Monday, April 16, 2007

Loving the weather!

Weather like this is great! Warm enough but cool breezes. Makes me want to just lay on a blanket on a grassy lawn and read a book all day. Or snuggle up in a blanket on a bench or swing with someone special listening to the birds and their heartbeat as you lay against them. I guess it could be said that I'm a hopeful romantic. I want the storybook setting and the storybook ending. When you get married you have to work to keep the romance alive. It's not like it was when you were dating - all romantic and desireable. Yesterday Geoff and I ran to the grocery store - nothing romantic by any means - but I was determined to make it special. So . . . I reached for his hand in the car (which I usually do but oh well) and sat in the van when we arrived until he came around and opened the door for me. That was funny! He looked at me like I was strange then smiled that cute smile and walked around. He opened it and kissed me then giggled. We held hands in the store and I tried to make sure he knew that I wanted to be there with him. We giggled and laughed. Then this morning I offered to make him lunch if he'd come home for lunch. He agreed and we had a great "lunch"! Romance - that's all I ever want. Just to know that I'm loved. I do believe he loves me and when we share moments like these, it's makes us closer. I love him!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

ahhh, how sweet! so by "lunch" do you mean "nooner"? just making sure i got it right. Romance is hard to keep alive, it is alot of work but so worth it!