Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I went to my lunch appt and WOW! I was not just asked music direct a show but work on a children's workshop for 5 weeks and music direct the show at the end of the program!! It is an incredible opportunity since it's with a very reputable theatre company - Arizona Theatre Company - which is an equity house! This is huge and might I mention the pay is great!! But there are a few problems:
1 - it's in Tucson. Monday thru Friday from 8:30-4:30pm. I would have loft apartment that is just mine (they pay for it) where I can live. But I have 4 kids and a husband that works. What about my kids? Geoff has to work and I can't leave my kids home alone. I could come home on the weekends but then if I have an apartment - the family could come and visit me on the weekends. UG!!
2 - I have a minivan. That's it! With Geoff just finished with school, we have not yet purchased an additional vehicle. He works only 3 miles from the house and the kids ride the bus and I teach from home or 4 miles from the house - we've done just fine with only 1 car. But that won't work if I have to leave it here or if I take it.
3 - I teach 30 students in a week. Lots of them leave for the summer but even if I piled them on Saturday - that's a lot to teach in a day. And who wants to teach on the day that I come home to spend time with the family? I know I won't.
AAHHH!!! What to do! What to do!! I don't want to lose this opportunity to get my foot in the door with this company and like I mentioned before - the pay is INCREDIBLE! And I might mention that Geoff is being VERY supportive - surprisingly enough! I think he is realizing how big this could be. And how talented his wife is - hee hee! HELP!
So . . needless to say - drop any comments you have! I'd love to hear them!

P.S. This is great therapy! Geoff doesn't even know this exists and I kinda like it like that - ha! I can complain and vent and he never hears it! HA HA HA!!!

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Theatrechic9 said...

Yeah I know. Journaling is a great form of venting for me too. I totally know what kind of quandary you are in. I've been in similar ones before, but not quite as extreme as yours. I'm here if you need to talk it through or anything. I support you and believe in you!