Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My turn to play . . . what's in my purse?

Ok - so here it is. Julie challenged us to empty it out and bare all secrets.
I LOVE my "Ugly Betty" bag. My girlfriend and I got them this past summer at Lucky. If you've ever seen the tv show - Betty carries this and wears the orange pancho. I won't go as far as the pancho but love the bag!

So . . . let's see what she can carry:

cell phone
crossword puzzle book
small water bottle
palm pilot - otherwise known as MY BRAIN!
27 receipts from our wkend away - we did some heavy shopping at the Mills Outlets!
2 French mints - from last trip to Rustic Hutch YUMMY!
2 mechanical pencils
3 pens
4 ponytails - different colors
blue tooth earpiece
18 Sonic mints - WOW! kids haven't found these apparently!!!
B & B hand lotion - Tropical Passionfruit scent
2 - 1 oz. hand Purell hand sanitizer
3 pantiliners
4 OB tampons
blue Post-It notepad
"J" shaped post-it notepad - multicolored
Singer's Saving Grace - Extra Strength (a nasty throat spray that works!)
3 peds (snagged from Dillards shoe dept for whenever I decide to try on some shoes)
"Modest is Hottest" chapstick from LDS Bookstore
B & B Bigelow Mint Lipgloss - tinted
Stride gum - Sweet Berry (1 pc left)
Stride gum - Forever Fruit (whole pkg not opened yet)
Orbit gum - Maui Melon Mint (2 pkg - 1 not opened and 1 with over half pkg left)
Orbit gum - Sweet Mint (2 pkg - 1 not opened and 1 with only 2 pc left)
cute "sock" change purse - bought at Rustic Hutch, so cute!
4 business cards - must have fallen out of my wallet
hotel receipt from this past weekend
3 gum wrappers with ABC gum enclosed
2 purse-sized Kleenex pkgs (1 full, 1 half)
2 wet-naps
bottle of Tropical Passionfruit perfume from Bath and Body
Makeup bag (won't bore you with all the contents - just know it's lots of Lancome')
pr of earrings - silver hoops
Secret Garden script (don't ask)
Talk by Elder Uchtdorf (to study for my RS lesson this Sunday in spare moments)
envelope with students checks
$10 bill - WOO HOO!!!

That's all for now. Geez!
I thought my purse was bare and organized.
Guess we can NEVER judge a book by its cover or a "purse by its weight"!


Crazymamaof6 said...

that is quite the list holy cow! i am impressed!

Danny said...

They have french mints at rustic hutch!?

Lara said...

Goodness girl! Who knew?

This is a fun one though. I think I might try it...

PS: Glad you have Kleenex. :)

Laurie M. said...

wow- how did you get all that in that cute little bag?

Lene said...

Cute bag! I am amazed all of that came out of one bag.

sarah said...

Cute bag, I have the same one except just plain leather, and here I thought I always carried a lot! Now I just have an enormous diaper bag full of stuff.

Courtney said...

HOLY MOLY WOMAN! I could just call you Mary Poppins with all the stuff you carry around in your bag! What fun!

KayDee said...

It is amazing what we can fit into our purses!!

I think I remember you! Were you in the centerview singles ward? If I remember right I think your dad was a bishop in 23rd(?) ward?

Jennie said...

Thanks for visiting me! I have glanced here before...it's always fun to peek into someone else's purse. Visit me anytime!!