Sunday, April 8, 2007

IN or OUT laws?

I didn't think it was that difficult to hold a conversation with me! My mother-in-law and some of the in-laws continue to prove me wrong EVERY time we get together. The country club never excites me to begin with - simply because I am jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. And my family is not real big on the having to sit and act proper. We like to visit and laugh out loud and the kids like a little freedom from the table, etc. But I am willing to do it for the chance for my kids to see family. We show up (after having continually nagging my boys to tuck in their shirts and be on their best behavior and for the girls to keep their sandals on) and we're the first ones there. Becky and her family show up after us with all their 'up-ity-ness' and fakeness. This is very hard to handle but I suck it up and play the game. She seems genuine and asks about our new ward. Brings up the music callings (as usual) and how we're adjusting. Bill shows up and we head in the banquet room. We sit on one end of the table where Geoff leaves the head of the table chair for Bill and a chair for Frances to sit next to him. Bill sits but Frances arrives late and sits on the opposite end with Becky and her family. No surprise but Geoff seems a little ticked. Within the first 5 minutes I overheard something that disturbed me but I kept it to myself for the time being. Frances asked Becky's girls to stand up and show her their outfits. She commented, "They look great - even better than they did on the hanger. I did a good job, didn't I?" I was really upset then - she was admitting that she bought them their outfits! But not my girls? Tacky!! Anyways, Bill sat and visited with us and we had a nice time. The kids went back to the buffet numerous times and loved all the variety. They had lamb, ham, beef, ck'n and shrimp entrees. There was numerous kinds of salads, appetizers of many kinds (shrimp cocktail, crackers and cheese, salmon, caviar, etc.), an omelet bar and deseerts of every kind (including my favorite - chocolate covered strawberries). Halfway through dinner Frances again asked the girls how they liked their shoes. Asking them if they were able to walk in them ok (they were high heeled sandals) and how she was worried about them when she picked them out. It was then that I about said something because I look over and my Kylee is sitting there eating, trying not too look over and definately listening. She rolled her eyes, looked at me and continued to eat. I just smiled and said nothing. First of all, how rude to bring up that she bought them something but not my girls and IN FRONT of my girls, and second, how rude to not even comment on how cute my girls were or even talk to them! Kylee told me later that Grandma didn't even say hi to her. I just told her that there were a lot of people to not let it bother her. (Come on , there was only us and Becky and her family! Geez!) She accepted that answer and let it go. What Frances does not realize, is that my kids are catching on and it's going to bite her soon enough. Frances didn't say hi to me either and the ONLY thing she talked to me about was how she thought the sword fight in The Scarlet Pimpernel was hilarious. I said, "yes, it was fun to watch, wasn't it?" Then she turned to explain it to Becky and that was it. Nothing more. Am I that hard to talk to? Am I that boring? Why is it that my in-laws think the only thing I do is music? The ONLY things that were brought up to me today was music related. I don't live just music. I have kids, family, a new house,
Well, we said goodbyes and told Bill thanks for everything. Frances was too involved with her conversation to say anything to us. I'm sure we'll get the phone call or lecture from Bill soon about how we 'ignored' her and we need to 'apologize'. ARG!!

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