Sunday, December 23, 2007


Geoff got a new job!! YEA! YIPPEE!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! HAPPY DAYs!!! I could go on and on!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!
I mentioned before how my brother-in-law was going to contact him - well, he did!

Friday morning at 9AM, Geoff took his "dummy test" and passed. He only missed one - which he didn't even try to do. It was a word problem math thing that he said was just too confusing and the test was timed, so he was going to go back to it in the end but didn't have time. I thought it was interesting the questions the test had. IT even had an essay question! HA! It really was a dummy test!! Sadly, we learned that 5 out of 7 guys FAILED it! So Geoff was happy he did well and they were anxious to get to the interview. After he finished the test, the secretary asked him to sit tight while she graded it. She returned telling him his results and asked him to wait a moment longer for the 2 bosses to come in for his interview. Geoff was not prepared for that - thinking he would take the test and then wait to hear from them and come back another day for the interview. He was happy to get it done though. The interview went really well. It lasted less than 10 minutes and they gave him a clicker for the gate and asked him to be there Wednesday morning and invited our family to the Christmas Party on Jan. 2 at Amazing Jakes!! Crazy!! He filled out the insurance forms and found out how great the benefits really are. The job is with Roosevelt Water Conservation District. He is a Zanjero - spanish for ditch runner. It's physical labor but he's happy about that since we have both set a goal for the new year to get back into shape. He will miss his architecture-ing but he'll live for now. The hours are odd - 80 hrs one week and one week off. It will take some getting used to. The pay is better than he was making at Atwell-Hicks and there is a very low risk of layoffs since we will always need water! :) I'm very happy and hope this is an indication of the good year that is to come!!