would remind us that we do not just carry our own name but our parents and family's name. We represent our parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. We must remember that when making decisions. I hope I make him proud!

11. and 12. (it was long so I gave it 2 answers) I took piano lessons off and on for about 6-7 years. It was a RULE in our home that everyone learned how to play the piano and you couldn't quit until you passed "the test". The test was you had to be able to play all the hymns in the hymnbook. Being LDS you would play for church more than you would play for anything else, so hymns were essential. I had been taking piano and started voice lessons when I was 14 yrs. Piano was primary and every 2 or 3 weeks, I could substitute piano for a voice lesson. I asked if I could quite piano and take voice all the time and I was told to "pass the test". My date was set for a Family Home Evening a month later. My Mom was going to Utah for the Music Education Week and when she returned I would have my test. Well, my Mom returned home with the NEW hymnbook! I was so worried!! New hymns and arrangements - could I pass? My brother thought he was going to be the tough guy and picked a couple of new ones and a mens arrangement in the back to play but I did it. I passed all 10 hymns that were picked and I got to take voice lessons every week! But I still love to play the piano - according to my mood! I dreamed of owning a baby grand piano and finally got one when we moved into our current home. I got a smoking hot deal on it (I was teaching out of a studio in a piano store and got it for cost) so I couldn't pass. If I'm happy, sad, upset, romantic or spiritually uplifted - you can tell by what I'm playing. My Dad told me that's what he missed the most when I moved out - I would play in the evening to unwind and he could tell how my day was by the songs I played. He could even tell what my dates were like by what I chose to play. Now my kids tell me they like it when I "play them to sleep".

13. I talk in my sleep. It usually only happens when I'm extremely tired but you can hold a conversation with me. I rarely divulge any secrets but I will tell you the truth, something I may not tell you the truth about if I'm awake . . . or at least that's what I've been told by my husband and friends. :) A couple of my kids do it too - I guess it's hereditary!

14. I love organization. This comes from my Mom. I am detailed about my bills and receipts. I'm picky about my documents on the computer. I love things organized but especially documents and papers!

15. I LOVE bare feet! I love shoes but when I don't have to wear them - even better! I love being without shoes, socks or anything on my feet! When I sleep I keep my whole under a blanket or sheet but my feet must be out. I don't like them covered. Wearing tennis shoes to workout, sports or hike drives me nuts and once I'm done - the shoes are the first thing I want to shed. I guess that's one good thing about living in Arizona - I wear flip flops 99% of the year! And if I'm in the car, they get kicked off. If I'm where I can slide them off, I do.

16. I am quick at learning computers. I didn't think anything of this until my father in law, who works in the computer business, started complimenting me on how quick I would pick up on new pieces of equipment he'd pass on to me. I was a receptionist at a medical center years ago (18 yrs ago when computers were pretty archaic) and they got a new computer program that I picked up on very quickly. I was asked to attend a class and train the building (6 floors, 50+ receptionist/surgery schedulers) how to use it. About 10 yrs ago I received my first Palm pilot from my father in law and it didn't have a manual (he passed it on to me when he upgraded) and I learned it all on my own. Then he would watch me quickly learn how to use my new cell phones, computers, remotes, etc. and now he brags about it. I feel that it's a compliment coming from Mr. Computer himself. I love creating documents and will stay up late creating something for my church calling or my teaching studio and figure out how to use all the different applications on my computer to do so.

17. I am a night owl! It's by nature and I was trained young. My parents were married for over 4 years before I was born and being the oldest, they taught me everything they knew. And they knew how to stay up late. They would keep me up with them so I would sleep in with them, too. Lately, I would kill to sleep in but yet I don't always have that opportunity with kids and work and a hubby who has to be up early. Yet I still stay up late. Hence why I'm typing this at 2am. :) I love to clean at night but Geoff gets mad when he can smell the bleach while sleeping. I feel I get a lot more done at night - why waste it?

18. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color green. I love all shades of green - pea green, olive green, spring green, kelly green, you name it - I love it! I'm not sure why but it's been my favorite color since I can remember. I think at one point I liked purple but in my adult years - I'm a green kind of gal. It reminds me of nature and all things fresh and clean! If I have a choice, I always choose green. It makes me SMILE!

19. I'm a bit OCD. There are things that I do continually that leads me to believe I might be. I tap my foot to the lines in the street or the street lights as I drive by. I used to count them sub-consciencely but since I've had kids, not so much. Arrangements must be in their proper place.
Once I have set a decoration, it doesn't change unless I change it. Geoff or the kids will try to put it back correctly after dusting but I go fix it if it's not how I had it. The pillows on the couch and bed have to be in their place and I will fix them if they aren't. I have tried to relax over the years with kids but if you come to my home and I've had a chance to pick up - they'll be in the same place every time, I promise. :)
20. I'm annoyed by bad spelling or words with more than one spelling used incorrectly. If I can't spell a word, I look it up or don't use it. And if you don't know the difference between your,you're OR too, to, two OR here, hear OR they're, there, their - learn them or don't use them. Drives me insane!
I'm sure I could come up with a few more but that's plenty for now. Now it's your turn! Tell me about you! :)