Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Daze

Gotta love the days of water and sun! I complain (a lot lately) about our heat and how ridiculous it is. . . but my kids tell me it's because I rarely go in the pool.

Well . . . I've been better this year than I have been in past AND today I even went in on my own, without them asking (or should I say begging me). We had diving contests, games, silliness and just downright fun. Here's some pics for proof and a few extras from the days I spent with my sisters at their pools as proof we've had some fun this summer!
Laying by the pool with my Lady-Lou, watching the kids play!
Kids goofing off!
Cute nephew, David, after a full day swimming
Studly Dakota!
Jonathan is gangsta! LOL
Maddi boo - my super smiley girl!
Maddi strikin' a pose!
Funny Cameron hiding from the sun

My cute nephew, Austin, who "did his hair cute" in the shower. . . all by himself! DUDE!
My silly, but gorgeous, Kylee striking a pose!

My too-studly-to-pose-for-Mom, Jonathan!
SEE! I was there!!

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