Thursday, December 6, 2007


You have to take them when you can. .. right? Yesterday after I blogged, Geoff and I ran to Ned's Krazy Sub (lovin' me some Ned's) for lunch. We enjoyed the time together and enjoyed the food, especially the pickle. Funny - I won't eat a pickle on a burger or out of a jar, but from Ned's? Anytime!! Kids all give me theirs! I've got 'em trained!
We picked up Lady from Puppy Love - she has 2 piggies with Christmas bows! She is so cute! If I can figure out how to post a pic - I'll do it. Someone may have to show me how! :)
Then we stopped by my girlfriend's (Rhonda) parents house. We have known each other since we were 15! Scary! Her daughter turned that this year and we told her we met at this age - she called us old! :) She was over there helping her parents (dad had quadruple bypass this past weekend) clean house. She had 2 big bags of clothes for my girls! I don't normally drop names but her brother-in-law is Trey Basha (yes, son of Eddie - the owner of AJ's Fine Foods and Bashas'). I tell you this because 90% of the clothes come from them and have never been worn and they are all name brand that I would never buy - unless clearanced! I'm too cheap! They are adorable and Kylee loves it! It's like Christmas all year when Rhonda sends bags of clothes over. Thank you!!
On the way home we stopped by my sisters to give her my share of the money needed to buy for the needy family we are giving to this year (they went shopping last night and I had to miss because I was at the show). Her husband was home (had PTO he HAS to use by the end of the year or he loses it - she had him painting! GO Christine!). He talked to Geoff about a position open at his office! It pays a bit more and their benefits are great (except no dental - even though my bro is a dentist, I'll feel guilty not having some benefits to pay him) and their 401K is incredible . . . gotta plan for retirement, right? I'm really looking forward to time the hubby and no responsibility of kids or work! HA!!! So, he's going to call Geoff on Monday for an interview! Keep your fingers crossed! This furlow may turn out for the best! I also shared some clothes with her for Dani - who is the same age as Kylee. Thanks again to Rhonda! :)
Well - I'm off to teach 1 lesson (yep, only one but only til 3:15pm then it's my usual 6 more!) and then Geoff told me we could go to Rustic Hutch and walk around! YEA for me!! Love the Rustic Hutch - especially at Christmas! Have a great one and I'll keep posting as long as you keep reading!! Love you all!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Don't count. . .

It's been WAY too long since I've blogged. But I have a few (and I mean a few) minutes in my incredibly crazy life! Let's see, in the past few months we have had a lot of things happen - good and bad. Geoff was put on work 'furlow' (a nice way of saying laid off!) til Feb. 25th. Sucks but we have my teaching to help support us. Geoff is playing Mr. Mom - hates it, but does a great job. He does all the house cleaning and carpooling while I teach. I've been blessed with 4 new students and Hale Centre Theatre (my new fav work place) has been employing me as a music director and sound board operator. We were concerned about the holidays but it's going to be just fine.
This past weekend I had a complete meltdown! Sunday morning I had a music committee meeting at 8am and then a youth choir practice (I'm accompanying) at 9am. Then when I got home, I had to get the 'baptism bag' together for Geoff's primary kid who was baptized the day before. Showers for everyone (not much hot water for those of us at the end), hair done, teeth brushed and a stick of gum for those fasting, dressed - shirts tucked in, shoes found, my makeup and then grab my hymnbook and RUN to church in order to make it on-time to play prelude. We have "claimed" the front row on the side where the organ is so I don't have walk to far after I play the organ and then have to return for the closing song. When we get there another family took it. I know they aren't assigned but it bothered me since they knew we always sat there. Oh well - to the back, which by now is the middle of the cultural hall. I don't like to play very loud on the organ before the meeting. I find it just makes the pre-church gab even louder. It can be heard but you have just listen. Our ward has been really encouraging everyone to show up and be reverent before the meeting. Well, I begin playing Christmas hymns. No one was listening - I can almost guarantee it! I just play and ignore the noise. Well, try to. The bishopric comes in and sits on the stand. I thought for sure the noise would quiet down - nope. It just continues. I finally just stop playing. They didn't even notice!! When the member of the bishopric stood up to conduct, he looked at me and nodded for me to stop. He didn't even notice!! AAAHHH!! I was almost done then. Well, I came to the meeting for one reason - the sacrament. The meeting went on - no thanks to the music people. Oh well. Sacrament passed and the deacon forgot me! Got the chorister but not me! That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Afterwards I went and sat with Geoff. My kids were extremely noisy and annoying today. Just couldn't sit still. Had to take Kylee out and talk to her about setting an example. Not my idea of fun. After the last testimony was said, I started my "trek" back to the front. There was a pause waiting for me to get situated at the organ. OH WELL! Deal with it! You took my row! By the way, that family has little ones and left early in the meeting! AAAH!!! After the closing prayer, the noise went right back to where it was. I played through one hymn and closed up. None of the bishopric even said thanks or hello today. I know it's a thankless job - always has been. But if you have ever been to a meeting with music- it's weird! Do your music peeps a favor and tell them thank you! We miss all the visiting before and after the meetings and feel very left out a lot! Don't forget them! As I walked off the stand, the choir director (someone who I would consider a very 'hard' person and not one to just visit with) stopped me and asked if I was ok. That was it - - I started to bawl! She held me and I cried. I had just been too stressed! Too much work, not enough time and carrying the weight of all the financial woes, on top of being forgotten completely (including the sacrament) at church - just too much! I excused myself and rushed by Geoff saying "I'm going - love you" and ran out of the bldg. I sat in the van and cried for about 5 minutes. Unable to drive because I couldn't see. Geoff came out and offered to drive me home. We got home and he snuggled with me on the couch as I poured it all out! I haven't cried like that in a long time! I cried myself to sleep and he covered me up with a blanket and then cleaned up the house. He fixed dinner and when I woke up, he had a Sonic Dr. Pepper for me. I told him I was fasting, to which he replied "I think the Lord will forgive you! Enjoy!" I love that man!! I'm better now - still plugging along! :)
more later . . . .