Thursday, April 5, 2007

Another day is . . . gone!

Tonight was relatively uneventful. After I finished teaching, I stopped for the typical "Friday night" dinner at McD's for the family. I got a Cherry Limeade from Sonic but wasn't hungry. I dropped it off at home and picked up Maddi to run an errand - the other 3 were in the pool and Geoff was in the Arizona room watching them and the Suns game. We love having that room - with all the windows, we have a perfect view of the pool. We put the big screen tv in there with the XBox and the computer as well. Grandma's piano (the console) is in there as well but the keys are not put back yet. As soon as they are then that will be where the kids can practice as well. Anways, Maddi and I went to Home Depot to get flowers (Vinncas and Zinnias) for the front pods and I'm still in the search for Hearts and Flowers (a ground cover) for in front under my bay window. I think it will look so nice with my bench. :) But they had hardly anything and no one there to help me. So we left and went to Lowe's - which I prefer. I walked in and immediately someone asked if they could help me. LOVE THAT!! I got the flowers I wanted and then they told me they had no idea what Hearts and Flowers were. So, I guess I'll call in the morning and see if someone who knows is working then. I've heard so many great things about it, like it will grow in this crappy clay ground we have and loves the sun but hates to be overwatered. This is perfect for this area because there is no drip lines. We came home and planted them and we were out there, my visiting teacher, Cindy Spencer, drove up and called me over. She apologized for being the lame VT and not remembering my birthday. I laughed. No biggie. But she wants to go to lunch next Wednesday with the group that has already planned to take me. This ward is great! We are going to Crackers. We visited a little and then she invited Kylee to go with her daughter to play 007. It's a form of hide and seek where they hide and then the teens come find them by spotlighting in the truck. It's super fun, I guess and Kylee had fun last time - so she was stoked to bve invited again. We finished planting and trimmed the queen palms up front and lantana (which I despise but don't want to pull out either). Geoff dug up the little palms that were dead and we called it a night. Kylee came home and practiced the piano and since the boys were in bed by the time we girls got home last night - Geoff promised them they could stay up later than the girls tonight. HA! Well, it's half and half - Maddi and Dakota are asleep now and Jonathan and Kylee are still up. But Geoff is now putting them bed - so I guess I should go help. Then it's off to bed for me - Geoff has to work at 6:30AM and Kylee has an 8AM piano lesson. Goodnight!


Crazymamaof6 said...

hearts and flowers are also called succulents and you can get them at a nursery where they know what they are talking about, instead of home depot or lowes! the one on mckellips and gilbert is good. sounds fun to go to lunch!

Toon Family said...

Thanks! I was going to try somewhere else. . . I'll try there.
As for lunch, you are invited if you'd like - 11:30AM Wednesday at Crackers on Brown and Greenfield. Love to have you there!

Toon Family said...
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