Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's started!

My week started out with a bang! After getting Jonathan FINALLY to sleep on Sunday night, around 2AM I laid down to catch a few winks before my alarm went off. I woke up every hour on the hour! My throat was tight and I was stuffed up - all I could think of was "if I get sick - I'm doomed!!" I couldn't take anything, afraid I wouldn't wake up in time to get everyone ready for school. I love Geoff - he's a hard worker, but he is not one to hear the alarm! If I am out of town, I have to call him or tell Kylee to wake him up. I tease him that if I die - he'll never make it in life because I won't be here to wake him up for work! So, I'm going to have to come back from the grave and haunt him every morning! HA!! Well, needless to say, tired and groggy and extremely cranky - I wake up everyone! Not quietly either. :) Geoff gets up and says "go back to bed, I'll handle this" - to which I answer "OK!" and run back to bed and snuggle back in! :) After he took the kids to school, he came back with a big drink for me and we laid in bed and cuddled. There are advantages to having him 'unemployed'! Jonathan stayed home, obviously, and slept til 11AM! I finally got up, got ready and taught from 12:15PM to 8:45PM!! It was the longest damn day and I was sooooo hungry, tired, achy (sitting at a piano that long can hurt anyone's back!) and cranky!! Luckily, the kids went to bed before I was done and so Geoff had some food and drink for me and we watched a little tv. Then Geoff got it in his head that we should hit Target before they close. We haven't done ANY Christmas shopping, so I felt compelled to say ok. We informed Kylee (who was reading in bed) that we were heading out for a bit. She only replied "get me something good". What a cutie! It was yet another night up til midnight.
Tuesday wasn't much better - I had to teach early (9:30AM) and I just didn't give a flying hoot. So, I was in my sweats with no makeup or hair done. I was a lovely sight and I did this for 3 1/2 hours! ew!!!!! I was done at 12:45 when I was insistent on getting a shower then. Earlier that morning, Geoff ran somewhere (can't think where or with whom) and I told him I'd be done at 1PM and ready to go. OOPS! I wasn't thinking - no way. But close - I had a hair appt the next day so I did the 'unthinkable' and put it up in a pony! HA! It's a little short for this but it was easy and I was in a hurry! :) A little makeup and away we went. We headed to Cricket to add a phone to our plan for Kylee. She wants a cell phone so bad for Christmas and I wasn't going to oblige but with the way this ward is - she is never home! They play night games, have late nights, study groups and they never stay at the same house. She'll forget to call just once and we lose track of her! We talked and felt the initial cost could be one of her gifts and that $25 a month for her to call us anytime and have texting to chat with us and grandparents was worth it. We love Cricket! I know many hate or think it's awful - but we have found it to be a great thing! I have UNLIMITED local, long distance, text, voice mail, caller id and 100 min roaming a month. WHO CAN REFUSE THAT? I rarely have a dropped call and the price is incredible - $50 a month. Kylee and Geoff have UNLIMITED local, text, voice mail and caller id for $25 a month. It's the best and we can use it wherever there is Cricket service - I've used it in NV and CO already. It's great!! Anyway, we got her a cute blue phone with a hot pink faceplate - I think she'll really like it! I upgraded my phone to really cool texting phone - the Lingo. I use text so much with students and colleagues. It's easy and fast and very convenient! My students text during their school day about lessons, etc. And it's quiet in the theatre for colleagues! HA! Geoff is using my old phone. So . . . about $500 later, we left Cricket. UG! This time of year is so fun but EXPENSIVE!!
I hurried back to teach and was at my piano from 3:30PM to 6:15PM. Short day! And no show tonight - a night off with NOTHING!! WOO HOO!! Um . . . well, not for long. Geoff decides we need to do some more shopping while stores are open. UG! We get McD's for dinner - I know, great mom that I am - and leave the kids for a few hours and hit about 7 stores, spending like demons! But we are almost done!! :) Got home, tired and fulfilled. Then the phone rang - it's my Wal-mart buddy, Julie. "Where are you? Meet me here!" Tired but wanting some time to hang with a gal and chat, I get my shoes on and meet her there. We walk, talk, shop and just enjoy time without kids and hubbys and responsibilities. Sad how Wal-mart can make you forget life for a while. Maybe it's the 'lower class' you see there that makes you feel really good about yourself! HA!! After some groceries and a few small items, I say good-bye with a promise for a girls night out soon and head home. Again, almost 1AM before bed but happy and feeling more relaxed then ever.
Wednesday started early too. It's usually my day off from teaching voice - just my neice and nephews piano lessons in the afternoon. Today though I had one of my students, who wanted the money and I was willing to pay, coming over to clean for me. I just don't have time to keep up on it all and she is soo detailed in her immaculate home that I trust her! Only issue is - it's hard to let others see your filth!! I picked up as she moved around and she WASHED (not just wiped) my wood blinds, washed window sills, baseboards and walls, vacuumed floors, washed on hands and knees my floor. She was here for 6 hours and it cost me $150 - but soooo worth it! I left her here to clean and I went to get my hair done by my bestest hair gal ever - Sonya! She used to do my hair in her basement when we were kids, now she is 'grown up' and has a salon in her home. We always enjoy chatting and catching up! She is just as busy with 5 kids! When I got there she was dealing with a sick kid and little 2 yr old that had just gotten a bloody nose by hitting the coffee table. It was chaos and I was content to see that I'm not the only one with a crazy life! HA! My hair looks great and she waxed my eyebrows too. Yeah for me! She 'knows' my hair so well and always makes me look great! THANKS SONYA!! I got home and the house was lookin' good! With a few 'homework' assignments (wash the shower curtain, wipe down inside of microwave,etc) she left at 2:30PM and I taught a makeup lesson to the sweet gal in my neighborhood and then had about an hour to sit and enjoy my house before one more makeup. My family didn't come for lessons - a nice break and no worries for me. :) My nephew is staying with us for the next couple days - while his parents are on a business Christmas trip. He is a year older than Kylee and my boys love him. He is a handful though. Geoff is good with him and that's why they asked us to take him. After the 2nd makeup, I grabbed a bite to eat and headed out the door to the theatre - threatened the kids to keep my $150 clean house clean! Geoff left right after me to the Suns game with a neighbor. He's been promising Shawn for a while now that next time he got tix to the game they'd go. They are great seats - 2 rows behind the visiting team and includes the Toyota Club dinner. Geoff's parents have had them forever. I just wish I could go sometime. Oh well. He needs a break too - my little Mr. Mom.
The show was ok - an off night for Dorman who plays Scrooge but all in all a good night. I gathered mics as fast as I could and headed home - afraid they messed my house up! I got home at 10:15PM and it was . . . ok. That's it. Not great but not as bad as I thought. I got them all in bed and sat on the couch to just veg out. Geoff was gone til 11:45PM and then brought me something to eat. I ate a few bites but was just too tired. I put it in the fridge and laid on the couch. Next thing I know Geoff is telling me to wake up and come to bed. I slowly moved my way to the bed and was out before my head hit the pillow.
Well, it's Thursday and Marni is here again. She's already vacuumed again - loving her Oreck! want one for Christmas now! - and wiped down more baseboards and cleaned the outside of the fridge. This is the most expensive clean I've ever had but definately the most thorough! Geoff always talks about how if we ever win the lottery (don't you have to play to win? HA!) he would buy an older home and fix it up. I swear now - NO WAY! I don't want anyone else's dirt in my house! When we pulled out the fridge - I don't think she (the previous gal who lived here) EVER moved it! It was DISGUSTING!! And there is dirt that I didn't know existed! My house smells clean but overpungent. It's not the strong Pine-sol smell but just smells like "no dirt". Hard to describe but super awesome!!
Well, I have to teach in about 2 hours and I need to get ready! Have a great Thursday!!!!

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Laurie M. said...

Yay for the super clean house! I'm so jealous, I would love to have someone do it for me. I always feel like I'm behind just trying to keep up with the basic things like dirty dishes and laundry. The problem is it never stays clean for long with kids around! Sounds like you are staying way busy- do you get to take some time off for Christmas? Have a great day!