Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No free time!

I've been so swamped that I have not had a chance to do any blogging, just read a few here and there. Here is a run-down of the past week:

1 - Baseball games for 2 boys on TWO different teams!
2 - Late night trip to Wal-mart and Applebees for yummy appetizers & dessert for my birthday with JULIE! Thank you!!!! Love my gift and who can say no to chocolate, a good friend and great conversation! (We were at the end of the day and not looking so hot - sorry, no pics!)
3 - Trip to Pinedale in 11 hours - there and back. I'm on the Laurel Retreat committee (Journey to Eternity) and we went up to scout the area where we will hold all the week's activities and it was an emotional, spiritual high! It's going to be an incredible experience for these girls!!
4 - My girls danced at the County Fair. They did great (pics later) and I'm glad we went. It was fun for all, although a short trip.
5 - My nephew was baptized on Saturday afternoon. Fun times and good food with family!
6 - I got a callback from my first audition with Phoenix Theatre's production of Les Miserables!! I go on Saturday morning and sing again for the director who is flying in. Keep your fingers crossed for that! It's a paying gig, too!
7 - Received an email from an old friend who is music directing The Secret Garden and wants me to audition next week. Looks like I may be on the stage this summer after all! YEA!
8 - Went to a callback for a new, original musical. But didn't stay once I found out it was about a bi-sexual woman. Historical and true or not - it's not my cup of tea to play something like that. They were disappointed and called me twice after I left. Oh well.
9 - Monday was my Geoff's birthday -- the last one of his 30's. :) And it was my Dad's birthday too.
10 - Last night was our Enrichment - RS Birthday. It was a great evening honoring Pres Hinckley and the 6 Be's. We had a guest artist sing - George Dyer. He is an amazing talent and eye candy to watch. :)
11 - I got a msg DURING George's song asking me to sing backup for him on Friday evening's concert this week. HA! The soprano backed out at the last minute. So . . . the rest of the week will now look like this:

1 - makeup lessons squeezed in wherever because I have the rehearsal and concert for George on Thursday and Friday nights.
2 - singing for George!
3 - callbacks for Les Mis on Saturday morning at 11:15 - scary and exciting!
4 - teaching, teaching, teaching
5 - finish preparing RS lesson for Sunday - a week early because the other teacher is out of town
6 - 3 more baseball games this week
7 - 1 more dance lesson
8 - preparing for audition early next week for Secret Garden
9 - First Aid clinic for girls camp for Kylee on Saturday - not ready for this! She's not old enough for camp!! IS SHE!?!?
10 - a date in there somewhere with my hubby
11 - work at the theatre this weekend - maybe!

WHEW! I'm tired now! And it hasn't even started yet!!


Lene said...

Wow - I am going to lay down and rest after just reading what you have ahead of you.
I will keep my fingers crossed for you on the auditions. How awesome!

Jenn said...

Holy Crap you are so busy! You are an auditioning fool! Its awesome. Well if you get a chance to... can you email me with your family photo for my craft you won. If you could see my face I have a guilty look on for even asking you because clearly--- you are very busy! But when you get a chance! And good luck! And Happy Birthdya Geoff- BTW.

KayDee said...

WoW!! You are busy!! Is it ok to say good luck on your auditions? If not, Break a leg!!

After all that I would need a vacation!

Yeah for girls night out:)It feels great to get out even if we dont get all dolled up!

Lara said... get to sing with George Dyer? Lucky Duck! Good luck with all of it! Fun stuff!

Jennie said...

WOW!! You are a busy woman. No rest for the weary! Good luck on the auditions and with all that other stuff!!

Laurie M. said...

Awesome upcoming performance opportunities! Good luck with the auditons! I can't believe Kylee is going to camp- crazy!

Courtney said...

AHHHH - talk about a chicken with it's head cut off...sorry, but that's all I could think of as I was reading your "calendar of events" for the last few days and those comming up! Seriously, anytime you need anything...I'm just across the street! I was totally happy to take your boy to his game - no problemo! So excited for your upcoming audition - whoohoo...I'll be thinking of you on Saturday :)

Kimberly Badger said...

Hey Jenn! sounds like you are staying busy and having fun. I got a call from Michelle Bear this morning about the George thing as well. I really wanted to do it but I'm singing in a recital on campus tomorrow night. Boo! I could have actually been able to see you. Thanks for passing along my name. ;) Break a leg in your upcoming auditions!

Kristen said...

Concert with George??? You're singing backup??? Lucky girl! He was super amazing - glad to hear you turned down the bi lady gig but good luck with the others. Keep me posted on when they are happenin!!! I would love to go watch!

Kim Skinner said...

You're making me tired hearing about that. Good luck with your craziness.

Cecilia Mills said...

I can't wait to find out how your weekend went with that amazing audition!

Audrey said...

That bi-sexual part is making me laugh. How funny would that have been to earn a great part and not know till it was too late?

KJ said...

Hey Jenn - I found your blog from another blog site and was so excited to find you. You look fantastic! Sounds like you are busy and life is going well! I really like the blog and would love to link it to mine! Karla Freeman

Rachel Stewart said...

I am so impressed and a lot jealous. Your voice is so amasing. And all of these Awesome opportunities. I would kill for a voice. Even just a passable one to sing in the choir at church. So I want the update. I know you are busy but I would love to hear how it's going.