Wednesday, April 4, 2007

short hair - long thoughts

Well, Kylee and Maddi and I got our hair done tonight. My good friend, Sarah, did an awesome job - as usual. She trimmed Maddi's hair, but kept it long. Kylee got a "jr. high" haircut (longer with layers) and highlights - which I might add she loves! And I FINALLY cut my hair short again and love it!! She did some really fun reds and it did the job of hiding all my gray! :) Super fun and all in 2 1/2 hours - impressive! Kylee tried to read her book and work on her summaries that are due tomorrow before the field trip. (Her 5th grade class was invited to the State Capital for their participation in the Walk On!) But to no avail - she is still in her room trying to stay awake and finish. This child is so not motivated!! She has had weeks to finish these! UG! Maddi flirted and had so much fun with Sarah's new husband, Adam. He seems to attract these little ones - especially girls, according to Sarah. He made a quick friend with Maddi as he offered her pudding, soda and beef jerky! HA! She counted to 100 for him and showed him how she can write sentences. :) What a patient man to put up with all that!! We had fun and I'm glad to be home now - as I am very tired and emotionally drained.
I did a lot of thinking about this offer from today's lunch. What to do!?!? I called my friend and confidant in Reno - Tanya - and all she said was "you WILL make this work". There was no choice to be made - just that I had to make it work. She's right - I know this is something that I simply cannot pass but there are so many factors involved. My sister came over this afternoon (don't tell anyone but I teach only 1 piano student - my neice) and she said if she wasn't having a baby around that time, she would take my kids. She said the same thing I keep telling myself - my kids are older and not hard to watch. They take care of themselves. One of Geoff's neices or a neighbor girl could make some good money by just sitting here watching my kids swim, play XBox, computer or watch tv. Only real responsibility is to make sure they do their chore, eat lunch and not make big messes. Oh, and that no one drowns. Couldn't be too hard and if I paid them a decent amount - worth it for me and them too! I guess we'll just have to see. I hate it when things like this come into play - sometimes I like my simple life that is just laid out for me day by day.
Well, go to bed and TRY and sleep. Decision has some time to be made and I can contemplate it for a while before answering.

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Theatrechic9 said...

I am willing to help you out too, like driving kids places, babysitting, etc. Let me know!