Monday, March 24, 2008

EASTER 2008 - WARNING!!! LOTS of pictures!!

Baskets and Candy!

Pretty Hair - thanks to Jenn!

And loads of compliments on it too! :)

Then after church and an INCREDIBLE closing hymn (go here to read and cry!), we snuck out early to meet with the Toon Clan for Easter dinner. For the past couple of years, we have been going to the Country Club for Easter, Mother's Day, etc. No mess, someone else cooks and we get to enjoy the fun of visiting. It was a hard thing to explain to my kids about "going out" on a Sunday but we finally came to the conclusion that they just needed to know that Papa pays his fees for the club and it's included in his monthly bill, and we are spending time with family. My kids are so good about following the gospel principles, that they keep me on my toes with questions!
Heading out to go:

Fun with family:

Afterwards, we mixed up kids in cars with Bud/Jenn Toon family and headed to Geoff's dad's ofc to clean. This is how Kylee is working towards her CA Science trip - so she appreciated the help. This is what I found while they were cleaning -

The ties came off as soon as they hit the table at dinner but why is it you work sooo hard to get everyone looking their best and they tear it off before you have a chance to even enjoy it? :)

We stopped to switch back kids and intended to visit for just a bit but found ourselves playing cards and the Wii. They made forts and slides and really enjoying time with cousins that we rarely get to spend time with! My kids had a BLAST with the boys and my girls enjoyed playing with their 'older' cousin, Lauren, and being spoiled by Aunt Jenn. She fed them sweets and took them in as her own. We love their family and stayed probably past our welcome til 7PM.


Jenn said...

Happy Easter! Love all the pictures looks like loads of fun. I love your Easter outfits. And the cute hair :). Your daughter with the thick brown hair that is LOOOOONG-- Oh that would be so fun to sink my hand in! WHat fun things you can do with that beautiful hair! You have a very beautiful family! AGAIN--- Happy Easter!

Crazymamaof6 said...

very fun! way fun to hang out with cousins. and whoohoo the country club, Ritzy! kidding. way fun the hair is fab!

Lene said...

Love the new Easter outfits. I am so glad you still match your kidlets clothes. Sometimes I feel like I am a little freaky that way. So thanks for being freaky with me! The hair turned out really cute. I thinking I might try that next week.
Come out and play Wii and cards with us sometime. We will let you stay as long as you want!

Laurie M. said...

I love all the pictures! Sounds like you had a great Easter!

Courtney said...

OK - I loved your girls' hair on Sunday! And your very cute, very matching little family! LOVE IT! Sounds like your Easter was fun fun fun!