Sunday, December 23, 2007

ExHaLe! ! !

This is season is officially ready to enjoy for me!
I have closed "A Christmas Carol" at Hale.
"Singin' in the Rain" doesn't start rehearsals until Jan.2.
No teaching til Jan. 7.
Students recital is done.
R.S. lesson is done.
Shopping is 99% done.

Today completed the last of my responsibilites for this season before the holiday. I taught the R.S. lesson today. It was my first lesson and the Christmas lesson. FRIGHTENING! I stuttered a lot but felt like it went ok. I focused on Mary and her example. I also shared some interesting facts about her and the Christmas story that I didn't know. As always, the teacher learned a lot more than the students! I always took the story for granted since we've all heard it for years. But as I searched for more info on Mary - I was intrigued and enlightened beyond what one would expect! I began to enjoy reading about the Christmas story! I didn't 'tune out' the lines that I'd heard over and over every Dec. Although I was so nervous, I hope that I got even a portion of the knowledge I gained across and that they felt the spirit as strong as I did. Mary is quite the woman and although I always thought highly of her - I now have a great understanding of her divine role in my salvation!

I'm enjoying my fireplace, family and a good movie right now. Dinner is done and we are going to wrap some gifts tonight. After the kids go to bed, I'm going to do a little bakin' so we can deliver them to family and friends tomorrow. I have to go get 3 presents for Geoff's parents and my dad (my mom is already done) tomorrow and then I'm ALL DONE! I wish you all the very best on this Christmas Eve-Eve! :)

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Courtney said...

You did AWESOME! So excited to hear from you in RS!