Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spoiled kids!

Ok - so tonight we had a couple of "traumas"! Maddi decided it would be fun to try and "tow" herself and some kids in the neighborhood around on the moving dolly. Now she has a bruised knee and a few scraps. Jonathan lost another tooth. Not a big deal but he proceeded to tell us how he lost his tooth and ends up in tears that the tooth fairy will not accept a note explaining what happened and that he will not get money. This devasts my kids lately because any dollar bills or spare change goes directly into our "Disneyland Bucket" (they have been funny about wanting to help unload laundry to look, and checking ashtrays and pockets). Well, he is almost 9 so I do the inevitable and tell him there is no tooth fairy and that Mom and Dad will still give him the money for the note. He says already knows that and if I was going to take money for the DB, not to do it because it just go back into the bucket. Needless to say, now we HAVE to go get money for him from Circle K or something because he'll know if we took it from the bucket. UG! They are just too smart! Then Dakota proceeds to complain because he didn't get to have baseball practice - Geoff is the assistant coach and cancelled practice because of lack of kids able to make it. Then Kylee is upset with me for not getting her last 2 piano books that she needs for her lesson tomorrow morning. Well, I just didn't have the funds until today to get them and I didn't have time today with Visiting Teaching and a makeup lesson for Danny and teaching my niece piano. SO . . . Geoff promised them all Cold Stone Creamery tomorrow night! Geez! Must be nice!! If I was lucky my parents bought a gallon of cheap ice cream at the store and we got to have it at home. But on the bright side, my kids all memorized their poems (Franklin requires them to recite one every six weeks in front of the class) and helped each other with actions and quizzed each other on them tonight. They are due next week in their respective classes and I'm thrilled that we won't be cramming over the weekend! Oh! And Geoff showed me why he was so generous with the offer - work gave him a $20 gift card to Cold Stone for his birthday and he's been holding out on me! :) HA! It's not enough to pay for everyone's ice cream but it will take a chunk out of the bill. Raising kids in not cheap but it's rewarding!! I LOVE MY KIDS!!!


The Medlyns said...

Ah, life as a parent. Gotta love it!

Crazymamaof6 said...

love it! at least it isn't going on all at my house this week! wow coldstone? wanna adopt me?
we get popsicles if I feel really nice! I am cheap and shafty with the "good stuff"!