Saturday, June 7, 2008

Simple Joys!

It's been a LONG time since I've blogged. I'm sure you all missed me . . . j/k!

I have so much to blog about but I'll spare you all the details and instead just recap:

School is officially out! Kylee CRIED for hours after school because she "will miss her awesome teacher and will really miss elementary school". She was very emotional about leaving 6th grade and although it's exciting, she is nervous about junior high.

We have had house guests - Medlyn's from Utah - and THOROUGHLY enjoyed the WEEK they stayed with us. They slept, swam, hung out, swam, played XBox, swam, etc.

While they were here, I had to leave for about 3 days to go on our ward's YW Retreat. I was blessed with the opportunity to be on the committee that planned this "Journey to Eternity" and it was AMAZING! I was in charge of getting speakers for the girls and I think I fulfilled that. I had Heather Madder come and speak to them about having DIVINE NATURE. She was awesome and I think she affected the leaders as well. The last night I had my Dad come and talk about not ever feeling alone. He was INCREDIBLE and I know he affected the girls and leaders by the testimonies born the next morning and Sunday. I could not have been prouder of my DAD!

My boys had the incredible opportunity to attend a week of Diamondbacks Baseball Training Camp. They had a blast and both did great! They got lots of kudos from the coaches and Dakota won 4th place overall (kids 4 years older than he participated) in their olympics. They are anxious now for Winter Training that Dad has promised they can do.

I'm knee deep into rehearsals for The Secret Garden (playing Lily) with my Kylee (in the children's chorus). We have had fun with rehearsals (old college friend is playing Archie opposite of me) and with costume fittings (yea for the weight loss!) and publicity pictures! I have just started adding in the additional rehearsals at Hale (Widow Paroo in The Music Man) this week as well. It's been a crazy schedule but I thoroughly enjoy it once I get to the rehearsal.

Tonight Geoff is at work (on nights this week), Kylee is at a sleepover and my 3 youngers are asleep. I had 6 no show lessons (welcome to summer! Good thing they pay in advance!!) and I was able to be a "MOM"! I know this may be normal for you all but I don't always get the joy of fixing dinner AT dinnertime and then serve it, eat it with the family and clean up after it! I so enjoyed this process!! I usually fix something early in the day to be thrown in the oven at dinner time and if I'm lucky I get some before I head out to rehearsal or when I get back from rehearsal. Otherwise, it's fast food for me and sometimes everyone. I made homemade pizza tonight (even the crust) and a caesar salad. This is a family favorite and the kids had a blast eating with me - funny how the smallest things make kids happy. We enjoyed ice cream and vanilla Oreos for dessert.

I have read over 200 blogs (sorry for not commenting, just trying to catch up)! I read about worms, photo shoots, rain, summer water fun in Az, realized I missed a friends birthday (Sorry Julie!! Gift for you this weekend!!), baby firsts - crawling, smiles, etc., chicken pox, sad days for Mickey, blue eyes, baseball, hockey games, bored kids, bunko fun, projects, pierced ears, clean and organized rooms, husbands leaving the country and coming home safe again, chores, HIGH ladders, diets, church callings, etc. etc. etc. You all have such great lives and amazing families, adorable kids and loads of fun!!

Again, I apologize for not commenting but know that I enjoy reading your blogs and hearing all about you and your family! Keep it coming and I'll try and do the same when I can! Love to all and ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!!!