Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today was my birthday. It was ok - Geoff, the hubby, actually forgot until after work and I told him I'm not cooking dinner. He asked why and when I replied if you don't know, then my life just stinks. He then thought it was because I taught today so I deserved it. It took my Kylee (10 yr old) to say "Dad! You suck! I can't believe you don't know!" Then he replied with an expletive that implied that he figured it out. Stupid men! They only have to remember 1, just ONE date! Their wife's birthday!! The wife will remind them of the anniversary (usually) and then the wife will handle all the kids birthdays! GEEZ! What does it take? ONE DATE and he forgets! And do you know what his excuse was? "I thought it was March 30th. Honest." Whatever! I tried to pull and April Fools joke on him yesterday - what? Do days go backwards now?
Well, at least I didn't have to cook - although I love my kids, we went as a family to Al's Chicago Style Hot Dogs. I love their gyros! Geoff promised to make it up to me this weekend. So . . let's see if he remembers that. I really don't ask a lot - just that he remembers. I have been so spoiled this past year. . . a puppy, a grand piano, a new van, a house with a pool and a yard! I shouldn't complain but I guess I just wanted to know that he cared enough to remember.
My mom stopped by with a card and cash (always nice), my sister called and 3 sisters emailed me with birthday wishes. My father-in-law emailed as well. And my sis-in-law sent a very nice card. I have a lot of wonderful friends who called and sang to me - even a Marilyn Monroe imitation! :) It turned out nice - it's now 8:15 and the kids are in bed and quiet already. Miracles NEVER cease! What more can I ask!?!?
Well, I'm going to go and soak in a hot tub and enjoy a good book. Later gators!!

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Theatrechic9 said...

Aw hun, I think birthdays need to be made a HUGE deal of and spoil the person with love and silliness!! I wish I would have known! I love you and hope that this upcoming year is the most fun, most blessed one you've ever had!