Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dear Santa . . . .

Christmas this year was great . . .
Kids were too excited and therefore bedtime was extremely late (11:30ish) so Santa got here rather late. It was almost 2AM by the time Santa finished his 'setting up' of the gifts. The kids woke up as he finished at 2:15AM and said they couldn't go back to bed. Thus making the adult figures stay up later than expected to make sure no one peeked before falling back asleep.
The morning came way too early with the voices of kids singing Christmas carols - VERY loudly!! "Jingle Bells" then yells of "Mom and Dad - get up!" Then "Deck the Halls" with more "Please get up!" After they switched to hymns - "Away in a manager" - we crawled (literally!) out of bed.
Santa DEFINATELY found our home! The kids were spoiled rotten and we had a great morning of gifts, toys, thanks, candy and tons of fun!! We followed it with visiting grandparents including seeing my baby sister who is here from Portland! We had a great day and the kids are still putting things together and playing with their toys.
The top 3 gifts for each are:
Kylee - beach cruiser bike, cell phone (I know - I'm crazy!) and digital camera
Jonathan - scooter, lots of Bionicles, electronic baseball game (practice hitting thing)
Dakota - Rip-stick (he can do it too!), RC Helicopter, 50" basketball hoop with glow-in-the-dark ball
Maddisen - Barbie house (it's as tall as she is!), Barbie cash register and lots of barbies
Geoff and I don't do a lot for each other but I got him some new clothes for his new job and he got me a bluetooth for my phone.
It's very rarely a "silent night" around here and it's never "all is calm" but in the sweet moments of family time, thank you's to each other for the gifts and in talking about the reason for the season - we do have small moments of "heavenly peace" and hopefully some "Sleep in Heavenly peace" as well!
Good night!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

wow! sounds like your day was fabulous! i can't believe they woke up in the middle of the night!

Courtney said...

Wooo-hooo! Sounds like Christmas was good for you with the exception of lack of sleep! Oh well, somehow we survive and catch up on that sleep sometime! You are lucky that Santa didn't get "caught" - sounds like a close call! My kids wanted to sleep on the couch - Steve said NO to that one pretty fast - Santa doesn't come if the kids are not in bed...well, back to semi-normal!

Laurie M. said...

Awesome Christmas!! Congratulations on Geoff's new job! Hope you get some sleep now that the excitement of Christmas has worn off.