Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Have wheels . . . .

Will survive!!
I got the van back just before kids got home from school. Not in time for me to pick them up, so they did have to take the bus. Normally not a problem but scouts was today - so Jonathan missed that. Oh well. Next week he can go with Dakota (who turns 8 on Saturday). They will enjoy that for the next couple weeks before Jonathan turns 9 and goes to Bears. My father in law picked Maddi and I up and took us to pick up the van from the shop. Then Maddi and I stopped by Sonic and I was one VERY happy camper with my Sonic drink!! :)
After I taught a makeup lesson, I picked up Geoff. We came home and there were 12 kids (including ours) waiting in the front yard in swimsuits. It was actually very funny! We let them get in and we worked out front. Geoff washed the van and I pulled weeds from around my flowers and put out ant poison. A few of the kids had to head home, but another group showed up so some continued to swim and Kylee and a few of her friends rode their bikes to Sonic for ice cream. They came back here to swim some more while Geoff took Maddi and the boys to get pizza for dinner. I taught 2 more makeup lessons and then headed outside to enjoy my yard and water my flowers that need extra water at night (the drip system isn't that great in the corner lot). After that we tried to put kids to bed but Kylee still had a couple friends over. They were in her room doing their homework. Kylee was thrilled to know that she could help them get it done because "It was so what we did last year mom! Next year at Entz is going to be a breeze!" I'm glad she felt confident to help but I hope she doesn't get a false hope that it's going to be easy! Well, one of the moms came to pick up the extra girls and told us that they were heading to Baskin Robbins. It's their 31st birthday and so all the flavors were 31 cents a scoop today til 10pm. Geoff agrees (much to my dismay because it was 9:15PM) to have me take the kids down there while he finishes the Suns game. We get in the van, about a mile down the road and the mom calls my cell and says there are over 100 people in line. Forget that!! We go to McD's for swirl cones and come home to bed. Great afternoon for my kids and long day for me! Bed will be a welcome sight tonight!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

loving the neighborhood! lucky! glad you got the van back

The Medlyns said...

I miss hanging out with you! Hope we can get back there quickly.