Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Need a buddy!

Ok - so everywhere we live I have been able to find a new "Wal-Mart buddy". Freakish, I know but it just seems that I can make friends quickly and they all shop at Wal-Mart for groceries and 'stuff' and we "connect". We find that it's easier to get dinner, baths and bedtime done and then leave the husbands to watch sports or play video games (yes, I married a big kid) and head out later in the evening. It ends up almost a routine. We stop at Circle K or Sonic (my fav) for a soda or large ice water (with extra ice) and a snack of sorts and then head to our favorite place. There are plenty of things that bug about Wal-Mart: the lack of intelligence in some employees, the clientele (including me sometimes - hee) is not always 'up to par', etc. BUT . . . they will usually take my returns without question, they have most everything I need AND best of all - they are open 24 hours!!! I love that! Grocery stores are missing out on this great idea! If I have a sick kid or realize that we are in need of something before morning (you know, those lovely thoughts that come to you after midnight - like field trip lunchs or birthday treats, etc.) - all I need to do drive a mile to the Wal-Mart. Anyways, last night I really needed to go but had no one to go with. No one out here seems to go anywhere after 10pm and let alone the Wal-Mart, it seems. Almost like they are too good for that. UG! Hate that! Between Wal-Mart and Costco, that's all I shop for groceries mostly. Anyways, I was moping and then the call came. One of my past (for lack of a better term) buddies called and was telling me of her frustrations at the Wal-Mart tonight and I actually got a little choked up. :) I miss our late night trips to that Wal-Mart! The employees (on the night shift) knew us by sight, some knew our names and others asked about our personal lives a lot! HA! But it was like another little dimension we slipped into after 10pm and we loved it. There were many night I would get home and find my husband in bed and my house dark because it was well after 2 or 3AM! But I got some "girl time" and a chance to do a couple of "chores" done, by getting the grocery and toiletry shopping finished. Well, I am on a mission to find a new Wal-Mart buddy or hope that someone moves over here (Julie or Kristi or Char) or back to Arizona (Laurie) soon!! I MISS WAL-MART!!!


The Medlyns said...

Jenn- I got tears in my eyes reading this. I feel the same way!! Whenever I have to make late-night trips to WalMart I think of YOU and it just isn't as much fun. Believe me I would rather be there! I wish that house thing would have worked out. 3 more years for bachelors and masters then we'll be moving on for a doctorate- hopefully to a neighborhood near you!

Crazymamaof6 said...

yes i was missing you last night on the way there and had to confirm my knowledge of the after 10 rule! when i move back to town! we are on!

Toons said...

Thanks guys! You make me feel loved!! :)