Friday, April 6, 2007

too much to do . . . too little time

I woke up early this morning - ug! It's a holiday! Oh well. Kylee had piano lesson at 8AM. It was a difficult lesson for her; she didn't feel too good and was extremely tired after the past few days and her teacher (love him) was not very patient with her today. I promised her I'd help out by practicing with her each day. I think she needs a little more attention and instruction that her teacher (he's in his 60's but excellent) can give. But I refuse to teach her - she won't listen to mom. :)
Then I did all the floors (vacuuming and sweep/mopping) and picked up. Geoff came home from work so I could go and teach. He is going to fold the last of the laundry and pull weeds. The house should be ready for the party tomorrow. :) I can only hope. Just the bathrooms left. Kylee left with Sarah t0 "pay" for her hair. The boys are going to do laser tag with their cousins (grandma is picking them up) and Geoff and Maddi are hanging out at home. I get done teaching at 5PM and then I'm rushing home to teach another at my house at 5:30PM. She will then stay to babysit for us while we go do some shopping. I need to purchase all the food for tomorrow and Easter basket stuff, as well as outfits for Easter dinner at the country club on Sunday with the in-laws. UG! Don't get me wrong - it's fun to see everyone but it never seems simple. My family luckily is all about the casual. We will swim and hide eggs and visit and eat at our home tomorrow. But Geoff's family - God bless them - have to make it a big affair! His dad has decided it's easier to go somewhere so they don't have to prepare it all (which I heartily agree with) but the country club is so stuffy and my kids hate having to dress up and sit proper. Oh well.
Off to teach my LATE students! Later!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

i know how the time flies! did you find anything good when you went shopping? i just finished my bows for tomorrow and will have to make Sundays bows tomorrow night, i don't have my ribbon for those yet! I hope your party goes well tomorrow!