Monday, April 23, 2007

NOVEL - to catch up

Ok - I'll admit it. I thought only a couple people were reading it - so I stopped. Especially since the ones I thought were reading it, I chat with online too. Not worth posting in order to just tell them again what's happening in my life. But . . . I found out more read it than I thought. So, here's our update.
Last week Kylee and I did the "Mother/Daughter Movie Night" at the school. This the one hosted by the nurse, not a chick flick by the means of fun. :) We were to learn all about our bodies and fun stuff like that. Well, I had to teach, so I moved my students around in order to make it in time. I thought it started at 7pm and Kylee was sure it was at 6:30pm. We were at the studio so I called Geoff between lessons and he looked at the invitation on the fridge and it was indeed at 6:30pm. I felt horrible because I didn't have time to rearrange any more lessons (one comes from Queen Creek -very far south). I made a bargain with Kylee to sit while I taught one more lesson and then we'd go to dinner wherever she wanted and she could ask me any question she could think of about being a girl. Whoa! Was I in for a treat. :) She now knows most of the birds and bees and I didn't freak out or laugh or get embarrassed. I also made sure she knew that she could come to me in the future and ask anything. I'd rather her talk to me than friends, simply because they may not tell her the truth because they don't know and I don't want her to have the wrong answers. She agreed. We enjoyed a fun dinner at Applebees (our favorite Oriental Ck'n Salad, wings for appetizers and Diet Coke to drink). She wanted a Sonic Blast afterwards and then we went to the store so she could buy her little school friend some pencil sets for her birthday (Lisa Frank - all the girls favs). All in all it was an enlightening and fun evening!
Geoff and I have been "forced" to go on weekly dates the past 3 weeks. One of my students has been begging me to let her babysit. Well, I finally gave in and said to come for her lesson on Friday evening and then we'll go out and let her stay. She was thrilled! And the kids LOVE her! She brings activities for them (coloring, sidewalk chalk, games, and treats) and they have a fun filled evening (which usually ends in Geoff and I having to clean up when we get home but worth it). We have really enjoyed the time that we usually wouldn't take for ourselves, simply because life gets too busy. We have done nothing special but we always go to dinner (we've been checking out all the places people talk about but we never go to) and then just shop around or look at trucks (keep dreaming) and then head home. It's brought us a little closer and now I know why the prophets say you have to MAKE time with your spouse. Life is easier when you get along! :)
Saturday was our Neighborhood Spring Fling. It is to raise money for the neighborhood block watch and get to know your neighbors. It's a BIG deal here! It cost $10 a family and they had hotdogs and brats, chips, soda, water, snowcones, cupcake walk, 4 bouncers, bouncer obstacle course, rock wall, fishing pond, etc etc etc. You name it - it was there!! The kids had a blast!! The firemen showed up and gave rides on their 1940's fire truck and then the big ladder truck showed up and sprayed everyone for about 20 minutes. It's an annual thing - so my kids are looking forward to next year already.
I don't know if I've mentioned before that Geoff's company sold themselves to a bigger firm. The "transaction" will take place next week. So we've been dealing with meetings, insurance changes, 401K transfers, etc. I think from what I've seen and heard that the change will be a good one for all involved. Geoff seems to be happy and thinks that it will actually be a great career boost. The new company is Atwell-Hicks and they have quite a national reputation. So, Geoff is excited to in on the ground level of their move into Arizona. I'm not thrilled that our insurance premium is going up a bit and they aren't matching as high as the previous company on our 401K but they have better bonuses and a great family cruise as incentives. I guess I can pay an extra $45 a month on insurance to know that every year my family can go on a company cruise that they pay for! HA!
I was asked this past Friday by Dave Dietlein of Hale Centre Theatre (where I've performed and recently music directed THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL) to music direct their summer kids show THE LITTLE MERMAID and also their fall show LUCKY STIFF. I'm very excited about that! I am hoping to have started to etch my name on their permanent roster of Music Directors!
That's all for now and I will keep you all updated as exciting things happen! Thanks for being friends and PLEASE post a comment to let me know you were hear!! It makes me feel loved! :)


The Medlyns said...

Jenn- I was checking your blog everyday to see if you had updated. I love to see what you are up to- so keep it up!

Toons said...

Thanks! Love your blog!! Congrats on your half marathon!! WOW!! I really don't think I could do that!

Crazymamaof6 said...

so exciting about the hale shows! so does that mean you won't be going to Tucson? sounds fun and I'm glad you guys are going on dates! we miss Kylee out here so we could go out!

Toons said...

Well, no fear there! Once you're moved - she can babysit for you again! :) I'm not sure about Tucson - I will know for sure by next week. Keep your fingers crossed.

Theatrechic9 said...

I read it all the time-- keep posting!!! And yay for working at Hale-- I love that you are. I'm so stoked for you!