Wednesday, July 21, 2010

APOLOGIES . . . please accept??

I sure hope you can forgive me. I tell you I'm blogging again and of course, I get sidetracked. Again and again. I think I have nothing on my plate - summer camps are over, I've said no to theatre jobs - and yet, I still have tons to do.

So, quick recap:
1 - I was going to go to girls camp but Geoff had to work nights while I would be gone and my extended family were going to be up at the cabin. So therefore, I'm not going. I was sad but every time I prayed it just didn't feel right. Now I know why. I need to be here with my family. But I'm still doing a lot of the prep work. I know how hard it can be. My Mom was Stake Camp Director for years growing up. It's MONTHS of preparation and I had so much time on my hands in July, I figured I might as well put them to good use, right?

2 - I had an AMAZING experience to sing a choir. Not just any choir but the recording choir for Rob Gardner's new oratorio, "Lamb of God". I wish I had the talent this man possesses in just an ounce of him!! We had 2 quick rehearsals during the week and on Saturday we recorded all day. The music was GORGEOUS, the cathedral-like hall we recorded in was acoustically BEAUTIFUL, the people I had the pleasure of singing with were AMAZINGLY TALENTED and to put a cherry on the top - we were accompanied by the LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA! It was an all-around spiritually and musically fulfilling day!

3 - Kylee went to her quarterly orthodontist appointment last week, expecting to hear she still needed to wait for a few more teeth to grow in, and about jumped out of her chair when he said "well, looks like it's time to put those braces on"! She is beyond excited, ticked at her mom and still a bit upset at the doctor. Let me explain - she's excited because "all" of her friends have had braces and already gotten them off. She's the "last". (Don't we LOVE teen exaggeration!) She's ticked at me because they were ready to put them on this week but the only appt available would've been the day before she left for camp. You see - she's getting an expander on the top and she'll have to 'crank' it every night. I was NOT going to send my baby to camp the day after and let her be miserable without me around to love on her! So, the date was moved to Wed morning (first appt of the day at 7:40am - silly girl!) the day AFTER she gets home from camp. And lastly, she's still kinda ticked at the doc because he's not putting ALL her braces on right away. Did I mention she's not very patient, like her Mom? She will get bottom braces and the expander put in and then after the top has moved like he wants and the teeth come through - he'll put on the top braces. We're excited for her, not excited for the "drama" that's going to follow and my checkbook has STILL not recovered!! Yikes!

Well, I'm still helping get things ready for camp. Kylee leaves for camp in 2 days. Geoff is working hard at the job he really dislikes. The weather here is miserably hot and muggy since the monsoons can't get through the heat, so we just get the humidity. But on the other hand . . . we leave in 10 days for Colorado. We are still praying for our little miracle and that we'll get this job!! We NEED this change and really feel this is the best for our family!

Stay TOONed!
More TOON drama is bound to happen!!


The Atomic Mom said...

you're a busy Mama! Kylee will thank you and the Doc for waiting, esp when she is in the pain that braces bring. Oh, she will be happy to be home for that!

Laurie M. said...

Oh, the drama! I am so happy that you are coming next week! I can't wait! I am also so excited to see how this job interview turns out.