Saturday, April 7, 2007

Saturday is a special day. . .

Today was so much fun! We cleaned house this morning and made games out of that. Then headed to the store for picnic food. Then I taught my couple of lessons. After which we did the last minute pick up and I did the "mom walk thru" - which meant I did a lot more cleaning then they did. I changed out the boys quilts with their new ones - they look SO NICE! And after the house looked great (which I love!), Geoff started the ice cream maker and Kylee and I started the brownies. We set out the food and cut up the subs and waited. My family is typically late but surprisingly enough - most everyone was here by 1:30PM. We ate and enjoyed each other's company. The big kids hid the eggs in the front yard for the little ones and then all devoured candy. We got the brownies and ice cream out and called it a day. Ben and his family stayed to swim while Chris and Heather's broods left. Mom and Dad stayed and visited a while. All in all it was a relaxing time and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We had a nice visit outside with nieghbors for a couple of hours (we love this area) and then came in. Kids had baths and then we talked about tomorrow - the meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it. Had family prayers and the kids are asleep. Geoff is watching tv and I'm trying to convince myself I don't need to go to Wal-mart. But alas, I do. The boys have no dark socks that fit anymore for church. And Jonathan's belt finally bit the dust.
Well, guess I'd better go now so I can get home before I crash. I'm so tired! Good night and Happy Easter!

Friday, April 6, 2007

I should never teach on holidays. . .

It's Good Friday or April Break or whatever you want to celebrate but I had so many no shows today that I was getting disturbed. Only consolation is: they still pay! At the beginning of each semester, each student gets a LESSON ATTENDANCE RECORD. This lists all the days we will be having lessons and will NOT be having lessons. I have that today IS a lesson and so no one has an excuse! There are 24 weeks in a semester and if they want to have all the lessons they pay for - then they had better show up. Oh well. This is why I want to teach at home - so I can be doing laundry or something productive if someone doesn't show up. Rather than sit and do nothing.

too much to do . . . too little time

I woke up early this morning - ug! It's a holiday! Oh well. Kylee had piano lesson at 8AM. It was a difficult lesson for her; she didn't feel too good and was extremely tired after the past few days and her teacher (love him) was not very patient with her today. I promised her I'd help out by practicing with her each day. I think she needs a little more attention and instruction that her teacher (he's in his 60's but excellent) can give. But I refuse to teach her - she won't listen to mom. :)
Then I did all the floors (vacuuming and sweep/mopping) and picked up. Geoff came home from work so I could go and teach. He is going to fold the last of the laundry and pull weeds. The house should be ready for the party tomorrow. :) I can only hope. Just the bathrooms left. Kylee left with Sarah t0 "pay" for her hair. The boys are going to do laser tag with their cousins (grandma is picking them up) and Geoff and Maddi are hanging out at home. I get done teaching at 5PM and then I'm rushing home to teach another at my house at 5:30PM. She will then stay to babysit for us while we go do some shopping. I need to purchase all the food for tomorrow and Easter basket stuff, as well as outfits for Easter dinner at the country club on Sunday with the in-laws. UG! Don't get me wrong - it's fun to see everyone but it never seems simple. My family luckily is all about the casual. We will swim and hide eggs and visit and eat at our home tomorrow. But Geoff's family - God bless them - have to make it a big affair! His dad has decided it's easier to go somewhere so they don't have to prepare it all (which I heartily agree with) but the country club is so stuffy and my kids hate having to dress up and sit proper. Oh well.
Off to teach my LATE students! Later!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Another day is . . . gone!

Tonight was relatively uneventful. After I finished teaching, I stopped for the typical "Friday night" dinner at McD's for the family. I got a Cherry Limeade from Sonic but wasn't hungry. I dropped it off at home and picked up Maddi to run an errand - the other 3 were in the pool and Geoff was in the Arizona room watching them and the Suns game. We love having that room - with all the windows, we have a perfect view of the pool. We put the big screen tv in there with the XBox and the computer as well. Grandma's piano (the console) is in there as well but the keys are not put back yet. As soon as they are then that will be where the kids can practice as well. Anways, Maddi and I went to Home Depot to get flowers (Vinncas and Zinnias) for the front pods and I'm still in the search for Hearts and Flowers (a ground cover) for in front under my bay window. I think it will look so nice with my bench. :) But they had hardly anything and no one there to help me. So we left and went to Lowe's - which I prefer. I walked in and immediately someone asked if they could help me. LOVE THAT!! I got the flowers I wanted and then they told me they had no idea what Hearts and Flowers were. So, I guess I'll call in the morning and see if someone who knows is working then. I've heard so many great things about it, like it will grow in this crappy clay ground we have and loves the sun but hates to be overwatered. This is perfect for this area because there is no drip lines. We came home and planted them and we were out there, my visiting teacher, Cindy Spencer, drove up and called me over. She apologized for being the lame VT and not remembering my birthday. I laughed. No biggie. But she wants to go to lunch next Wednesday with the group that has already planned to take me. This ward is great! We are going to Crackers. We visited a little and then she invited Kylee to go with her daughter to play 007. It's a form of hide and seek where they hide and then the teens come find them by spotlighting in the truck. It's super fun, I guess and Kylee had fun last time - so she was stoked to bve invited again. We finished planting and trimmed the queen palms up front and lantana (which I despise but don't want to pull out either). Geoff dug up the little palms that were dead and we called it a night. Kylee came home and practiced the piano and since the boys were in bed by the time we girls got home last night - Geoff promised them they could stay up later than the girls tonight. HA! Well, it's half and half - Maddi and Dakota are asleep now and Jonathan and Kylee are still up. But Geoff is now putting them bed - so I guess I should go help. Then it's off to bed for me - Geoff has to work at 6:30AM and Kylee has an 8AM piano lesson. Goodnight!

lazy day

I was not very productive today. I did get a little more of my grout cleaned. Looks so much better. . . though it will take a lot more time than I expected. If I'd just do it in one sitting - it could be done in about 4 hours but I'm a little ADD when it comes to that. :) I have to finish cleaning before the Easter party but with teaching tonight and tomorrow and then going out tomorrow night with Geoff - it will have to wait until Friday night. Simply because I'm SURE my kids will make messes while I'm gone. Seems useless to clean so I can redo it later. So . . . I'm relaxing mostly today. I have to leave to teach in an hour so I'm going to go lay down on the couch and watch some tv. Nothing exciting just Food Network or HGTV. Kids are home now and they are excited there is no school tomorrow - no homework to do. They just have to clean their rooms up - not hard since they did most of it last night - and then they are free to play.
Well . . . off to relax before I go teach!

it's morning . . .

After staying up until "way too late" and continually reminding Kylee to stay focused - I'm beat this morning. When the alarm went off at 6AM - I about cried out loud. I showered - luckily my hair was clean from last night - dressed and put on a little mascara (must look somewhat alive). Kylee was already up and dressed and working on her summaries by 6:15. I went to Albertsons and grabbed some donuts and milk (I'm not making a hot breakfast today!) and picked out a Lunchable for Kylee's field trip today. Sometimes I think they enjoy the field trips simply for the Lunchable. They just don't seem nutritious enough for me - so I never buy them except in these cases. Anyway, with my long hair the past 6 months, I haven't used or needed hair spray. I was out at home - so I needed get some but forgot by the time I got back to the van. UG! I decided to reward myself with a Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper (I have been very good with the soda lately and it's truly killing me) and thought I'd stop in at Walgreen's to get hairspray. After I pulled through the drive thru, which was extremely fast this morning, I drove by Walgreen's and would you believe they weren't open yet? Crazy! Even if it's not 24 hrs, I would assume any drug store would be open before 8AM. Oh well. Flat and unstyled hair today - but it's cute, colored and will be just fine for all the teaching I'm doing. When I got home, Geoff was showered and ready for work and the boys scarffed their donuts/milk down and Kylee was almost in tears on the couch STILL working on her summaries. She only had one left so Geoff offered to drive them to school instead of the bus - thus allowing her more time. When she left she was in better spirits and asked about a dozen times if her hair looked good. :) Geoff told her she looked very grown up and it made her look mature. She liked that and gave him a hug and then gathered her things to go to school. The kids kissed me goodbye and they all left. Now I'm home looking at my tile grout that still needs to be scrubbed (I've found that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, although I had to buy 12 of them, are cheaper than paying someone to come clean them and does a good job. Just time consuming.) I'll get right on that - after I enjoy my breakfast of a diet soda and bagel with fat free cream cheese. Maddi is still asleep from being up so late last night and Lady dog is sitting here with me watching the morning news. Laundry, toilets, tubs and carpets and tile grout. . . nothing on my list of things to do today! :(

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

short hair - long thoughts

Well, Kylee and Maddi and I got our hair done tonight. My good friend, Sarah, did an awesome job - as usual. She trimmed Maddi's hair, but kept it long. Kylee got a "jr. high" haircut (longer with layers) and highlights - which I might add she loves! And I FINALLY cut my hair short again and love it!! She did some really fun reds and it did the job of hiding all my gray! :) Super fun and all in 2 1/2 hours - impressive! Kylee tried to read her book and work on her summaries that are due tomorrow before the field trip. (Her 5th grade class was invited to the State Capital for their participation in the Walk On!) But to no avail - she is still in her room trying to stay awake and finish. This child is so not motivated!! She has had weeks to finish these! UG! Maddi flirted and had so much fun with Sarah's new husband, Adam. He seems to attract these little ones - especially girls, according to Sarah. He made a quick friend with Maddi as he offered her pudding, soda and beef jerky! HA! She counted to 100 for him and showed him how she can write sentences. :) What a patient man to put up with all that!! We had fun and I'm glad to be home now - as I am very tired and emotionally drained.
I did a lot of thinking about this offer from today's lunch. What to do!?!? I called my friend and confidant in Reno - Tanya - and all she said was "you WILL make this work". There was no choice to be made - just that I had to make it work. She's right - I know this is something that I simply cannot pass but there are so many factors involved. My sister came over this afternoon (don't tell anyone but I teach only 1 piano student - my neice) and she said if she wasn't having a baby around that time, she would take my kids. She said the same thing I keep telling myself - my kids are older and not hard to watch. They take care of themselves. One of Geoff's neices or a neighbor girl could make some good money by just sitting here watching my kids swim, play XBox, computer or watch tv. Only real responsibility is to make sure they do their chore, eat lunch and not make big messes. Oh, and that no one drowns. Couldn't be too hard and if I paid them a decent amount - worth it for me and them too! I guess we'll just have to see. I hate it when things like this come into play - sometimes I like my simple life that is just laid out for me day by day.
Well, go to bed and TRY and sleep. Decision has some time to be made and I can contemplate it for a while before answering.


I went to my lunch appt and WOW! I was not just asked music direct a show but work on a children's workshop for 5 weeks and music direct the show at the end of the program!! It is an incredible opportunity since it's with a very reputable theatre company - Arizona Theatre Company - which is an equity house! This is huge and might I mention the pay is great!! But there are a few problems:
1 - it's in Tucson. Monday thru Friday from 8:30-4:30pm. I would have loft apartment that is just mine (they pay for it) where I can live. But I have 4 kids and a husband that works. What about my kids? Geoff has to work and I can't leave my kids home alone. I could come home on the weekends but then if I have an apartment - the family could come and visit me on the weekends. UG!!
2 - I have a minivan. That's it! With Geoff just finished with school, we have not yet purchased an additional vehicle. He works only 3 miles from the house and the kids ride the bus and I teach from home or 4 miles from the house - we've done just fine with only 1 car. But that won't work if I have to leave it here or if I take it.
3 - I teach 30 students in a week. Lots of them leave for the summer but even if I piled them on Saturday - that's a lot to teach in a day. And who wants to teach on the day that I come home to spend time with the family? I know I won't.
AAHHH!!! What to do! What to do!! I don't want to lose this opportunity to get my foot in the door with this company and like I mentioned before - the pay is INCREDIBLE! And I might mention that Geoff is being VERY supportive - surprisingly enough! I think he is realizing how big this could be. And how talented his wife is - hee hee! HELP!
So . . needless to say - drop any comments you have! I'd love to hear them!

P.S. This is great therapy! Geoff doesn't even know this exists and I kinda like it like that - ha! I can complain and vent and he never hears it! HA HA HA!!!

another Wednesday

Ok - so I've decided this will help me to vent. As a friend once said "it's cheaper than therapy"!

So. . . Rhonda (my high school friend of over 20 years) cancelled today. She usually comes over for a piano lesson for her and help to teach her kids. I really look forward to it - we lost touch for a while when I was married to the "geek" but am so glad that Geoff just loves her and her family. Just wish she lived closer. Anyway, she has dentist appts all morning (with my brother) and so she just can't make it. And then she is hosting Easter at her home on Sunday and has so much to do. I understand that! I am hosting the annual Whiting Family Easter Picnic here on Saturday. We are going to hide eggs and swim. LOVE having a pool! Hoping for a great tan this summer! :) I am cleaning carpets today so it looks nice. Wish I had all the closet doors painted with new hardware but that will just have to wait. I'm sure it will be fun but a lot of work. It's my month, so I have to provide all the food. With all my family - that's a lot. I think I'm going to order an 8 ft sub from Ned's and do chips, salads and soda. That should be good. Not sure what I'm going to do for dessert. We celebrate everyone's birthdays for the month, and it's mine, Geoff's, my dad's and a couple of grandkids. I'm thinking Brownies. I like chocolate and my dad LOVES brownies with nuts. Geoff wants rice krispie treats - another of my favs. So maybe those too.
Well, I must get back to cleaning my carpets and getting ready for my lunch appt. I am meeting a friend/director who is wanting to talk about a music directing job. YEA! I am hoping this is a new way for me to make some money. I love teaching -but it's faster and easier money, working on a show. And I love it! I thought it would be hard to sit and watch people perform when you want to be up there. BUT .. . there is a sense of satisfaction when you hear them sing what you worked so hard with them on. I am hoping for more work doing this. I have 3 theatres asking for me right now - Hale, Ftn Hills and Desert Foothills. Feeling very good about myself right now!
Well, must get myself ready . . . later!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today was my birthday. It was ok - Geoff, the hubby, actually forgot until after work and I told him I'm not cooking dinner. He asked why and when I replied if you don't know, then my life just stinks. He then thought it was because I taught today so I deserved it. It took my Kylee (10 yr old) to say "Dad! You suck! I can't believe you don't know!" Then he replied with an expletive that implied that he figured it out. Stupid men! They only have to remember 1, just ONE date! Their wife's birthday!! The wife will remind them of the anniversary (usually) and then the wife will handle all the kids birthdays! GEEZ! What does it take? ONE DATE and he forgets! And do you know what his excuse was? "I thought it was March 30th. Honest." Whatever! I tried to pull and April Fools joke on him yesterday - what? Do days go backwards now?
Well, at least I didn't have to cook - although I love my kids, we went as a family to Al's Chicago Style Hot Dogs. I love their gyros! Geoff promised to make it up to me this weekend. So . . let's see if he remembers that. I really don't ask a lot - just that he remembers. I have been so spoiled this past year. . . a puppy, a grand piano, a new van, a house with a pool and a yard! I shouldn't complain but I guess I just wanted to know that he cared enough to remember.
My mom stopped by with a card and cash (always nice), my sister called and 3 sisters emailed me with birthday wishes. My father-in-law emailed as well. And my sis-in-law sent a very nice card. I have a lot of wonderful friends who called and sang to me - even a Marilyn Monroe imitation! :) It turned out nice - it's now 8:15 and the kids are in bed and quiet already. Miracles NEVER cease! What more can I ask!?!?
Well, I'm going to go and soak in a hot tub and enjoy a good book. Later gators!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bitter Sweet

Well, the show is over. I'm not sure whether to jump for joy or cry. It was quite the experience and I'm thrilled to have been asked to be part of it. So many family and friends came to see it and gave such great comments! I am VERY proud of the work I did. Now, I'm waiting for Dave to call and ask again. :) I can only hope that I did a good enough job to warrant another job. I feel I've really shown them what a "real" music director is and hope they see all the work I put in. In the past the music directors were a little (excuse me for saying this) lazy. They never really taught the music or worked with us past 2 or 3 rehearsals. I take pride in the fact that I work with them until it is near perfect! And that I continue to attend rehearsals to answer questions, to work diction, to work rhythms and notes - until it's the best that it can be! And let's talk "Cambrian" - now that is a man I respect! He is just plain fun and amazing! I love working with him and feel we really work well together! I am hoping we have a future together. . . in lots of shows!