Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Politics! Everyone knows that life consists of politics. I received a text this morning from a good friend, Cambrian. He and I worked on THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL and he will direct again when I work on LITTLE MERMAID and LUCKY STIFF. We have been marketing ourselves as a team, since we feel we work very well together and we love working together. Well, apparently he saw an email advertising for a choreographer and music director for the summer program at ATC (Arizona Theatre Company). This is the company that I am supposedly doing the summer program for! I didn't know what to think so I got on the phone to my friend there and she assured me it was all "politics". They had to advertise the position in order to be 'politically correct' if someone in the future found out there wasn't an opportunity to apply. I am now in limbo, hoping that I will still be what they want after all the applications are in. She seems to think that I am VERY qualified and a GREAT candidate and told me numerous times not to worry but I am. She is worried now that I'm upset because she wasn't clear when I thought it was "offered" that she didn't get the last word but I'm not - just feel stupid for assuming it was mine. Of course, there will be some decisions and discussion about it. I did mention to her that Cambrian was very interested as well. He is going to send me his info and I'll get it to her since he is leaving town for a family funeral. Keep your fingers crossed for us both! We are a team! :)

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Theatrechic9 said...

I hate theatre politics. I'll be praying for you guys!