Thursday, December 27, 2007


Ok - so I'm not the meanest mom on the block but I'm mean for making my kids clean "EVERY DAY - ALL DAY"! Well, at least according to them! All I want is the front rooms picked up of their "crap" so that I can vacuum and clean and their rooms cleaned. Geez! Is that too much to ask?
"Pick up your stuff!"
"Get dressed!"
"Clean your room!"
"Put your new toys away!"
It's always the same comments and they start out being comments then gradually get louder as the day goes on. By evening time, I swear the neighborhood can hear me yelling at my kids through the walls! I get so tired of yelling and screaming. I just want my kids to realize how important a clean home is to me. Every year for my birthday, Mother's Day, Anniversary and Christmas they ask "Mom, what do you want for your gift?" And I reply (just like my mother did) "A clean house and a happy family!" Is it that much to ask? I didn't think so. Get along, and pick up as you go. Not that hard. I'm not one to really talk as my parents will tell you that I had a disgusting room while growing up. I was the one who would rather live in filth than clean. I got allowance taken away. Clothes taken away that I had to pay to get back. Once, in college!, my dad came in and said "whatever is on the floor by 5pm is going away! I just assumed he meant in his closet til I paid my dutiful 25cents per item to get them back. I went to class and rehearsal and when I returned at 11pm - my room was cleared. Looked great and I didn't have to do it! HA! Well, when I went in to ask how much I owed - he looked at me seriously and said "I took them away", to which I replied "I know. How much to get them back?" He then told me how he took them to Deseret Industries! I FREAKED OUT!! "I'm 18 years old and I need my clothes back - you have no right to do this!" To which he replied, "You live in my house and I'm going to have a clean one. If you don't live by my rules, then there are consequences!" Needless to say, I bawled all night to my friends, who all brought me clothes to help me out. Some even stayed to help me clean my room and that was all it took. I had a very clean room from then on and I'm anal about my own house! To the point of driving Geoff and my kids nuts! I have to have it picked up before bed - I hate waking up to a messy house! I have to have the front rooms cleaned at all times (well, as best as possible) so that guests see a clean house! Especially now that I have students over. I love my Gold Canyon candles and the sweet smell of clean and a good scent! I can't relax until my house is clean!
Well, with that being said - I'm off to pour me a drink of soda with my Sonic ice :) and get down to the cleaning! Rooms are almost done and I can now sweep/mop and vacuum. Geoff is at work (yea!) and I have til 5pm to get it done! Then he has to keep it that way til I get home from the theatre at 10:30pm! HA!


Lacey said...

Hey Jenn! So glad to keep in touch with you...the picture of you in your profile is BEAUTIFUL! Glad to hear that you guys are doing well! We are finally moving out of ASU East as of the end of January...moving to Chandler...Christopher works in the Rio Salado area so we are hoping to be close for his commute! I love blogs and it's such a fun and easy way to keep in touch!

Crazymamaof6 said...

AH! YOU ARE FAR BETTER THAN ME. I JUST ELIMINATE THE FIGHT AND LIVE IN FILTH. i can't fight all the time, or do it all alone. i need to be better. i'd start asking for something really expensive , and the cleaning, at least then you'd get something you want, even if buying something expensive is the easy way out. then you don't get the shaft. have fun cleaning.

Lara said...

No, I'm the meanest mom in the world. I heard it at least 10 times today for asking Chloe to make her bed. :)

I think I like your dad...I think it was you who told me once that your parents would have the school call your class on the intercom to tell you that you had to come home and make your bed? Love it!

So glad to find your blog! It is seriously the only way to keep in touch with people.

Laurie M. said...

Love the story of your dad taking your stuff away. Tough way to learn a lesson, but I am with him. I tell my kids all the time that as long as they live in my house they will follow my rules. I love a clean house. I can't sleep if there are dirty dishes in the sink, so I do a quick run through of the kitchen and dining room before bed. Makes morning/breakfast time much easier.Which candle scent is your favorite?

Toons said...

It changes with each season/month. Right now - I love Cozy Christmas!

Courtney said...

OK MEANIE - My kids informed me that I am so unfair because the day after Christmas I put them to work instead of letting them play with EVERYONE else in the neighborhood. "No one else is cleaning up Christmas today, no on else has to work today..." Yeah, right. I am happy to inform my children that EVERYONE else has work to do too sometimes!