Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pictures don't lie!

It's been awhile since I've blogged . . sorry.
The holidays are over - the family has all gone home (some here in AZ, some in CO, and some in OR). Gone from one show to yet another and still another in rehearsals. I'm stressing over yet another RS lesson at the end of the month (that I still don't have the topic for!!) and Geoff is working ODD hours at his new job. And I'm back to teaching 6 days a week.
We are all somewhat "normal" now! :)

We met with family last Sunday and had our Whiting Family Christmas Party. We exchanged cousin gifts, did the nativity (now that was a HOOT!), ate the traditional Posoli and nachos and took the family pictures. I was pleased with our family's outfits, even though I was NOT thrilled with the choice of pink for girls and blue for boys. There were lots of different shades among all of us but fun to see all the blue; at least for my dad who had 5 daughters and only 1 son but now has it reversed. Out of 22 grandkids there are only 8 girls! He loves that! :) My girls matched, boys matched and Geoff I were in the same shades as the kids. Looked nice at home in the mirror but when I looked at the final pics- UG! I'm HUGE! I didn't think I was that big but pictures don't lie! I've already started on my regime, but now I'm even more determined! I have set 4 daily "weight" goals and if I can accomplish them each day for a week - I give myself a prize. This next week I am giving myself a much needed pedicure if I make it. I just can't describe the horror when I was looking at the digital camera screen at the pics my sister-in-law took! Don't get me wrong - the pics are good but I looked awful!! Needless to say, I will keep a copy of the "big" group and then my kids but nothing else! EW! I thought of putting one of me up on the mirror as a daily reminder but I vomited everyday of each pregnancy (I'm an awful pregnant woman - pic line and all!) and don't need something to make me feel like that every morning while I'm brushing my teeth! I may gag on my toothbrush as I did before! HA! I will just have to be happy with my rewards and hope that helps to keep me motivated! Geoff will just have to deal with a shopping trip when I get to the size I want. :)

I found this awesome website about what your ideal weight is. Check it out!