Thursday, May 3, 2007

when it rains. . . . it sends a hurricane!

This morning my VT companion called and asked Maddi and I to join her and 4 little girls from the ward for a playdate and then lunch at Sonic. Well, I told her I'd come as fast as I could but I had to get a few things done then we'd find out where they were. Maddi cleaned her room and I picked up. Then I showered, did Maddi's hair and got ready. We were just going to make it to Sonic when all of a sudden . . .
I went to the back door to lock it when I saw water EVERYWHERE. I thought it was the sprinklers going haywire, and no biggie until Geoff got home and looked at them because they had turned off until tomorrow. Well, then I saw the trail coming from the pool area too. And I looked closer - the yard was flooded! It looked like I had irrigation; about 3-4 inches!! Then I saw the pool level was low and the make-shift "fountain" happening over by the filter! It was about 5 feet high and gushing!! Worried about how much it was going to cost me - I began to cry. I called my pool guy friend, Bryan, first and he was busy and couldn't talk so I couldn't explain it to him. He said he'd call me back. Well, I had to get Maddi to school -we'd definately missed the bus now! So, I called Geoff at work - hard to reach him usually but he answered quickly today, thankfully! He told me how to turn off the water pump thus stopping the "fountain". I told him I called Bryan and he was going to call me back. Bryan had thought it was a gasket leaking last time he was here - so no biggie Geoff was trying to assure me. He said to let him know. I hung up, now in the van to take Maddi, and called Alison. She understood and was so sweet. She ordered my DP and a corndog for Miss Maddi so it was ready when I got there. She wouldn't let me pay her - so sweet! Only about $2 but that will come in handy!! I rested for a few minutes and visited - so needed! I vented really but she was nice enough to listen and at least 'act' concerned. I ran Maddi to school (a few minutes late but oh well) and then picked up Geoff. We went in the back, now the water had soaked in most of the grass but stil really wet. The pool was filling and we walked to the filter. . . a BIG, HUMONGOUS, ENORMOUS crack down the side! Not the gasket but just old fiberglass that busted! We called Bryan and explained - he was just around the corner. He knocked and went out back to look. He laughed and said "yep, busted". I hate that! I think I'm just emotional with the money spent on the van yesterday!! He took down the part number and said he'd call us. Geoff and I came in and started sorting laundry (I know - we're weird, we think better cleaning) and discussed how we wanted to handle this. Bryan called with the damage numbers and now I just think that God is being mean!! It's gonna run about $800-900 to fix it - either old parts that cost more or new parts that are cheaper but we have to have it replumbed. This sucks!! ARG!!
What am I supposed to "learn" from this?!?!?! First, the van - now, the pool. WHAT NEXT!?!?!


Crazymamaof6 said...

oh gosh! what about your land lord? you don't own the house, it was old pool stuff, nothing you did. I know not helpful but still, and I KNOW it's still stressful. bummer of a week.

Theatrechic9 said...

I am gonna give you the biggest hug ever tonight when I see you.