Saturday, December 29, 2007

LACK of communication!

Today we spent most of the day with my family. My baby sisters are in state (Colorado and Oregon) and we all got together at my brothers to make gingerbread houses. This is usually a tradition we do when we have our family Christmas party but since the 2 youngest have moved away - we have to wait and separate all the activities when they get here after Christmas. So . . . we did the houses today. Since I had to be at the theatre by 1:45pm to have mics out - I had a few things to do around the house before the party and the kids weren't moving very fast with chores either. So we arrived around 11am - an hour later than we were supposed to be. When we arrived only 3 (including us) out of 6 kids and families were there! I was surprised and a bit unhappy - simply because I thought we'd be late, have the kids get right to their houses and get out in time for me to get to the theatre. BUT . . . nope. We left the kids for about 30 minutes and ran to Target to get Geoff and I shirts for the big family picture tomorrow. I had already gotten blue rugby's for the boys at Old Navy and pink sweater hoodies at Target for the girls for Christmas. But since some genius picked the girls to wear pink - I had to buy one. I don't wear pink! My hair (auburn) always looked goofy with most shades of pink. So I never bought one. Sad - 3 closets and TOO MANY clothes and NO pink shirts! I found a pink and navy stripe rugby shirt but it's not my fav. I bought it and a blue stripe sweater for Geoff. We headed back to my brothers and by then the 'lost' siblings had showed up. One said she had heard 11am, the other said the same with lunch. We all decided to go ahead and order lunch from Ned's Krazy Sub. By the time we all finished eating (12 adults and 22 kids) it was about 10 minutes from when I needed to leave. We made arrangements for my mom to bring the kids home and Geoff and I leave. I drop off Geoff at home and run to the theatre. I get the mics prepped and in the dressing rooms 10 min. before cast call. I went to the box office to ask the stage manager when he was planning to turn on his computer so I could turn on the amps, laylas and sound board. He tells me . . . there is no matinee today. I FLIP OUT!! WHAT?!?!?!? NO ONE TOLD ME!! I could've been spending time with my family from out of state! Spending time with my own kids while they were building their houses! I'm so livid! I just gather my purse and say - "Mics are out - batteries will be fine through tonight. I'll be back at 7pm." I'm supposed to be there by 6:15pm but heck with that! I head back to my brothers and get there just in time to take some pics of the kids and their houses. We visit and enjoy stories and fun til late. So . . . although my bad attitude TWICE today was the LACK of communication - I feel it turned out ok and I enjoyed time with family and I still made it to the show tonight.
Family pics and cousin gift exchange tomorrow. Hopefully I'll figure out how to post the pics from this! Nighty night!


Laurie M. said...

So glad you are spending time with your out-of-state family. That just means you get extra Christmas this year- Lucky!. The lack of communication sucks, but yay for spending the day with your fam!

Courtney said...

ugh! Don't you just love how well people communicate! Glad you were able to spend that time with family. Looking forward to seeing the pics!

Crazymamaof6 said...

dang i read this and spaced on commenting. i think i got caught blogging when i wasn't supposed to be. shoot! that sucks! i hate when you make the effort to do something you don't want to anyway. and it goes to pot and you get screwed in the process. Lame. sorry i couldn't go to walmart with ya. that was a bummer.