Sunday, April 15, 2007

Clean house - good attitude

What a day! My kids have not figured out, even though it has NEVER changed since day one of their lives that I LOVE A CLEAN HOUSE!! After church I laid down for a bit of nap and after only an hour, I woke up to koolaid spilled on the floor and covering my table, trash from lunch on the table, counters, clothes from their change after church on the floor and the list just goes on and on. I can't figure it out - I complain about this kind of stuff all the time. When will they or will they ever learn? Every year on my birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentines, whatever holiday they wish to get me a "gift" - they ask me "Mom? What do you want from me?" And every time I answer the same thing - "A clean home and a happy family!" That's it. If I could have harmony and peace and love all the time amidst the smell of clean bathrooms, floors, counters, etc. - LIFE WOULD BE GREAT! So, my relaxing Sunday ended up with sweeping and mopping, crying kids sent to their room, counters scrubbed and dishes done. Which in turn lead me to do laundry and scrub bathrooms too. :) Get me on a roll and away I go!!
Now that the house smells awesome and clean - I am relaxing on the couch with my laptop and watching a little tv. At least now I can just get the rest of the laundry done tomorrow and enjoy the morning before I start teaching. Yahoo!! So . . . now I'm going to enjoy the grilled cheese sandwich and Diet Dr. Pepper my honey just brought me to enjoy. Good night all!


Crazymamaof6 said...

wow sounds like a regular day! Good for you getting all ready for the week! love the clean house too! Fabuloso!

Jenn said...

Fabuloso rocks!! Fresh scent!! :) Even better than the Pinesol. I have Clean Sheets burning now. Loving the candle!

Crazymamaof6 said...

loving the good smells!