Monday, July 5, 2010


Our past week has consisted of 3 things -

We have "pool hopped" to cousin's pools and swam to our hearts content every day. We've spent hours by the pool with family, had tons of laughs, and we've got some awesome tans going! :) I'll post some pics soon. My camera took a swim one day, so I'm going to have to purchase another. Darn. And I can't get any of my pics on my phone to upload to facebook or send to my email. Very frustrating.

So here's my gripe - -
I really hate holidays that stay on the same DATE and therefore rotate days.
I like holidays likeThanksgiving - every 4th Thursday of Nov.
Why can'tHalloween be the last Friday or Saturday of October?
Or Independence Day be the first Friday of July?
AndChristmas the 4th Thursday of December?

It would make parents lives much easier. It would make school and my teaching schedule easy. Convenience! That's what I'm all about. And for those who work - great! It would make for longer weekends and no weirdness in vacation scheduling. Maybe I should run for prez! HAHA! No thanks!!

Well, we're heading back into the pool.
Today we're actually staying home in OUR pool and Geoff is joining us.
Happy Independence Day!!

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