Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

It's Easter - yea! Sugar high for all the kids, great Sunday church meetings and loads of family fun! We went to church this morning - early at 8AM. It's tough to get up and get everyone ready but nice when we are home early too. Kylee and Maddi aren't feeling well- stuffy noses, coughs and headaches. So, I brought them home after Sacrament Meeting. Geoff stayed with the boys - he also had a primary class to teach.
I have to say the kids looked cute today. I didn't go all out this year - just didn't find anything I really liked. Kylee wore a blue broom skirt and white shirt with blue flowers and HIGH heels (hee hee). Maddi was in a pastel striped skirt and pale yellow shirt with white sandals. The boys, Jonathan and Dakota, wore black slacks and a blue and yellow dress shirt. No one really matched but they were similar in scheme and looked cute. As I left the house (had to be early for choir, who sang prelude music), the flowers out front looked so pretty and my hearts and flowers (did I mention that I found them at - believe it or not - Wal-mart?) are looking great and I was so proud of my "spring" home. :)
It will be a relaxing day and then we'll go to the country club for dinner at 4Pm. For now I have the girls making their beds then laying down in the front room to watch some tv and hopefully a nap. Enjoy this special day!

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